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Politeia: "Communitarianism, Another Great Equalizer

We have received word from "Stop Common Purpose" that they have identified Barack Obama, not as a Socialist or as a Communist, but as a Communitarian. (...) Communitarianism is yet another amoral, Pragmatism driven hybrid of collectism (...) a version of Tony Blair's and Bill Clinton's Third Way politics, but they're moderates in comparison to some highly 'ethical' interpretations (enjoy this tract, if your physique allows). Americans may also know it as radical centrism as advocated by the Responsive Communitarian movement of Amitai Etzioni. (...) He counsels parley with Muslim 'Illiberal Moderates' (moderate, as in coercion of political correctness, rather than the violence of the bomb), appeasement at the expense of social liberties. Ladies, get your niqab out of the moth balls, because that's the Communitarian price for peace! (...)

Whatever name we want to give them, One Worlders, progressives, Socialists, Communitarians, neotots, find creation - as it stands - a vile, imperfect place replete with social injustice, inequality and insustainability. One of the most entrenched misunderstandings about Socialists is the equality principle. Most observers take their zeal for an egalitarian society as a signal of their holy belief in human equality. But the contrary is the case. No, to them all men aren't equal, but they ought to be. Hence the vigorous pursuit. (...) >>>

13th Nov 2008

Politeia: "Of Tribes, Liberty and Its Individual Heroes"

(...) A group of Saudi activists began a rare public hunger strike Thursday to demand judiciary reform and draw attention to the detention without trial of 11 political reformists. (...) Humans in their primitive stages (...) humans sought security in numbers and shelter with each other, within the safety of the tribe. Random individual acts, which could endanger the survival of the community as a whole were (...) punished by exile, shunning and worse. Morality consisted in the common good, the well-being of the tribe, the lone tribes man or woman, was dispensable. (...) In the Western world (...) we discovered person-hood (...) that our prime instrument for survival in a cultivated world, are our own wits. Morality shifted from collective survival, to what constitutes survival of the individual. It is not always appreciated how far this development has helped human progress. There are forces in the Western world today that prefer humans with tribal minds. (...)

In Islam the whole of the faithful - the Ummah - is a new tribe, (...) we see playing out before our eyes (...) the death throes of the new tribe called Islam. Muslim men and women are discovering their person-hood. They're fighting for the rights that a sole individual requires to survive: inalienable, universal, human rights. Since the discovery of individualism took place in the Western context, this process from collective to person-hood is often understood by Muslims as "Islam being besieged by the West". The Reform process which would ensure the continuation of Islam as a faith, would have to consist in practicing it as a collection of individuals, rather than as the oppressive 'living organism' of the Ummah. (...)

(...) negative and positive rights are markedly different in nature and in principle. They are opposites. Negative rights liberate individuals from the suffocating oppression of tribal existence. Obama's positive rights on the other hand, newly enslave individuals to the collectivism of the state. We don't appreciate by half how rare and precious individual liberties really are. Wherever they exist, they are lone stars in oceans of collectives that seek to enslave free spirits to the suffocating risk-free safety of the tribes. Each nation and each generation has its own battle with the tribes. Today, it is the brave Saudi intellectuals with their hunger strike. As Thomas Jefferson said, "From time to time, the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots." >>>

6th Nov 2008

Politeia: "The Audacity of Postmodern Indoctrinators"

The constant pounding on the Obama-Ayers Axis has at least had the added value of flushing the worst bugs of the worst generation - the postmodern gargoyles of chaos - out of the academic woodwork (which is where they chose, and were allowed, to die).

