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The WikiLeaks fundraiser - The lamestream media is lapping up this supposed 'whistleblower's' production without any attempt of criticism or context. It doesn't get any more dishonest than that. Today "Democracy Now" - apparently code word for "Socialism Now" - is upping the ante. Bob Owens debunks the WikiLeaks drama production in a two part post - Part One -

PJM: "Shame on WikiLeaks: Framing Lawful Engagement as Anti-American Propaganda (Part Two)"

WikiLeaks has declared that American forces engaged with armed elements of the Mahdi Army during the 2007 surge are guilty of “collateral murder.” Part of that claim is based upon the fact that two Reuters employees, embedded with a band of armed militants, were destroyed by 30mm cannon fire from Apache helicopters. The Apaches were providing support for ground forces that had been under sporadic rifle and RPG fire throughout the morning. Wikileaks would have us hold the pilots responsible for not discerning the armed militiamen from the identically dressed Reuters employees that so comfortably moved with them.

WikiLeaks would also have us believe that the presence of camera equipment should have stayed the guns of the American aircraft. Dishonestly, WikiLeaks does not mention the well-known fact that cameras are an integral part of the war for both sides, and that video and still cameras are commonly carried by militants. A few seconds of searching on the Internet would reveal militants filming attacks, from IED strikes to the alleged sniping of American and Iraqi soldiers and police. We aren’t attempting to establish that these Reuters employees were terrorists — despite their “relaxed” behavior with the armed militants, which even WikiLeaks is forced to recognize. It is enough to note that even if the presence of cameras had been detected earlier, it in no way suggested that the armed men were anything other than terrorists.

WikiLeaks, which prides itself on obtaining classified information, ignored a publicly available unclassified report that clearly refutes a dark assertion they went out of their way to make. We’ve already established that the critics at WikiLeaks would have us question whether or not pilots in a combat zone should fire upon identified enemy forces based upon their body language and posture. WIkiLeaks also seems not at all concerned about the verified presence of weapons among those killed, and they also ignore the fact that militants use camera equipment as part of their propaganda war. Even more troubling, they go out of their way to erroneously suggest that American forces treated children wounded in the engagement with callousness. This suggests that the WikiLeaks release, “Collateral Murder,” was not intended to shed light upon the incident, but instead was carefully constructed to elicit outrage and fury. The organization happens to be attempting to raise funds now. (...) >>>

Apr 8, 2010

A week in updates on the Tea Party smear job (update) - The truth perhaps not, but let's say something kind about the baggers ... no, maybe not -

Update: A black, embedded CNN reporter did a better job: "TeaParty not racist" - see here the difference between Left and Right (great photo material) -

Big Government: "Black conservative tea party backers take heat", by Valerie Bauman (Associated Press Writer)

They've been called Oreos, traitors and Uncle Toms, and are used to having to defend their values. Now black conservatives are really taking heat for their involvement in the mostly white tea party movement—and for having the audacity to oppose the policies of the nation's first black president. "I've been told I hate myself. I've been called an Uncle Tom. I've been told I'm a spook at the door," said Timothy F. Johnson, chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, a group of black conservatives who support free market principles and limited government. (...) Hilary Shelton, director of the Washington bureau of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, suggested a bit of caution. "I'm sure the reason that (black conservatives) are involved is that from an ideological perspective, they agree," said Shelton. "But when those kinds of things happen, it is very important to be careful of the company that you keep." >>>

Apr 7, 2010

- Big Government: "Viva the Bill Ayers Weatherman Revolution v. the Tea Party Movement", by Marinka Peschmann - Part I, Part II, Part III
- The Media's Public Enemy Number 1 (video)
- The Washington Times: "Video - Rep. Cleaver on spitting incident: ' I never reported anything'"
- Michelle Malkin: "How the Left fakes the hate: A primer"
- NewsBusters: "The Media's Public Enemy No. 1: Critics of ObamaCare
- RedState: "Josh Marshall and the Democrats are Rubber. We’re Glue. Except For Our 30 Story Tall Rock Throwing Giant"
WND: "The real anti-Americans"
- WaPo: "Karl Rove speech cut short by anti-war protesters"
- JammieWearingFool: "Frank Rich Loses Me at Kristallnacht"
- NewsBusters: "Prominent Republican Gets Actual Death Threat, NYT Suddenly Drops Concern Over Threatening Protesters"
- Big Hollywood: "Lonewolf Diaries: Hollywood Liberals Say “Proof is For Fruitcakes!”", by Steven Crowder

- Caption: - American Power: "Disgusting: New York Times Crops Weathermen/Tea Party Mash-Up Pic for Sunday 'Week-in-Review' Hatchet Job!" - 

week 13, 2010

American Thinker: "The Internet and the Agora", by G. Murphy Donovan

The blogosphere seems to be flushing the mainstream downstream. The blowback is venomous and not a pretty sight. Media stars, especially, are fighting a vicious rearguard action against the inevitable. The rise of the internet and the fall of traditional journalism are giving hyperbole a new lease on life. (...) The virtues of the new paradigm are self-evident. On the internet, readers can go to an original content site, an aggregator, or they might create their own site. No one save endangered pundits laments the end of network and press monopolies, or the role that tenure, spin, hypocrisy, and bias play at those institutions. The internet is the best thing to happen to free choice since Erasmus (...) >>>

Feb. 27, 2010

The old media are leaving the new media - cheerio! -

KnoxNews: "A newspaper starts exiting the Web"

(...) Today we started removing items from our free Web site - comics, letters to the editor, puzzles, TV grid and letters to the editor. The idea is to wean people off the free Web site and either get them to buy the print version or the e-edition, which is just a PDF of the paper. Anyone have any experience doing this? What do you think of taking editorials off the free site? We haven't figured out a way to charge for the whole Web site, so I think we're going with this piece-meal approach until we do. (...) >>>

Feb. 10, 2010

Why the BBC likes glowball warming -

Climategate: "BBC used “Calibrated Reporting” in covering climate change"

Last month the BBC Trust announced that it would perform an internal investigation into charges of bias in the BBC in it’s coverage of climate change. The Daily Express has reported on the brewing scandal. First, they address the little problem of eight billion pounds of investments that are counting on global warming and cap-and-trade: The £8billion pension fund is likely to come under close scrutiny over its commitment to promote a low-carbon economy while struggling to reverse an estimated £2billion deficit. Concerns are growing that BBC journalists and their bosses regard disputed scientific theory that climate change is caused by mankind as “mainstream” while huge sums of employees’ money is invested in companies whose success depends on the theory being widely accepted. And then on to the biased reporting. (...) >>>

Feb. 9, 2010

And the winner is ...

Honest Reporting: "Dishonest Reporter Award 2009"

Our annual recognition of the most skewed and biased coverage of the Mideast conflict. This year, a four-letter word dominated coverage of Israel on a near-daily basis.


The war -- which began at the end of December in response to increased Palestinian rocket fire -- ended on the 20th day of the year. The media war was dizzying. A prominent Greek weekly called Jews "Christ killers." Hamas terror leaders got soapboxes in prominent US and British papers. BBC Arabic hosted a wonk who justified the death of Israeli kids. Canadian and Aussie reporters had close calls with Qassams; Israel restricted media access to Gaza in large part because of the Hamas "CNN strategy." Al-Aqsa TV writers killed off Assud the Rabbit. And when Hamas fired a rocket from a foreign press building, an Al-Arabiya journalist's delighted reaction was caught on camera for YouTube posterity. (...) >>>

Dec. 29, 2009

AiM: "Watch The Decline: The Media Lowlights Of 2009"

Climate "scientists" are about as trusted as used-car salesmen or congressmen these days thanks to the beating their profession has taken in the "ClimateGate" scandal. But give the alarmists their due: They know how to hide the decline. Their friends in the media, on the other hand, are not quite so skilled at chicanery.

