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The Post-Democratic Preferences of the Neotots: archive

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This is the direct result of the smoking ban. The industry asked for an exemption for very small businesses, but the request was declined by the Government. Actually, this is an abomination unheard of in the post Enlightenment age: privately owned businesses bankrupted by government measures without compensation. If this is the new totalitarianism, then God help us! Worst of all, in the current economic climate the properties are unsellable ...

Dutch News: ""Record number of cafes for sale"

A record number of bars and cafes are for sale, according to sector website Currently 1,900 cafes are on the market. (...) >>>

Jan 27, 2009

TBJ: "Diplomatic Language"

Further to the great hoo hah over the tawdry behaviour of certain Members of the European Parliament during their visit to Prague castle the other week (watch the vid!) comes this little snippet. Whilst President Vaclav Klaus was visiting Dublin there was an official dinner where he sat with the Irish Taoiseach, Brian Cowen. No doubt they had much to discuss.

Elsewhere the two first ladies were having a discussion. Mary Molloy, a member of the Lenihan political dynasty, remarked that the Irish had "voted wrongly" when they rejected the Lisbon TreatyLivia Klausová, a respected economist, responded, "Well, were they wrong when they elected your husband?" Given that Cowen, like British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, was not elected as PM this was, dare I say it, a little tart. >>>

Dec 16, 2008

Updated Dec 17, 2008 - Get all the Euro gossip: "Vaclav Fights the Dragon"

(...) According to pro-EU politicians, such as Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the CIA, in a plot against the EU, poured hundreds of thousands of euros into Libertas, Ganley's anti-Lisbon movement. (When questioned, the surprised officials from the United States Congress responded: "Are you Europeans serious?") (...) >>>

Have they gone MAD?

Yahoo!News: "Police hunt race chant soccer fans"

Police investigating racist and homophobic chanting at a football match have released pictures of 16 suspects. (...) Superintendent Neil Sherrington said: "As part of our investigation into indecent chanting at Fratton Park, we have identified 16 people we would like to speak to. (...)>>>

Dec 10, 2008

Politeia: "We Are All Fascoids Now"

Remember the Hegel dialectic? Ever since the Neocons launched the spread of democracy as a strategy for global peace, the meme entered the system that ... well, 'democracy, far overrated' ...

... this is now further shifting to 'give us a dictator' ... it's still put in the words of hapless Iraqis (how do we know this isn't made up on the spot anyway?) ... the next stop is some code for 'strong man--now!' ...

An exaggeration? We sure hope so! Wake up! This is not boding well ... at all!

Yahoo!News: "War-weary Saddam victims miss his iron rule," by Mohammed Abbas >>>

12th Oct 2008

... the worst generation, can always be depended upon for neotot kneejerks ... subject matter is UK politics, but it's root lies at the base of lots of other disasters all over the Western world, the Netherlands for one - FEATURE

EurSoc: "Why The Centre-Left Always Wins"

must-read article by Peter Hitchens in the Mail: 'Our political parties are corpses and democracy as we used to know it is quite dead." Labour, he writes, stopped being true to its roots as a radical workers party in 1983, when Michael Foot was finished off by the first in a long line of spin doctors and spivs. The Conservatives had to wait until the political assassination of Iain Duncan Smith in 2003. IDS represented "the force and mind of the Tory Party" but was unloved by the party's "big beasts" who liked neither party voters nor members and were opposed to the Conservative's right-wing status. (...) The rule nowadays is that you cannot become the government unless you bow to the views of the ‘Centre-Left’ media elite, especially the broadcast media elite.

"That elite speaks for the 1968 generation which fanned out in the Seventies into the civil service, education, entertainment, the law, the arts, rock music and - above all - the media." The result? "We no longer have elections where two evenly matched parties go into a fair contest with competing ideas and it is over only when the last vote is counted. "Instead, we have wild swings in which the approved party goes into the Election with a giant poll lead and then wins the Election with a mad, crushingly enormous majority over the unapproved party.