Human Events: "Radical Loon When Obama Was Only 47," by Ann Coulter

(...) Roughly 80 percent of former Weathermen are full college professors -- 99 percent if you don't include the ones killed in shoot-outs with the police or in prison -- i.e., not yet pardoned by a Democratic president. Any other profession would have banned a person like Ayers. Universities not only accept former domestic terrorists, but also move them to the front of the line. (...) Obama thinks it's a selling point to say that Ayers is a college professor. (...) The rogues gallery of Postmodernist signatories can be reviewed on Support Bill Ayers blog. All 3.247 to date are responsible for the dumbing down, the debilization of generations of students. (...) Also watch another interview with spokesperson Dr Alan Singer on Fox. Watch the soulless remnants in conference, part Ipart II>>>

26th Oct 2008

... who needed more proof that the political alignment is wrong, here is it ... (background: the myth sprung by the Left that well ... the Left is Socialist and the Right is Capitalist (Hitler was the biggest capitalist of all?????), with third way liberals somewhere in the middle, is dead wrong. Both Left and Right are Socialist, statist, collectivist and anti-capitalism; it is old-fashioned Capital L Liberals who are pro Capitalism/free markets and individual freedom ... Sarkozy, of course is at heart a Gaullist (statist) with a thin Liberal veneer which is dropping at first sign of adversity ... he doesn't want to know it's his own regulations that causes markets to fail ... and when they do, it's the markets fault - you can't win this 'logic' ... the current credit crunch will be used as an excuse to unleash a whole new generation of Socialism on to the world ... let's venture a guess what this will be called: New Capitalism (alternatively: True Capitalism) ...

FT: "Sarkozy sets out bigger state role"

Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s president, on Thursday delivered a ringing endorsement of global capitalism but said its values and practices must be fundamentally rethought in the face of the biggest financial crisis since the 1930s.

He also outlined plans to strengthen the state’s role in the economy by under writing all savers’ deposits in French bank accounts and extending regulation to every financial institution and fund. In a sombre speech to 4,000 supporters in Toulon, Mr Sarkozy said the current crisis had killed off the doctrinaire beliefs that followed the fall of the Berlin Wall that democracy and the market were the solutions to all mankind’s problems. “The idea of an all-powerful market without any rules and any political intervention is mad,” he said. “Self-regulation is finished. Laissez faire is finished. The all-powerful market that is always right is finished.” (...) >>>

26th Sep 2008

Politeia: "Thought for the Relative of Mind"

(...) Because of the basic fallacy in their philosophy Pomos (...) are mental drifters. (...) Man survives by brain power. In anthropological terms, hunting as well as homesteading takes not just physical prowess, but requires planning and cooperation based on ratio. A botched plan can easily claim lives. Unfocused reason leads to anxiety because survival hangs in the balance. Reality becomes threatening, a cause for more evasion, denial and anxiety. Emotion is elevated above truth. And so the irrational vicious cycle continues. (...) Since integrating thought is a conscious decision - this being the seat of volition, free will - evasion is the vice that underlies all other vices. This state of affairs is profoundly destructive (...) the essence of evil. (...) only Leftism is capable of walking the moral high-ground; righteousness is on their side. (...) they intensely hate the unethical people, the Rightists, the nasty ones!(...) The more they hate, the more the psychological defense mechanism of projection asserts itself. The opponent becomes the one who is 'hateful.' The second conflict consists in contradictions stemming from Pragmatism, which is solely guided by the expedient and so combines the irreconcilable (...) This is the ground zero of hypocrisy and double standards, truth and reality being relative to expedience. (...) >>>

Updated: 12th Sep 2008

Politeia: "Global Warming=Earth Lib"

(...) A top Democrat told high school students gathered at the U.S. Capitol Thursday that climate change caused Hurricane Katrina and the conflict in Darfur, which led to the “black hawk down” battle between U.S. troops and Somali rebels." Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.), chairman of the House (Select) Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee equated the drive for global warming legislation with the drive for women’s suffrage in the late 19th and early 20th centuries." (...) a dialectical process from the Rousseau school of thought is taking place in the mind of the Representative, the liberation of planet Earth from the oppressions of the perceived 'white, male power structure' (...) manipulation of facts, or the 'Orwellian' rhetorical trick of changing definitions into their opposites resulting in oxymorons, for instance Hegel's "true freedom through the state."Who remembers that modernity - the Enlightenment and its political offshoot liberalism, once stood for what is presently its opposite? Individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and rationality became collectivism, statism, socialism and anti-reason, the latter presently morphing into the ultimate expression and most frightening form of subjectivism: anti-humanism>>>

Updated: 15th July 2008

Politeia: "Dutch Eugenics: Government Collapse Imminent!"