The press practices plenty of sniper journalism, the kind that kills unaware readers and viewers from afar. But journalists attack in the open often enough that Americans can watch the decline of the Fourth Estate in all of its embarrassing glory. They had a lot to watch in 2009 (...) There were so many media lowlights that it's a challenge to pick the best of the worst for a year-end recap, but here goes: (...) >>>

Dec. 24, 2009

Mere Rhetoric: "Media Outlets Shocked To Find Hamas Imposing Islam, Digging Up Dead Christians Because They "Pollute The Earth""

And I was so sure that - per this characteristic Times of London description from last December - "Gaza is a secular society where people listen to pop music, watch TV and many women walk the streets unveiled." I was even considering acceding to the headline's demand that I "adjust my distorted image of Hamas." And now I find out they're a pack of political Islamists driven by a fetishistic obsession with the unclean flesh of their Christian enemies. Who knew:

"Hamas digs up the bodies of Christians from Christian burial sites in the Gaza Strip claiming that they pollute the earth," said Reverend Majed El Shafie, President of One Free World International (OFWI), who will head a delegation of human rights activists, members of parliament from Canada and religious personalities. (...) >>>

Dec. 22, 2009

AiM: "An Army Of Conservative Fact Checkers", by K. Daniel Glover

(...) the future of fact-checking is in open, public and participatory systems and organizations, rather than the closed, professional systems traditionally used by large magazines. The Internet has made this shift possible (...) that's good news for conservatives. They no longer have to lobby news organizations, often to no avail, to correct misreported facts; instead, they can do the legwork themselves and spread the word online. (...) The Wilson episode and the reaction of the professional fact checkers to it (FactCheck and AP also took Obama's side) make a strong case for conservatives to be diligently recruiting their own army of fact checkers rather than exclusively trusting journalists with a liberal worldview to do the job fairly. (...) >>>

Dec. 17, 2009

Forbes: "Fox News: Fair And Balanced?", by S. Robert Lichter,

Fox News has become embroiled in a nasty controversy over its ill treatment of President Obama. But are the charges true? (...) White House staffers went after Fox because of what they perceived as the Murdoch News Network's trashing of the new Democratic administration. (...) To be sure, this president can expect more criticism from Fox than from CNN and MSNBC. But to single out Fox as the problem, because--unlike other television news--it has morphed from a news organization into an adversary? He should be so lucky. >>>

Nov. 18, 2009

Mediaite: "Breaking: Media Getting More Partisan"

For all of the hoopla about Fox News’s partisan bias, what about the rest of cableland? Writing in The New York Times, CNBC correspondent John Harwood makes the point that essentially all cable news networks that aren’t Fox have viewerships that tilt substantially to the left, which is very different from how it was eight and even four years ago. It’s not just MSNBC: even the likes of HLN, CNBC, and Comedy Central have big Democratic leans. From his article, titled “If Fox Is Partisan, It Is Not Alone: (...) >>>

Nov. 2, 2009

White House versus Ink by the Barrel ...


Liberal pot calls conservative kettle black ...

I hesitate to put this on the press page, but I guess bloggers qualify, even if on HufPo. This extraordinary post is in evidence of the Scripture "why behold you the mote that is in your brother's eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye?" and note the tone of this piece of liberal narrative, oblivious as they are of their own blatant bias (which isn't bias, but absolute dogma) ...

HufPo: "Democrats Should Stay Off Fox Until It Confesses", by Cenk Uygur

Oct. 22, 2009

Pew Research Center: "Press Accuracy Rating Hits Two Decade Low - Public Evaluations of the News Media: 1985-2009"

The public’s assessment of the accuracy of news stories is now at its lowest level in more than two decades of Pew Research surveys, and Americans’ views of media bias and independence now match previous lows.

Just 29% of Americans say that news organizations generally get the facts straight, while 63% say that news stories are often inaccurate. In the initial survey in this series about the news media’s performance in 1985, 55% said news stories were accurate while 34% said they were inaccurate. That percentage had fallen sharply by the late 1990s and has remained low over the last decade. (...) >>>

Sep. 14, 2009

How the MSM are dealing with their demise:1. Blame the bloggers; 2. Act as if Jones resigned for mislaying the keys to the porn cabinet, eh ... broom cupboard!

The Washington Times: "BREITBART: Couric should look in mirror"

Now that White House "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones has resigned, what's next?

Inevitably, the American mainstream media - ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, et al - must be held to account for sitting on the sidelines as this major story kept building without them, went viral on YouTube, and then became so large that a key appointee of President Obama was forced to step down.

But with their decision to ignore the Jones story, they may have actually done Mr. Obama far more harm than good: Who vetted this guy? How did he get past the FBI? What did he say, and how did he answer the infamous seven-page questionnaire that all Obama appointees were required to fill out? Inquiring Freedom of Information Act minds want to know. (...) >>>

Sept. 7, 2009

Honest Reporting: "Netanyahu's "Nazi Language"? - Incendiary headlines and a cynical op-ed contort the "Judenrein" term"

Comparing Israel to the Nazis or attempting to draw false parallels with the deliberate genocide of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust is a tactic regularly deployed by anti-Israel activists despite being classified as anti-Semitism under the EU's own working definition.

Two recent incendiary headlines illustrate this point by implying that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has adopted "Nazi language," thus contributing to the false and insulting impression that Israelis behave like Nazis: Judenrein!

- Israel adopts Nazi term to back settlers - Reuters
- Netanyahu turns to Nazi language - The Guardian

In fact, the stories refer to Netanyahu's meeting with the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, where he reportedly used the term "Judenrein" to describe a situation where Jews would not be allowed to live on the West Bank. Indeed, it is worth noting that approximately 20% of Israel's population define themselves as "Palestinian Arabs" who have full citizenship of the State of Israel and enjoy the rights that come with this. Therefore it is perfectly legitimate to ask whether Jews would enjoy those same rights in the event of the possible future creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank. (...) >>>

July 13, 2009

Update: Well, that didn't take long!


July 5, 2009

A bit late, and after the fact, but are they now waking up to reality? The stirring event is causing quite a stir - The Foundry's also weighing in and speaks of a 'revolt' on the part of the otherwise docile press from hell ...

NewsMax: "Helen Thomas and Chip Reid Challenge Obama Admin. On 'Controlled' Town Hall Meeting"

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs and the Obama administration found the press corps slightly less friendly than they are used to yesterday, when NBC's Chip Reid asked why the questions for Wednesday’s town hall on healthcare were being selected beforehand. Gibbs tried to dodge the issue, and asked for it to be asked after the town hall meeting in question, but then Helen Thomas became involved, saying, “We have never had that in the White House. I’m amazed that you people … call for openness and transparency.” Reid and Thomas didn't let up for a second (...) >>>

July 2, 2009

WaPo's dramatically selfdestructing ...

AIM: "Great Deals At The Washington Post"

The big media news inside the Beltway today was the brouhaha over The Washington Post planning, and then canceling, dinner parties that promised deep-pockets lobbyists access to Obama administration insiders, members of Congress and even the Post's own editorial staff.