"And the winner is always the ‘Centre-Left’, which claims to be moderate but is in fact a swirling cauldron of wild Sixties Leftism - anti-British, anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-education and pro-crime. "But if you dare to oppose this stuff, they’ll call you an extremist. (...) >>>

23rd Sep 2008

Free Europe: "EU complains, cannot control "anti-establishment" bloggers, but a solution on its way..."

The Commission's office in Dublin last week issued a briefing to journalists blaming the "British media" for the Irish no vote, and complaining that it could not control "anti-establishment" bloggers. In a separate report this week the European Parliament called for EU regulation of blogs(see the Open Europe blog for more details). Free Europe comments: YOU should not complain. Tell instead your friends to vote for Free Europe - free from EU subsidies and supranationalistic control freaks. >>>

Open Europe Blog: "The EP will vote on it end of September, according to the Swedish bloggerHAX. Commissioners Reading and Wallstrom are said to be working on something similar. Leaving aside whether it is even possible to do any of these things (hopefully not) the fact that MEPs are prepared to propose it in the first place is terrifying. The report was initiated by Estonian Socialist MEP Marianne Mikko. As Swedish MEP Christopher Fjellner has pointed out, Marianne Mikkos view of journalism makes one think of George Orwell’s book 1984. Which sort of makes sense, given that Mikko does have a degree in journalism from the Soviet Union - from 1984. Enough said >>>

Updated: 4th Sep 2008

NewsMax: "Pro-Obama Group Threatens Republican Donors"

A new left-wing organization that wants to help elect Barack Obama president is sending letters to nearly 10,000 major donors who contribute to Republican causes, threatening them with potential legal problems if they finance conservative groups. The nonprofit organization, Accountable America, is even offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the criminal conviction or fines of at least $10,000 for violations of campaign finance laws or other statutes by a conservative group according to The New York Times. Accountable America is led by Tom Matzzie, former Washington director of the liberal activist group, and its research director is Judd Legum, who served that role in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Matzzie called the organization’s effort “going for the jugular.” (...) >>>

... makes one wonder, will they go after publications such as "The Case Against Barack Obama"? ...

Updated: 9th Aug. 2008

City Journal: "Europe’s Unhappy Union," by Theodore Dalrymple

Is the European Union heading for a Yugoslavian-style denouement? It sometimes looks as if its political class, oblivious to the wishes or concerns of the EU’s various populations, is determined to bring one about. (...) No doubt the people will be given an opportunity in the future—or several opportunities, if necessary—to correct their mistake and get the answer right, after which there will be no more referenda. (...) The European political class was briefly taken aback. What could explain the Irish obduracy? Several explanations came forth, among them Irish xenophobia and intellectual backwardness and the malign influence of the Murdoch-owned press. The narrowest economic self-interest was also said to have played a part. (...)

Not to worry, the European political elites soon recovered from the shock. Ireland, they pointed out, is a small and peripheral country, and not a founder-member of the European Union. Anyway, what does it really matter if referendum after referendum, in Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and Ireland, defeats the proposals of the European political class? The proposals can always be enacted regardless, by other means. (...) What the people of Europe want is completely irrelevant. (...) >>>

Updated: 23rd June 2008

... contains a well-written update of the various reactions in Euroland to the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty ... very 'edifying' and highly 'enlightening' - recommended reading ...

The Spectator: "EU leaders will never consult us again," by Daniel Hannan

Daniel Hannan, who predicted the Irish ‘No’ vote in this magazine, now says that the EU will simply implement the Lisbon Treaty and never risk a referendum again

By ten o’clock on Friday morning, it was clear that the ‘No’s had it. Ireland’s Europhiles were struggling even in their affluent strongholds within the Pale. In the rest of the country, they were being pulverised. A jubilant ‘No’ campaigner rang me from Galway, his words tumbling over each other. ‘It looks like a high turnout, too,’ he exulted. ‘The Eurocrats won’t be able to just carry on as if nothing has happened.’ Oh yes they will, I told him, sadly. They did when the Danes voted ‘No’ to Maastricht. They did when you boys voted ‘No’ to Nice. They did when the French and the Dutch voted ‘No’ to the constitution. Just you watch them. We didn’t have long to wait. Even before the result had been declared, JosĂ© Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission, announced tetchily that the ‘No’ vote wouldn’t solve the EU’s problems, so ratification would continue (...) >>>

Updated: 22nd June 2008

EURSOC: "A Blow For The People?"