It would seem that a Labour Secretary of State has given fertility treatment clinics the go-ahead this week to select embryos on genetic markers for breast cancer. Selection already takes place with respect to other genetic disorders deemed unacceptable to postmodern society. This selection, based on deontology (Kant's good-intent-bad-result-never-mind ethics) takes place on 'compassionate' grounds. The Calvinist contingent (...) will withdraw their support of the Government (...) my sister was told today by the proponents of Selection on 'compassionate' grounds that - as far as they are concerned - she should never have been born. My best friend's family and children were informed today by the Selectors on 'compassionate' grounds that her life has not been worth living. Not waking up yet ... to the postmodern eugenics>>>

Updated: 3rd June 2008
... in this week's column Ann Coulter's provides us with a good example in 'extreme ethics,' a situation in which the good has everything to lose in dealing with evil and has nothing to gain, and so the only course open is uncompromising rejection ... Ann, on 'talking' to dictators:
Human Events: "You Can't Appease Everybody," by Ann Coulter

(...) Will President Obama listen respectfully as Ahmadinejad says he plans to build nuclear weapons? Will he say he'll get back to Ahmadinejad on removing all U.S. troops from the region? Will he nod his head as Ahmadinejad demands the removal of the Jewish population from the Middle East? Obama says he's prepared to have an open-ended chat with Ahmadinejad, so I guess everything is on the table. Perhaps in the spirit of compromise, Obama could agree to let Iran push only half of Israel into the sea. That would certainly constitute "change"! Obama could give one of those upbeat speeches of his, saying: As a result of my recent talks with President Ahmadinejad, some see the state of Israel as being half empty. I prefer to see it as half full. (...)>>>

Updated: 28th May 2008

Politeia: "Pomo's Inside-Out, Upside-Down World of Moral Inversion"

"Time and again these commentators express their surprise of postmodernism ending up on a par with Nazi, Fascist or extreme Nationalist ideas, expressing their shock, shock at postmodernist involvement in Nazi scandals, or anti-philosophes suddenly spouting crypto Fascist propaganda. (...)

Who thought that Adolf Hitler was (...) the lowest moral pit that man can stoop to, or that justice had finally caught up with the likes of Rousseau enactors Stalin, Lenin and Pol Pot had better think again! All along it were the perfide Brits - incarnated in the person of the old buldog, Sir Winston Churchill - who are the real bad, black dogs of history! (...) Read an excerpt fromHuman Smoke: "The Beginnings of World War II, the End ofCivilization," by Nicholson Baker>>>

Updated: 13th May 2008

"Stability through Equilibrium: an alternative to 'the Dialectics'", by Dr Sam Holliday

The adversarial approach in mentality and attitude that is second nature to generations of earthlings - notably to lawyers and politicians - is today generally taken as the natural course of things. Only very seldom is it recognized as a man-made phenomenon; that things could well have been different had other choices been made in the past. It is hardly ever seen as a deliberate strategy to enforce desired results, the phenomenon so cherished by the Left: 'change to progress', motivated and justified by the ethics of deontology (good-intent-bad-result-never-mind morality). (...)