Bloggers across the political spectrum condemned the idea; the Post's ombudsman called the story a "public relations disaster"; the paper's executive editor said he never would have let his staff participate; publisher Katharine Weymouth reaffirmed her commitment to "our journalism and our integrity"; and the Obama administration had to answer questions about whether it had been invited to the "salons" and agreed to attend.
Everyone agrees, the Post blew it big time and will have an ethical cloud over its work for quite a while. Now that we have all that serious talk out of the way, let's have a little fun by imagining what kind of deals the Post might offer next.
Plenty of people are letting their imaginations run wild over at Twitter. There is even a new hashtag (#WaPodeals) to make all of the wisecracks (...) >>>

July 3, 2009
The Washington Independent: "Examiner Leads Conservative Response to Liberal Blogosphere - Washington Paper Hires Right-Leaning Pundits, Reporters to Take on the 'Nanny State'", by DAVID WEIGEL

For the first few years of George W. Bush’s presidency, Mark Tapscott was a journalist without a newsroom, shouting from the sidelines about his industry’s swift decline. Tapscott ran the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Media and Public Policy, and trained reporters in the use of technology for research and crunching numbers. When he considered how few conservatives, libertarians, or real skeptics of federal power were working in newsrooms, he saw a problem that was making the growth of government possible. (...) Sitting up straight in his office at the Washington Examiner, where Tapscott has been the editorial page editor for three years, he repeats the point. “There are 57 people in the Freedom of Information Hall of Fame,” he says. “Three of them are conservatives — two of them, if you don’t count me. Now, that’s a problem.” (...) >>>

June 22, 2009

Pajamas: "Burning Down the New York Times ...

Act 3: The Times Sees a Shrink, but It Doesn't Help
Act 2: Walter Duranty Meets the Holocaust
Act 1: All The News That's "Fit"

June 2009

Politeia: "Twitter's Finest Hour, the SMS's Worst"

The MSM's effort - like CNN's - to uphold the perception of balanced reporting is simply pathetic! As if it's a case of two equal choices! They are actively legitimizing Ahmadinejad's most outrageous extremism: the price of the position that all views are equally valid (except the West's, which is uniquely evil). It renders the postmodernist helpless in the face of perdition. Poor world, that is in their hands! (...) Apparently the uprising doesn't fit conveniently the O Team's agenda for parley either. Yesterday we saw there are three main excuses making the rounds for their fence-dwelling. (...) >>>

ne 19, 2009

Politeia: "Up Yours!"

This is rich! Very rich indeed!!! After having literally suffered two entire Bush terms of this stuff; (...) This Is What We Must Endure Today by one of
the Horned One's lackeys piling lie on lies (...) We are holding an entire dossier here of rhetorical parlor tricks (...) This rhetorical game of accusing opponents of senseless 'hatred' in an attempt to shut up the opposition through intimidation, is actually irresponsible in the extreme. (...) >>>

une 13, 2009

Front Page: "Boycotting The New York Times"

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Don Feder, a Boston Herald opinion writer and syndicated columnist for 19 years. He's currently a media consultant, free-lance writer and editor of Boycott The New York Times (...) >>>

May 20, 2009

PJM: "From Dowdifying To Cut & Pasting", by Ed Driscoll

Back in 2003, Maureen Dowd was caught altering a quote from then-President Bush to apply a spin that was negative enough for the Gray Lady (the New York Times, not Maureen herself), a practice that James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal named “Dowdification.” (Related: see also, ransom note school of quote editing.) Today, Maureen’s caught cutting and pasting, without attribution, from Josh Marshall of the leftwing Talking Points Memo blog, as Don Surber notes: Blogger Josh Marshall accused Pulitzer Prize winner Maureen Dowd of plagiarizing him. (...) >>>

May 19, 2009

PJM: "British Journalists March for Palestineitish Journalists March for Palestine", by Carol Gould

The National Union of Journalists' participation in an upcoming anti-Israel rally is all the proof of media bias you'll ever need. (...) >>>

May 16, 2009

US News/Washington Whispers: "Rumsfeld Aides Trash New York Times Pulitzer", by Paul Bedard

It won the Pulitzer for investigative reporting, but now critics of the New York Times story about how retired generals were co-opted by the Pentagon to brag on the Iraq war are nominating it for another prize: fiction writing. Leading the charge are two allies of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. "Does the Pulitzer give prizes for works of fiction? Perhaps they just got the wrong category," says former Pentagon Assistant Secretary Dorrance Smith. Rumsfeld's current spokesman, Keith Urbahn, cites a January 2009 Pentagon inspector general's report debunking the story: "The Times's reporting on DoD's routine outreach to military experts didn't merit a place in the paper, much less a Pulitzer." (...) >>>

May 4, 2009

Daniel Pipes Blog: "The Voice of America, Silenced on Radical Islam"

(...) I've been wondering how this change in vocabulary actually occurs: is it a spontaneous mood shift, a group decision, or a directive from on high? The answer just arrived, in the shape of a leaked memo dated March 2 from Jennifer Janin, head of the Urdu service at the Voice of America. The directive can be found in its entirety at "Urdu Language Style & Guidelines #3." Addressed to the Urdu radio, television, and web teams, as well as to the director and program manager of VOA's South Asia Division, her diktat insists on no connection being drawn from Islam to politics. In gist:

Islamic terrorists: DO NOT USE. Instead use simply: terrorist.
Islamic Fundamentalism/ Muslim Fundamentalists: AVOID.
Muslim Extremists
: NOT NECESSARY. Extremist serves well. (...) >>>
Mar 6, 2009

Israel Matzav: "'Freedom of the Press,' Hamas style"

Israel Radio just reported that the Hamas thugs who rule the Gaza Strip have expelled Al-Arabiya's correspondent, Waed Essam, for 'reporting that was not in line' with the terror group's positions. Essam was the first one on the scene when Said Siam was liquidated by the IDF and gave details that no other correspondent gave. He later criticized the Hamas 'government' for barring correspondents from the scene. He's lucky to be getting out alive. >>>

Feb 9, 2009

Michael J. Totten: "A Minority Report from the West Bank and Gaza" - Hat Tip: Melanie Phillips

Khaled abu Toameh is the Jerusalem Post's splendid reporter on Palestinian affairs, the only journalist constantly to provide an honest, open-eyed account of what is happening in the West Bank and Gaza and explain what it means. (...) He recounts how his warnings about the corruption in the Palestinian Authority under Arafat went unheeded by the arrogant delusionists of America and Europe (...) they told me they weren't interested in that story. They told me they wanted anti-Israel stories because it made their lives so much easier.

They told me they didn't want to write anything bad about Palestinians, that Arafat was a man of peace and should be given a chance. I heard this from major American journalists, by the way. Leading American journalists. I don't want to give you their names right now, but I was really frustrated. And angry. Listen. For all these years we've been attacking the military occupation. So why is it that when I tell you something that Arafat is doing, suddenly you don't want to report it and think it’s Jewish propaganda? Most of these journalists did not even want to make any effort. (...) >>>

Feb 3, 2009

Boycott The New York Times: "Ann Coulter Exposes The New York Times"

In her new book, Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America — ironically, currently #2 on The New York Times Best Sellers List — Ann Coulter excoriates America’s newspaper of wretched. Here are a few of her disclosures: (...) >>>

Jan 30, 2009

Beeb, from bias to farce ... you cannot help wondering why they're bothering to try brush up a non-existent reputation ... for impartiality no less! It's hilarious!

