Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Book a Free Online Third Millennium Quest Trial Session

On a two year independent quest for the origins of the problems confronting life in the third millennium, ranging from matters of etiquette to social pathology, Cassandra was astounded by what she found.

Exciting ideological 'excavation' revealed that the majority of problems can be traced back to a system of thought, dating back to Classical Hellenic times. The philosophy was revived in the 18th Century by the German philosophers of Romanticism in reaction to the Enlightenment. Its offshoot today, is known as Postmodernism.

Cassandra found that a great number of the problems she identified, had already been addressed well within the last century by the American author-philosopher Ayn Rand and other writers of her school of thought, Objectivism.

Rand's theory of Objectivism has become known to millions of people through her romantic novels, "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead."

The chasmic fissure between traditional thought and Postmodernism is reflected in the words of Leonard Peikoff: ""The battle for the world is not a battle between two political ideals. It is a battle between two views of the nature of thought."

The results of Cassandra's independent quest have revealed an extraordinary convergence with Objectivism. But although there are many similarities, both being based on Aristotelian principles, in no way does the Third Millennium Quest aim to follow Rand's Objectivism as a philosophical theory. This would require rigorous detachment of the observer from the matter in hand, uncompromising submission to the laws of nature, and rejection of all knowledge not based on sensory perception.

- Caption: "The Gates of Hell" and "The Thinker," by Rodin -

Cassandra's revealing quest doesn't teach or advocate anything other than the abandonment of Postmodern thinking, which aims to destroy almost three thousand years of civilization in just a few generations. Rather, she identifies and isolates particular problem areas, analyzes them, traces their origins, and suggests how they may be remedied or countered.

An online course is now available which explains in detail the result of the Third Millennium Quest. You can book a free trial session or do the entire course by filling and sending the form below. If you don't like forms, send an email or add a comment to the post, providing as much information as possible. We will contact you as soon as possible via your preferred method of communication.

Knowledge of philosophy is helpful towards understanding, but is not necessary. The principles and definitions are explained to you from the basic level in the plainest possible terms. The technical requirements are an online computer, a Skype account, Open Office software (all free available open source material), and the skills to operate them.

The entire course of 4 sessions of 50 minutes each can be completed in one month or sooner, depending on the number of sessions per week you chose to do. In principle times and weekdays are the same for each week of the course. The cost of the course is € 180/$ 280, payable in advance through Paypal. For small groups a discount program is available. Specially selected books and other study material can be ordered from Amazon through the Politeia Library.

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