Dr Sam Holliday, a regular contributor to these pages, is founder of the Armiger Cromwell Center and developer of the Theory of Stability through Equilibrium (StE). He has now published an essay suggesting alternatives to the adversarial approaches of the Hegel and Marxist Dialectics. In an addendum he answers questions that might arise from the philosophical perspective. (...) >>>

Updated: 19th Apr 2008

"Flunking Fichte"
"Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished." Meet the Professor from hell, Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762-1814), Head of Philosophy and Psychology of the Prussian University in Berlin anno 1810. (...) Fichte applied Kant to education, as generations of continental school children, until well within the last century, may have been aware of, although perhaps not consciously so. "Under proper guidance, the student will find at the end that nothing really exists but life, the spiritual life which lives in thought, and that everything else does not really exist, but only appears to exist." (...) >>>
Updated: 22nd Mar 2008
Update: Dr Sanity: "Ayers and his Cohorts are what's Wrong with Education Today"

"The Anti-Modernism of the Counter-Enlightenment"
(...) Althought we have not always seen it for what it was, during the last two and a half centuries or so the fruits of reason have been pitted in an existential dog fight with the reactionary forces of anti-realism. The movement in generally termed 'the Counter-Enlightenment', to underscore the culture's fundamental rejection of the Enlightenment. (...) >>>
Updated: 15th Mar 2008

"Heckling Hegel"
(...) Hegel's contributions postmodernity:
1. Reality is an entirely subjective creation;
2. Ignoring Aristotle's law, contradictions are built into reason and reality;
3. As reality evolves contradictorily, truth is relative to time and place;
4. The collective, not the individual, is the operative unit. (...) >>>
Related: "Hegel's Legacy: Historical Events, Not Democracy"
Updated: 27th Feb. 2008

"Countering Kant"
(...) It is ironic that the Counter-Enlighteners, who sought to prevent the godless, spiritless and amoral future that would be the result of reason and individualism, have brought about precisely that by Kant's subjectivism and his imprisonment of the mind. (...) Kant also held that reality conforms to reason, not vice versa. This marks the infamous shift from objectivity to subjectivity, the basis of the postmodern egocentricist pathology of the Master of the Universe syndrom (each individual creates his own personal version of reality: If I die overnight, will the sun still rise tomorrow?). (...) >>>
Updated: 21st Feb. 2008

"Radical Rousseau's Ravages"
(...) Rousseau stands apart in many respects. He marks the fault-line in Western tradition between Anglo-American and Continental lines of thought, and forms the point of departure from the Enlightenment because he is essentially anti-modern [Wildmonk]. While loosely following the traditional path of Enlightenment thought, his radical stance differs notably on the crucial issues of anti-individualism [Isaiah Berlin, "Against the Current", 2001], anti-capitalism and against private property ("Radical Enlightenment", p. 273), anti science and technology, his radical egalitarianism, and the inherent mindset in which the means are justified by the perceived noble end.Rousseau is often quoted as the iconic philosopher of the Enlightenment, but it is quite clear he fiercely rejected all its tenets and values. No doubt, here we have the ground zero of the Counter-Enlightenment. (...) >>>
Updated: 4th Mar 2008

"The Imperative of Self-Defence"
Furthermore, the objectives of consciousness first theories are separated from the mind, their values are divorced from reason. This implies that people can be coerced into conforming to it. From coercion to active violence and dictatorship, possibly justified by 'for the sake of the greater good', is but a step away. The frequent argument is that force is necessary, because man does not listen to reason; enforcers remain unmoved by the practicalities of their coercive actions, the consequences are subordinated to the noble goal that is all 'for our own sakes'. (...) >>>
Updated: 14th Feb. 2008

"Of the Goodness of Nature and the Evil of Man"
Ever since the father of the Counter-Enlightenment movement, Jean Jacques Rousseau declared for the Noble Savage there has been a marked preference for anything 'natural'. What comes to us 'naturally', and all what is given us by nature is considered good by default. The Counter-Enlighteners have based entire ideologies upon the notion that nature is good, specifically after Charles Darwin elevated the law of the jungle to the Law of Natural Selection. This provided a justification for the annihilation of those who were considered weaker or degenerate - accused of slowing down the progress of the strong. It may not be entirely a coincidence that Communists who labelled dissidents parasites and degenerates, consider Darwin one of their own. (...) >>>
Updated: 11th Feb. 2008

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