BBC: "BBC resisting pressure over Gaza"

The BBC is continuing to resist pressure over its decision not to air an appeal for aid to Gaza, as the Archbishop of York joined its critics. Rival channels ITV, Channel 4 and Five have now agreed to show the DEC appeal. Director general Mark Thompson has said by airing the appeal the BBC would risk reducing public confidence in its impartial coverage of the conflict. (...) "Inevitably an appeal would use pictures which are the same or similar to those we would be using in our news programmes but would do so with the objective of encouraging public donations. "The danger for the BBC is that this could be interpreted as taking a political stance on an ongoing story."(...) >>>

Jan 26, 2009

Memri: "'Martyrs' or 'Victims' in Gaza? Divisions in the Arab World as Reflected in the Policies of Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya TV"

During the recent conflict in Gaza, the divisions between the two camps in the Arab world were reflected in the terminology used by the Arab satellite news channels. Al-Jazeera, which is sponsored by Qatar and is identified with the Hamas-Iran-Syria axis, used the term "martyr" ("shahid") for those killed in Gaza; in contrast, Al-Arabiya TV, which is Saudi-owned, refrained from using this term. (...) >>>

Jan 23, 2009

Pajamas: "CNN’s Pallywood Gaffe", by Richard Landes

On Thursday morning CNN ran a heartrending story (...) However, the footage seems to be fake. A medical doctor commented at the indispensable Little Green Footballs: I’m no military expert, but I am a doctor, and this video is bullsh-t. (...) CNN has now taken down the video but left the story up. England’s Channel 4 has a similar story, also emphasizing the pathos of the affair (...) occasional doctor, Mads Gilbert (...) is a radical Marxist (there still are some!) who thinks the U.S. deserved 9/11 and who has spent many hours telling reporters what a disgusting people the Israelis are (...) And loony it is: the Western news media serve as the major battalion for Hamas in their battle with an Israel they cannot hope to defeat militarily. Alas, they serve a master who desires their destruction every bit as much as they desire the destruction of the Jews. >>>

Jan 9, 2008 - updated Jan 10, 2008: CNN withdrew the video and reinstated it. Roger Simon was promised an explanation, but is still waiting for it. This may well turn out to be "Al Dura II" ...

The French may have learnt something from the Al Dura hoax (see also elsewhere in this file): not the fake news coverage, but to clean about it before somebody starts a trial:

Haaretz: "French TV claims photos from 2005 showed damage from Israel's Gaza operation" - Hat Tip: Creative Mommy

French public television network France 2 on Tuesday revealed they had aired photographs that allegedly showed destruction caused by the Israel Air Force during Operation Cast Lead, which were in fact taken during a different incident in 2005, one in which Gaza civilians were killed by an explosion caused by militants in the Strip.

The footage aired on Channel 2 on Tuesday afternoon showed dozens of dead bodies, including Hamas gunmen and citizens, which the channel said were killed by an IAF bombing raid on January 1st. It later came to light that the channel had instead aired footage of the devastation caused after a truck full of explosives blew up in the Jabaliya Refugee Camp. (...) >>>

Jan 7, 2009 - Digg It!

Fox News/Media Research Center: "The Culture of Corruption" (video)

Jan 7, 2009

PJM: "Israel Shakes Up the Information War" - Bypassing the mainstream media, Israel gets its message out through Twitter and YouTube, by Andrew Ian Dodge

December 29, 2008, might go down in history as one of the days the mainstream media truly started to lose their grip. It was an historic day online for both social media and citizen journalists. You won’t hear about it from the mainstream media, of course, because they are probably rather peeved at the run around them directly to bloggers and social media commentators. (...) The Israeli government and military, mindful that they are not getting a fair shake in the press virtually anywhere in the world, set up a couple of things to get to the bloggers and other online types. First of all, Monday afternoon saw the Israeli consulate in New York hold a press conference on Twitter on their own “hashtag” stream for anyone to read and listen to. It’s called simply AskIsrael. What was more impressive is that they were taking questions for those “listening in.” (...)

The unfiltered nature of the event might have changed a few minds or caused a few people to consider their positions and consider how those positions were arrived at. (...) On the basis of the success of the engagement with Twitter users, Israel has added all their various embassies and consulates in the U.S. to Twitter. This is quite an interesting development for a country that does not get its fair shake in the media anywhere in the world. Now Israel can go directly to bloggers and other social media users to make their case without the biased filtering that takes place in all but a few outlets in the mainstream media. It is clear that this will be the future for many organizations tired of being misrepresented in the press and of prejudiced members of the media always doing them down. (...) >>>

Jan 1, 2009

CNN's Jack "Vinager" Cafferty asks the public tonight, "Why are so many newspapers going under?", assuring us that "civilization will suffer" (!) without the benefit of their professional work, particularly in the field of investigative journalism ... which is rich in the light that we just witnessed their final bankruptcy over the course of the Obama campaign. Which is why we say with Don Feder ...

Boycott the New York Times: "Bad News for NY Times Is Good News for America"

The New York Times’ financial woes continue to mount, and that’s good news for America. To offset shrinking revenues, the paper plans to borrow $225 million by mortgaging its 52-story Manhattan headquarters. This should be a cause for celebration for patriots everywhere. (...) >>>

Dec 10, 2008 ... oh, and while at it, help save civilization and please sign the petition ...

Marc Steyn looks at the vocabulary attached to the Mumbai massacre ...

OCRegister: "Jews get killed, but Muslims feel vulnerable", by Mark Steyn

(...) The "fairer" we get to the, ah, inflamed militant practitioners, the unfairer we get to everyone else. (...) Two "inflamed moderates" entered the Chabad House, shouted "Allahu Akbar!," tortured the Jews and murdered them, including the young rabbi's pregnant wife. Their 2-year-old child escaped because of a quick-witted (non-Jewish) nanny who hid in a closet and then, risking being mowed down by machine-gun fire, ran with him to safety. (...) Publish some dull cartoons in a minor Danish newspaper, and there'll be protests around the planet. But slaughter the young pregnant wife of a rabbi in Mumbai in the name of Allah, and that's just business as usual. (...) >>>

Dec 6, 2008

Modern Conservative: "Can the West survive its media?"

Let's hasten to add that by no means should the BBC alone be singled out. When it comes to terrorists and their grievances, nearly all the Western media have provided them with a rich diet on which to feed. In the spring of 2005, Newsweek ran with a thinly sourced item about the Quran being flushed down a Guantanamo toilet. Result: At least 15 people were killed in Afghan riots. Newsweek later retracted the story, which was the right thing to do but also, in its way, exceptional. (...) >>>

Dec 2, 2008

Here's a worthy initiative by Accuracy in Media: Boycott the New York Times ... you can also sign a petition ... World Net Daily explains why all this is necessary ...

Boycott the NYT: "Why We’re Boycotting The New York Times - Questions and Answers"

enjoy ... they had it coming - in fact, it's long overdue!

24 Nov, 2008

.... this piece by VDH may serve as a permanent fixture, the benchmark of journalism on the threshold between the evil Bush era and the epoch of the SaviOr ... comment #6 by TML hits the nail on the head: "(...) And having dropped all pretense at being fair and unbiased, the major “news” outlets need the Fairness Doctrine to keep up the charade. They know how to game this. They’ll have opposing views on their shows from pseudo-conservatives, who will all likely be dour old white men with a speech impediment or facial droop from a stroke (...) We are moving beyond the world of George Orwell, into the realm inhabited by Franz Kafka (...)