The resignation of Conservative MP David Davis over the 42 day detention law has been greeted with dismay in the conservative press and delight on the left. (...) We think the papers have got this one wrong, however. (...) The "have your say" comments on all major newspapers are overwhelmingly behind Davis - and the reaction transcends left-right divides. On the left, there is relief (and not a little shame) that someone was willing to take a stance (...) On the right, where there is less sympathy for suspected suicide bombers, there is delight that Davis has broadened his attack to take in the erosion of human rights and traditions which has taken place under New Labour. Davis spoke of his opposition to ID cards, DNA testing for millions of innocents, ineffective CCTV cameras and governmental snooping (...) "enough is enough" is a new phenomenon and very welcome. The mainstream press - and the Conservative Party - should be ashamed that Davis stands alone (...) >>>


EURSOC: "Draw a Line - Now"

The full resignation statement of David Davis MP has been released, and it's a cracker (...) a sad day for the mother of parliaments (...) just as we approach the anniversary of the Magna Carta, which has guaranteed the freedom of the individual from arbitrary detention for nearly 800 years (...) We publish it in full here (...) >>>


Political Betting: "Was Davis’s big mistake the deal with Nick Clegg?"

So David Davis got his expected big victory in the early hours and the BBC showed once again with their minimal coverage of the count and lack of analysis that they have abandoned their case to be funded by a tax enforced by all the apparatus of the criminal law. Covering the electoral process at work should be the first priority for a public service broadcaster and they failed miserably. Sky, by all accounts, was so much better. (...) >>>

Cranmer: "David Davis - On Liberty"

David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, cruised to victory in the Haltemprice and Howden by-election with a 15,355 majority and 72% of the vote. His previous majority was just 5,116. Since the BBC did not bother to broadcast his victory speech, Cranmer is pleased to reproduce it below: "First, may I thank the returning officer, his officials and the police. I would also like to take the opportunity (...) >>>

ted: 17th June 2008, 11th July 2008

Up Pompeii: "And the Elephants are jumping on the graves of squealing mice, anyone for tennis - wouldn't that be nice"

As the country I once knew as home declines into the abyss of self destruction surrendering all integrity, stature and identity I wonder, as I have done on many occasions how this awful state came to be. (...) The politicians of Nu Labour have worked ceaselessly to break our country, my country, in order to create an amorphous glut of humanity that has no allegiance to anything and worships at the altar of ignorance. The systematic demolition of our culture engineered by the Fabians, Common Purpose and Nu Labour has created a state of chaos, we are lawless, we are now poorly educated, we are now without pride in our country.

Our politicians (bless), are without doubt the most scurrilous bunch of ne-er do wells in the country and they are doing very nicely thank you very much, these people who are supposed to represent us do anything but, they openly cheat and manipulate, they mislead and tell huge lies to cover their real agenda which is the demise of any kind of national pride and identity this country had (...) >>>

Updated: 29th May 2008

Prague Daily Monitor: "Klaus slams US candidates' views on climate"

The stances on global warming presented by all candidates for the U.S. president are "sad and tragic," Czech President Vaclav Klaus told Czech journalists on Tuesday after presenting the English edition of his book "Blue Planet in Green Shackles." "I am horrified by this because the future of the Planet horrifies me," Klaus said, referring to the candidates' pledges to fight global warming. (...)

Klaus repeatedly warned in Washington about "environmentalism and especially in its strongest version, climate alarmism" during the presentation of his book, issued by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He said environmentalists believe that "they have the right to sacrifice man and his freedom to make their idea reality." (...) >>>

Updated: 29th May 2008

... transfer of knowledge? sooo boring ... let's do socialization, that's Fun!