PJM: "Thoughts, Past and Future", by Victor Davis Hanson

(...) Here are some more observations on problems ahead. (...) 2. There is now no journalism as we knew it. It died during the campaign. (...) They simply have lost all credibility and now the republic is left largely with bloggers, talk radio, and a few newspapers as mostly partisan auditors. This puts the mainstream media in a terrible bind. If Gitmo is not closed immediately, are the victimized detainees there suddenly redefined as terrible killers who can’t be let out? (...) >>>

Nov 19, 2008

WSJ: "America After Racism - An ordinary election, a pivotal moment in history"

(...) Accountability Journalism
We're disappointed but not surprised to see this headline on an Associated Press dispatch: "Essay: Obama's Transcendence Is Beyond Race." The author, Washington bureau chief Ron Fournier, is the man who invented "accountability journalism":

The elevation of Barack Obama to the White House is a transcendent moment, for what this election says about a nation where blacks were once considered property. And that might be the least of it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event. (...) Reagan-style conservative supremacy? Over. The era of baby boomer leadership? Waning.
And maybe, just maybe, something new has arrived: a post-partisan approach to governing, founded on the Obama Coalition, fueled by young and minority voters, powered by the 21st century technologies that helped turn a first-term senator from Illinois into a historic lodestone.
We agree with the sentiment expressed in the first paragraph; the remainder of the section we've quoted, while a defensible point of view, is to our mind premature at best. But the main point we want to make is that if your job is to report the news, you shouldn't be celebrating it. And Fournier is not the only offender. Consider this pre-election dispatch by Jennifer Loven (...) >>>

5th Nov 2008

Faster, Please: "Election Thoughts", by Michael Ledeen

(...) years ago, during Watergate, Barbara and I were living in Rome, and we had lots of journalist friends (I was then a correspondent for The New Republic, so…we saw lots of Italian journalists). They were all openly jealous of America, because they saw American journalism as clearly superior to theirs. American journalists reported, while they, the Italians, were doing politics. “We could bring down our entire Political Class,” they would say, “we all have information so devastating that no politician could survive,” but they didn’t publish it, because they didn’t see an acceptable alternative. We would tell them that their job was not to make political decisions, but to report the news, and let the people decide. But they couldn’t; they were doing politics. And we felt superior, because American journalism, we thought, just reported the news and let the people decide.
Well, that’s over and done with now. Never before has the ignorance of the electorate been so intensely cultivated as in this election. We all know that major publications and broadcasters have simply refused to report news, and what they did report was spun politically. And among the stories they are not reporting, is the massive electoral fraud, from the “where is all that money coming from?” to the “how dare state officials refuse to verify the identity of voters?” one, to the refusal to report, day by day, on Joe Biden’s scandalously inept, incompetent, and often meretricious campaign. Instead, they obsess on every real and imagined misstatement by Sarah Palin, who for me has been the most attractive of the four candidates. An ignorant electorate is a real threat to good government (...) >>>

... comments #39 makes a lot of sense, which however doesn't account however European state media bias: "The media bias we’re seeing today originates, I believe, in the boardrooms of big media — not, as many naively and absurdly claim, in the leftist bent of its employees (reporters). Over the past twenty years, a great deal of mideast oil money has been invested in big media, most of it through front companies designed to obscure its identity. The corruption of the American press is nothing less than stealth jihad. It is designed to demoralize, weaken and subvert American freedom and democracy.

4th Nov 2008

CNN: "Campaign: Obama didn't know aunt's immigration status"

Sen. Barack Obama didn't know his aunt might be living illegally in the United States, as media outlets are reporting, and his campaign will return contributions she made, an aide said Saturday. (...) Onyango's refusal to leave the country would be an administrative violation, not a criminal matter. (...) >>>

2nd Nov 2008

... this is one of those articles which cannot be excerpted ... read it all ... why the press is biased/in the tank for O/etc. ...

Politeia: "Pulling the Plug on the Press from Hell"

Another day in the Postmodern dystopia, and another enigma wrapped in a conundrum solved: media bias. No, correction ... that would mean there's some bandwidth of reasonable neutrality to deviate from in the first place. They are simply 'in the tank.' Or, to put it politically correct: they're wholeheartedly practicing 'New', subjective Journalism. (...) >>>

26th Oct. 2008

... this is troubling ... you can take biased involvement/subjectivism one step further. Take the basic principle of any old totalitarian: you elevate your pet ideology to the status of moral arbiter! With pragmatism kicking in, acting on this misplaced moral indignation and you're in, knee-deep. This is how maverick Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn got killed: by a Green, self-righteous defender of Islamist 'victimhood' ...

Fox Election HQ: "Former Newsweek Reporter Admits Dreaming About Taking Out Giuliani"

A former Newsweek reporter admitted in an article this week that he has no objectivity and imagined disabling Rudy Giuliani so he wouldn't run in the presidential primary race last year. Michael Hastings wrote in GQ magazine that he had a "recurring fantasy" that he could somehow stop the former New York City mayor in his tracks."I quickly realized Rudy was a maniac. I had a recurring fantasy in which I took him out during a press conference (it was nonlethal, just something that put him out of commission for a year or so), saving America from the horror of a President Giuliani. If that sounds like I had some trouble being 'objective,' I did. Objectivity is a fallacy," he said. (...) >>>

24th Oct 2008

Pew: "Most Voters Say News Media Wants Obama to Win - "Joe the Plumber" a Top Campaign Story"

Voters overwhelmingly believe that the media wants Barack Obama to win the presidential election. By a margin of 70%-9%, Americans say most journalists want to see Obama, not John McCain, win on Nov. 4. Another 8% say journalists don't favor either candidate, and 13% say they don't know which candidate most reporters support.
A separate study released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism looks at the media’s recent campaign coverage and finds that McCain received significantly more negative than positive coverage between the GOP convention and the final debate. The study says that press treatment of Obama has been somewhat more positive than negative, but not markedly so. [See "Winning the Media Campaign" released October 22, 2008.] (...) >>>

23rd Oct 2008

... a noteworthy comment by Wretchard on a PJM post on the MSM keeping mum over the Obama/Ayers association:

(...) But to return to Ayers, the real import of the NYT’s article is that the gatekeepers have ruled the issue admissible. One of the most powerful prerogatives of the old media was the ability to rule something in or out of bounds. This power largely depends on making an intimidating assertion to authority on no particular basis. One wonderful example is Ward Churchill’s
assertion that anything which impugns his dignity is protected by the 9th Amendment which overrules the First Amendment. Until recently, many media outlets have simply dismissed Ayers as “irrelevant”. Structurally that argument rests upon an assertion. One of the nice things about Ward Churchill, like ‘American Muslim’ is that they are schooled enough in the customs of political correctness to make an argument, but not good enough to make it convincingly, thereby making their arguments a good teaching tool.
Again we can use Ward Churchill as a teaching tool to illustrate what the gatekeepers do when they declare Ayers ‘irrelevant’. Here is Ward Churchill dodging the question of his American Indian-ness, claiming it is “irrelevant”. Later, he says that his basis is self-identification, a fancy way of saying he is an American Indian because he says he is. For a while now, some media outlets have asserted Ayers is irrelevant because they say it is. What’s interesting about the NYT piece is that the subject is on the table. So let’s talk about it.

5th Oct 2008

Instapundit: "Off the record, every suspicion you have about MSM being in the tank for O is true.", by Glenn Reynolds

A READER AT A MAJOR NEWSROOM EMAILS: "Off the record, every suspicion you have about MSM being in the tank for O is true. We have a team of 4 people going thru dumpsters in Alaska and 4 in arizona. Not a single one looking into Acorn, Ayers or Freddiemae. Editor refuses to publish anything that would jeopardize election for O, and betting you dollars to donuts same is true at NYT, others. People cheer when CNN or NBC run another Palin-mocking but raising any reasonable inquiry into obama is derided or flat out ignored. The fix is in, and its working." I asked permission to reprint without attribution and it was granted.
UPDATE: The Anchoress hears similar things. And reader Eric Schubert: "The Edwards debacle was proof enough of where the heart of the MSM lies, and lack of curiousity of the press about Edwards probably cost Hillary the nomination. And that shameful episode offers a warning to the MSM. What if Obama does have a skeleton in his closet (such as a shady deal or outright bribe) that is revealed after he wins the election? While the chance of this scenario is remote, imagine the backlash against the MSM if it could be shown that a reasonable investigation by the MSM would have easily revealed this secret to the public prior to the election?"
ANOTHER UPDATE: Rand Simberg isn't so sure: "Where was the backlash against this about Bill Clinton in 1992? They just seem to continue to get away with it." Well, yes and no. Their reputation and readership/viewership keep falling. And layoffs keep happening. I think they're willing to pull out all the stops because they realize this is the last election where they have a chance at swinging things this way. No point saving your credibility for the future when you don't have a future, I guess . . . . >>>

30th Sep 2008

Newsbusters: "Obama and Fox News: 'Tentative Truce?'"

As Fox News prepares to interview Barack Obama tomorrow night, during prime time, TV journalist Michael Wolff details a meeting between Barack Obama, Fox News president Roger Ailes, and News Corporation president Rupert Murdoch in which the Fox execs promised to lay off the Democratic presidential candidate (...) this was more than a mere tete-à-tete, this was a full-on diplomatic meeting (initiated at Murdoch's request), conducted only after preparation and with preconditions from the Obama campaign. The apparent purpose? To smooth things over in the event that Obama defeats John McCain (...)

"A tentative truce?" A truce "which may or may not have vast historical significance?" What, exactly, does that mean? One hopes it doesn't mean that Fox News is going to start covering Obama the way their competitors, especially MSNBC, cover Obama. To this point in the campaign, Fox News has been at the forefront of coverage related to Rev. Wright, Father Pfleger, Annenberg-gate, Ayers, etc., etc. Though new media has begun to break the monopolistic liberal stranglehold, numerous stories would never see the light of day were it not for Fox News. (...) We can only hope Fox News and O'Reilly didn't agree to pre-scripted questions in addition to the promise of no "embarrassing or underhanded stuff." >>>

Atlas Shrugs: "Media off the rails on Palin: It's Karl Rove's Fault"

Check out this screen shot from the "legit" LA Times. The left are apoplectic over Pain's pregnancy. If you read KOS yesterday on the Palin pregnancy you would have needed a louse shower afterward. (...) >>>

Updated: 3rd Sep 2008

PJs: "BBC’s Terrorists in Need"

Those familiar with the BBC’s bias towards and promotion of the Islamic faith and its regular apologias on behalf of Islamic extremism will have barely raised an eyebrow at the news that £20,000 from one of the corporation’s charity appeals ended up in the hands of the Muslim terrorists who murdered 52 people in London in 2005.
The money, raised by the BBC’s Children in Need telethons, was given to a “community school” in the northern English city of Leeds — a hotbed of Islamic extremism — between 1999 and 2002. The school passed the money to an Islamic bookshop run by two of the men who bombed London on July 7, 2005 (..) to produce propaganda videos and other materials (...) neither the BBC nor the charity’s trustees knew the money was going to promote jihad (...) the scandal was uncovered by the BBC’s own Newsnight program — although the program, which stands out among the corporation’s news operations in its willingness to tackle stories about Islamic extremism, airs on the BBC’s second channel in a late-night slot, and it was left to newspapers to give the story wider coverage. (You can watch the Newsnight report here.) However, this isn’t the first time the BBC has found itself in the embarrassing position of trying to explain away links, however indirect, to Muslim terrorists. Last year it emerged (...) >>>

Updated: 28th Aug. 2008

Townhall: "Mainstream Media Has a Great Fall," by Douglas MacKinnon

If you really pay attention to the networks, cable networks, and newspapers, you can look at their faces (...) that they are in a panic. In violation of every ethical standard that allegedly governs their profession, a great many journalists and editors have gone into the tank so deeply for Barack Obama, that they have become an embarrassing extension of his campaign communications operation. (...) “How can Obama be blowing this?” (...) The reason the liberal media is so perplexed by this development is because they are just coming off a massive and successful manipulation of the news and felt if they could do it then, they could do it at will. (...) I refer (to) the coverage of the war in Iraq. (...) Shockingly, the most despicable way some in the mainstream media worked to manipulate the opinion of the American people against the war, was to act as a propaganda arm of the very terrorists killing our troops. (...) With that tarnished model as an example, the mainstream media figured it would be a cinch to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people with regard to Obama. Clearly, they have been wrong. (...) Fortunately this time, they have just tumbled off the Obama wall and may be taking the chameleon-like candidate with them. (...) >>>

Updated: 25th Aug. 2008

Pajamas: "Infamous ‘Shock Troops’ Author Back in the News," by Bob Owens

It seemed we’d heard the last of Scott Thomas Beauchamp and Elspeth Reeve in late January, after I posted copies of the sworn statements gathered during the “Shock Troops” investigation on my blog. (...) Beauchamp is back, (with his former fact checker wife still supporting him), courtesy of Spencer Ackerman in Radar magazine. (...) Spencer Ackerman does a great job of parroting what Beauchamp has been saying all along, and manages to get a few digs in at the man who fired him as well. What he doesn’t do is prove his case. >>>

... courtesy of commentator Tom T. we now have a specimen of Beauchamp's literary talent, including words, 'liberated' from conventional spelling and bourgeois meaning attached to them by the white, male power structure, all in conformity with the Derrida school of madness ... we might have guessed - he does the same with truth:

“bavarian stories in some sort of rounded metaphysical order…personality death stories intersecting with poesy home memory reflections. You begin with a place and an action and let it carry in every direction till the words are vibrating on the page, dripping in thick robust delapidated[sic] barnhouses of adjectives and pronouns…no time for the subtle gray faced calculations of a PERFORMED intimacy…go…but remember what Kerouac forgot: revision is spontaneous also. a brief coming back to america introduction, stories about soldiers, prositutes[sic], innocent students rendered featherless by dark rivets of experience and the decadence of human pursuits in every vein…and then there’s the veins…follow ‘em. Cut your wrist let it bleed onto the paper in unique soulpatterns of mindthoughts.”