Times Online: "Schools in Revolt over under-5s Curriculum"

A powerful coalition of England’s leading independent schools is demanding that the Government scale back its new national curriculum for the under-fives, claiming that it violates parents’ human rights by denying them the freedom to choose how they educate their children.“This clumsy intrusion into the early years’ curriculum of independent schools is both unjustified and unnecessary. More importantly, this interference conflicts with the rights of parents to privacy in their home life, which includes the freedom to choose how they educate their children and to educate them free from the control of the state,” the letter states. (...) >>>

Updated: 26th May 2008

... a comment by a reader says it all: "When are the public going to open their eyes and see that the government is already looking over their shoulders watching every move they make? The thing that is really scary is that so few people are making a fuss about this. Sleepwalking into 1984 - its a fact ...

Times Online: "Big Brother Database for Phones and E-mails"

A massive government database holding details of every phone call, e-mail and time spent on the internet by the public is being planned as part of the fight against crime and terrorism. Internet service providers (ISPs) and telecoms companies would hand over the records to the Home Office under plans put forward by officials. (...)

The proposal has emerged as part of plans to implement an EU directive developed after the July 7 bombings to bring uniformity of record-keeping. Since last October telecoms companies have been required to keep records of phone calls and text messages for 12 months. That requirement is to be extended to internet, e-mail and voice-over-internet use and included in a Communications Data Bill. (...) >>>

Updated: 20th May 2008

The Brussels Journal: "European Parliament Fines Members for Opposing EU Treaty"

There will be those who cry out in faux shock at the comparison between Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and those nasty thugs who used to mete out physical beatings to those who opposed the Nazis at rallies, meetings or even in the street. (...) It is not the fact of punishment that annoys Mr. Hannan but the fact that others who indulge in identical activity are never punished for what they do and that such sanctions seem to be reserved for anyone who is either a Eurosceptic or has otherwise questioned the system. (...) >>>

Updated: 14th Mar 2008

Politeia: "Nation vs State: Migration and Racism", by JackDM1294
In this article, I'm trying to distinguish the notions of "Nation" and "State" and show how the second one stole the first. I'll take a concrete example, the problem of immigration. (...) That is why it is a mistake to assimilate Nation to State (...) Thus the best immigration policy would be not to have one at all! (...) This is why the State induces bad immigration (...) >>>
Updated: 20th Jan. 2008
Politeia: "Europe's Speechless, Frantic Surrender"
(...) The visiting Grand Mufti of Syria threatened Europeans over the "misuse" of free speech to criticize Islam. This has been carefully left out of the official EU reports from his speech at the EU Parliament. One of the EU Commissioners, or unelected pan-European Ministers, addressed the European press a while ago, hoping that they would participate in this brainwashing of the public. Not in those exact words, of course, but the journalists got the message, and disturbingly enough didn't seem to protest. This is the hallmark of a totalitarian state, where the authorities instruct the press on what to write and which ideologies to broadcast. That is what the EUSSR is rapidly becoming, as former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky has warned. (...) >>>
Updated: 19th Jan. 2008

Dutch "Wilders accuses cabinet of ‘political intimidation’"
Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-immigration PVV party, accuses the cabinet of ‘pure political intimidation’(...) >>>

Updated: 24th Dec. 2007

Politeia: "Freedom's Birth Certificate: sold to the gentleman in the back ..."
"Worries about a nascent police state are, she wrote, "fashionable because it allows the middle classes to pretend to be victims, too. (...) >>>

Politeia: "The Deplorable Taste of Plebs"
Here's a prime example why an enlightened oligarchy stands a much better chance of preserving the environment, (...) >>>

Dated: 10th Dec. 2007

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"The invention of democracy is a crying shame (...) A majority can never replace the Man."
- Adolf Hitler, "Mein Kampf"


- "Building the State of Europe"
- "The Treaty of Lisbon"

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