Updated: 23rd Aug. 2008

Publius Forum: "Crowds in S. Korea, US Media Ignores Story" - (includes video material)

(...) the anti-Bush protesters were only able to muster a could of hundred protesters while the pro-Bush rally saw 15,000 Koreans turn out to participate. (...) But, true to fashion, the western media did its level best report only the bad. On August 5, at 6:07am EDT, Reuters first tried to report the President’s visit with this headline: Bush arrives in Seoul, faces large anti-US protest. But once the truth started coming out, Reuters tried to cover its obvious mistake with this later headline: Bush arrives in Seoul, anti-U.S. protest fizzles. (...) >>>

Updated: 6th Aug. 2008

EURSOC: "Red Planet"

Nice post by Greg Hands on Conservative Home on the left-leaning bias of Lonely Planet guidebooks (...) Margaret Thatcher "created a calamitous number of people trapped in long-term impoverished unemployment. Despite the intense dislike of her regime among a substantial portion of the population, Thatcher won an increased majority at the 1983 election," reads an extract from the 1994 guide to Britain. Yes, there is a free market, and if someone wants to create a series of travel guides aimed at conservatives they are free to try. But note that the BBC bought Lonely Planet last year... (...) >>>

Updated: 30th July 2008

Atlas Shrugs: "Beyond Bias: New York Times Refuses McCain Editorial"

(...) op-ed editor David Shipley emailed McCain "I'm not going to be able to accept this piece as currently written." In an act of pathetic hubris and unparalleled left wing media bias The soon to be defunct New York Times rejected an op-ed piece by McCain after running Obamessiah's unedited last week. It is unheard of that any media, anywhere would tell a Presidential candidate what to say or how to say it. You don't tell a Presidential candidate what to say or how to frame a position. (...) When about half of Americans think that the press is actively trying to help Obama win the presidential election, it's a bad time for the New York Times to refuse to run an op-ed by John McCain. I guess when your op-ed page editor is a former speechwriter for President Clinton, we shouldn't be surprised... The world can examine McCain's op-ed at the second link above... (...) >>>

Updated: 22nd July 2008

Politeia: "'Editing' Reality in the Interest of Perception"

After the scandal of the Al Dura case - of which no one in the general public seems to be aware because it was suppressed by the mainstream media - we now have the as yet nameless incident of a Palestinian demonstrator being shot purposely in the foot by an Israeli soldier.While the news item is all over the media (the contrast with the cautions of 'disturbing material ahead' are staggeringly hypocritical!), no reference whatsoever is made of the Al Dura precedent, in which the 'editing' of video material has been established without doubt. (...) Apparently postmodern fascists believe that the proliferation of deliberate lies is in the public's interest. It says a lot of the depth of the cynicism of the neotot mindset and the 'scourged earth' tactics of their politics: propaganda and the manipulation of perception is everything to those who think that thought creates reality. (...) don't hold your breath for a retraction if it turns out that the footage once again has been subjected to an 'editing' process. (...) >>>

Updated: 22nd July 2008

American Thinker: "The New York Times and the al-Dura Hoax"

Why won't the New York Times accept responsibility for repeatedly publishing a falsehood which caused many deaths? (...) That the al-Dura lies incited murders of many innocent people is indisputable. The Jihadis who beheaded reporter Daniel Pearl inserted repeated footage of al-Dura in their gruesome video. Osama bin Laden cited al-Dura (...) >>>

Updated: 17th July 2008

"There is much to be said in favour of modern journalism. By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, it keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community."
--Oscar Wilde

... evidently, journalism being journalism, a good story cannot passed up but it is issues such as these that make you wonder on which side they really are ...

CNN: "Uribe: Betancourt rescuers used Red Cross"

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe admitted Wednesday that the symbol of the neutral Red Cross organization was used in a hostage rescue mission that freed 15 people from leftist rebels two weeks ago. Uribe made the admission after CNN reported on unpublished photographs and videos that clearly showed a man wearing a Red Cross bib. Wrongly using the Red Cross logo is prohibited by the Geneva Conventions. The man was a member of the Colombian military intelligence team involved in the daring rescue, Uribe said in an address carried on national TV and radio. The president said that as the constitutional head of the armed forces, he takes full political responsibility for what he described as a slip-up. "This officer, upon confessing his mistake to his superiors, said when the [rescue] helicopter was about to land ... he saw so many guerrillas that he went into a state of angst," Uribe said. "He feared for his life and put on the Red Cross bib over his jacket." However, the confidential military source who showed CNN the photographs (...) >>>

Updated: 17th July 2008

Townhall: "Have Your Yellowcake and Eat It Too," by Christopher Merola

On July 5, 2008, the Associated Press (AP) released a story titled: Secret U.S. mission hauls uranium from Iraq. The opening paragraph is as follows: The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program – a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium – reached a Canadian port Saturday to complete a secret U.S. operation that included a two week airlift from Baghdad and a ship voyage crossing two oceans. See anything wrong with this picture? (...) It appears that American troops found the 550 metric tons of uranium in 2003 after invading Iraq. They had to sit on this information and the uranium itself, for fear of terrorists attempting to steal it. It was guarded and kept safe by our military in a 23,000-acre site with large sand beams surrounding the site.

This is vindication for the Bush administration, having been attacked mercilessly by the liberal media and the far-left pundits on the blogosphere. Now that it is proven that President Bush did not lie about Saddam’s nuclear ambitions, one would think the mainstream media would report the story? Once the AP released the story, the mainstream media should have picked it up and broadcast it worldwide. This never happened (...) I thought Bush lied? As it turns out, the people who lied were Joe Wilson and his wife. (...) Now that Saddam’s uranium has been made public and is no longer a threat to the world, do you think these aforementioned parties will apologize and admit they were wrong? Don’t count on it. >>>

Updated: 13th July 2008

Politeia: "The Left's Fest of Unbridled Hypocrisy"

(...) Political Lunch explain the matter without hidden memes. But in an op-ed titled "Your Brain Lies to You" New York Times contributors Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt spill the Materialist beans, showing how the public may be manipulated by vile tacticians through the abuse of their own cerebral functions; but 'brain' here must be understood as an extension of the senses. Postmodernists seldom miss an opportunity to subliminally tuck away somewhere one of their pet methods for the deconstruction of reality. (...) In this fest of unbridled hypocrisy (...) no pressure intended but the Savior's loss can only be attributed to the uniquely evil racism inherent in all Right-wing Americans. (...) >>>

Updated: 9th July 2008

... Dutch public television: rapist and terrorist is 'desperate'...

Atlas Shrugs: "TRACTOR ATTACK! Jerusalem Islamic "Palestinian" Terror - 3 4 dead

(...) In a rampage along Jerusalem’s crowded Jaffa Street thoroughfare, a bulldozer driven by a terrorist hoisted and overturned a packed 13 bus, while extending its shovel and plowing into several vehicles and pedestrians.They clambered onto the careering vehicle and, while the policeman wrestled the terrorist to remove his foot from the gas pedal, the soldier shot him in the head. They stopped the carnage 200 meters short of Jerusalem’s big open air market and so averted a potential massacre. (Video below fold) (...)

And how, you may ask, to the mainstream jihad loving media present the story? Check this out and tell me again how these m***f*** don't dance when Jews are killed: Caught: BBC's Shocking First Response to Terror Attack (Honest Reporting) - While BBC Online currently covers the story "Bulldozer rampage hits Jerusalem," this was not the original headline. >>>

Updated: 2nd July 2008

Front Page: "Haditha: No Massacre, No Cover-Up"
On Wednesday, a jury found Lieutenant Andrew Grayson "not guilty" of covering up the (un)massacre at Haditha. The 27-year-old had been accused of multiple counts of making false official statements and one count of attempting to deceive by making false statements. A charge of "obstruction of justice" had been thrown out the day before. More than simply another exonation of those accused of wrongdoing in Haditha the sixth of eight accused this verdict will go a long way to redefining Haditha and refuting those who insist on slurring "baby-killer" Marines and the United States herself. In the atrocity story churned out by left-wingers and "mainstream media" newscasters (but then, I repeat myself), four U.S. Marines murdered 24 blameless Iraqi civilians on November 19, 2005, as their victims cowered, some "as if in prayer." The then-ascendant face of American surrender, John Murtha, made this story his own in a dramatic press conference in May 2006, insisting his fellow Marines acted "in cold blood" even as an internal investigation was taking place. (...) >>>
Updated: 7th June 2008

Eursoc: Le Monde "(French Paper) Gets Hiroshima Photos Wrong"
On Saturday, France's newspaper of record Le Monde published two previously unknown photographs of bodies in piles, labelling them with the headline, "Hiroshima: What the world never saw." An accompanying column claimed that "American censors covered up images of the victims." (...) This being France, (...) newspaper comments pages and weblogs seethed with criticism of the wicked Americans. Le Monde accused the US of censoring the images to cover up the horror of the Hiroshima bomb, and claimed that the photographs demanded the question was the atomic bomb "the only way to end the war in the Pacific?"By Tuesday, however, the newspaper had made a humiliating climbdown and apology: The photos came not from archives of (...) >>>
Updated: 28th May 2008

Al Dura Case:

Augean Stables: "Karsenty Wins Court Decision!!" More details to follow. But word from Paris is that the court dismissed charges against Philippe Karsenty today. Now we get to see how the French (and Western) MSM handle this. It’s a stunning victory for Karsenty and loss for Enderlin and France2 who initiated this case when they didn’t have to. In order for an appeals court to reverse a decision, they must have strong evidence to the contrary. The fact that they did indicates that their written decision will be very critical of France2. The implications of this decision are immense. We’ll be following up in the days, weeks and months to come. In the Emperor’s New Clothes when the boy (Shahaf, Juffa, Poller, me, Karsenty) said the emperor (France2, MSM) is naked, the father turned on his son and tried to hush him. But someone else then says, “Listen to the boy!” That happened today in Paris. >>>
Updated: 21st May 2008

Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group: "Steadfast Incomprehension"
(...) The incident on Sunday demonstrates a classic propaganda of the deed partnership in which the insurgents with growing skill select a media-significant target and with witless incomprehension international reporters beam the most sensationally damning images of the event around the world so as to deliver the worst possible interpretation. There is no need for a Taliban subtext or even a photo caption (...) >>>
Updated: 30th Apr 2008

Dr Sanity: "A Psychotic Depression With Economic Hallucinosis"
IBD says that journalists are suffering from depression: Journalism: It's been said the press notice the homeless problem only when a Republican's in office. The same could be said for food stamps, which the media now are using as an economic indicator.Scary headline in Monday's Times: "As Jobs Vanish And Prices Rise, Food Stamp Use Nears Record." Scarier headline in Britain's Independent: "USA 2008: The Great Depression."Why didn't the Times editors just say: "Economy In Shambles — It's All Bush's Fault"? Or the Independent condemn the president for his war on the poor?The stories, as well as similar coverage in other publications and on the newswire, were more subtle than that. But make no mistake — the message is that the Bush-Republican economy is a calamity of epic proportions. (...) Americans are hearing voices in their heads. And like auditory hallucinations experienced by (...)

But at least if the Democrats were in power, you could pretend that everything would then be wonderful; and that poverty and economic hardship would soon be erased from the face of the earth; that hurricanes hardly ever happen; and that unnatural disasters like 9/11 are simply an illusion done with smoke and mirrors--even deliberately caused by the evil Republicans. Or that the market could only go up up up forever!And then, thank God, those darn voices of doom in your head would finally shut up.Yes, the world is definitely insane AND there definitely is an agenda that is behind those relentlessly negative voices...UPDATE (...) >>>
Updated: 3rd Apr 2008

Haditha Case:

NewsMax: "Marine Charges 'Mistake,' Lawyer Says"
(...) The furor that led to the charges erupted after a March 2006 Time magazine report claimed that nine survivors of Tatum’s 12-man squad slaughtered 24 innocent Iraqi civilians in retaliation for the death of one squad member and the wounding of two others in a November 19, 2005 roadside ambush at Haditha, Iraq. (...) Helland’s decision to drop all the charges against Tatum leaves one enlisted Marines and two officers still facing criminal charges in the case. (...) >>>
Updated: 29th Mar 2008


... in this piece by Aleem Maqbool is a good example how the BBC became a party to the conflict and doesn't even bother to keep up the pretence of impartiality, or even fairness - in one word: the status if this piece is, propaganda ...

BBC: "Life in the 'open prison' of Gaza"
This is a tiny strip of land and its life is being drained out of it. (...) >>>
Update: EURSOC has more where that came from:
- A Dry White Season;
- What's getting the BBC's Goat?
Updated: 17th Mar 2008

Townhall: "Journalists Anonymous", by Guy Benson
It's been a rough few weeks for mainstream American journalism. The self-appointed gold standard of print journalism and one of the nation's top journalism schools have each descended into scandal, and in both cases, anonymous quotations play a central role. Surely the editors of The New York Times and the Dean of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism are aware that publishing controversial information based on unnamed sources is a considerable risk. Both elected to throw caution to the wind, and now both are paying a price.
Updated: 3rd March 2008

Al Dura Case:

Commentary Magazine: "Bloody Lies!", by Noah Pollak
Re Charles Enderlin, the France 2 television reporter implicated in the Mohammed al-Dura fabrication, the famous scenes of Yasser Arafat donating blood after the 9/11 attacks were, like the footage of the IDF killing al-Dura, staged (...)
Updated: 20th Jan. 2008

Al Dura Case:

Jerusalem Post: "Our World: Lies and deceits", by Caroline Gluck
(...) the myth of Muhammed al-Dura finally unraveled. (...)
Updated: 20th Jan. 2008

Politeia: "Europe's Speechless, Frantic Surrender"
(... ) Eurabia media corruption (...) Euro-Arab Dialogue had grown to over 500 (pdf) (...) promot(ing) "mutual understanding" (...)
Updated: 19th Jan. 2008

Neo Neocon: "A mind is a difficult thing to change: (Part 7B: the Vietnam photos revisited)"
(...) Vietnam photo manipulation this (...) so de-emphasized (...) The story I now read about that one was also different than I remembered. (...) And this was beginning to sound vaguely familiar—not to events in the past, but to events in the present. (...)
Updated: 16th Jan. 2008

Yankee Wombat: "House to House by David Bellavia"
(...) much the same problem with the manipulation of Western media by Iraqi stringers as Richard Landes does with Palestinian photojournalists at The Second Draft.
Updated: 28th Dec. 2007

Accuracy in Media: "White House Scores Knockout Over New York Times", by Cliff Kincaid
(...) the White House has exposed how the New York Times makes things up for dramatic political effect. (...)
Updated: 20th Dec. 2007

Riehl World View: "Helen Thomas On Blogs: Dangerous" - Hat Tip Atlas Shrugs
(...) CBS has plucked a gem from an interview with Helen Thomas at HuffPo (...) "So if there's this amateur league of journalists out there" (...) "It's dangerous."
Updated: 6th Dec. 2007

Dutch News: "Iraq torture scoop 'not political' says paper"
The controversial revelation (...) was not an attempt to influence the outcome of the Dutch general election. This is the conclusion of an internal investigation (...)
Updated: 5th Dec. 2007

Enter Stage Right: "Newspapers are guardians of truth, so say journalists", by Warner Todd Huston
People are leaving the dead tree media in droves because they simply do not trust them anymore, their (...)
Updated: 26th Nov. 2007

American Thinker: "It's Not Just Scott Beauchamp", by Randall Hoven
A list detailing when, why and how the facts were manipulated to conform with somebody's particular 'narrative', attempts at disinformation, censoring, fraud, spin and counter-spin, fibs and lies, fabrication, selective emphasizing and de-emphasizing, manipulation and censoring, the whole dishonest spectrum ... and here's a update.
Updated: 29th Aug. 2007

- "Blurring the Border between Reality and Perception"
- "The News from Iraq, As We Like to Report It"
- "The Propaganda Hirabah: the Media War"

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