Thursday, September 25, 2008

Astroturfing for O: the French cconnection

PJM: "The French Connection to the Palin Smears," by John Rosenthal

The Jawa Report’s (...) Rusty Shackleford and his colleagues have shown, Winner and several other members of the Los Angeles-based Winner & Associates public relations firm — including company CEO Chuck Winner — appear to have been involved in a concerted effort to make the anti-Palin video “go viral” on the Internet. Winner & Associates is a 100% owned subsidiary of French giant Publicis (...) the fourth-largest communications group in the world, having generated some €4.7 billion (or $6.9 billion) in revenue in 2007. With its distinctive postmodern headquartes on Paris’ Champs-Elysées just a stone’s throw from the Arc de Triomphe, Publicis also happens to be one of those highly politically-connected French firms that are so characteristic of the upper echelons of the French economy. (... here follow corporate details and the principal shareholder, Élisabeth Badinter involvement is Leftist politics in France and on behalf of the E.U., including providing "legal “opinions” on events in the former Yugoslavia" ...) Publicis Consultants, the public relations division of Publicis to which Winner & Associates belongs, counts several French government ministries and the European Commission among its regular clients. Indeed, as Rusty Shackleford notes, Ethan Winner’s bio page on an English-language Publicis Consultants website states that Winner is “presently heading an international team in creating a Europe-wide crisis and communications campaign to promote the European Union.” (...) Defying diplomatic custom, European leaders have, after all, made no secret of their preference for Obama. As I discussed on World Politics Review here, Obama’s German-taxpayer subsidized appearance at the “Victory Column” in Berlin almost certainly amounted to an illegal in kind campaign contribution. And even a supposedly “pro-American” European leader like Sarkozy did not refrain from giving Obama his — indeed all of France’s! — tacit endorsement during the latter’s brief stopover in Paris. “If it’s him,” Sarkozy said slyly (French link), “France will be very happy, and if it’s not him, France will be a friend of the United States.” (...) >>>

... we posted this comment: "provide “legal “opinions” on events in the former Yugoslavia” (…)

It’s well known PR firms were involved in the Bosnia war. They were prominently at work in the Kosovo abomination on behalf of Albania; which led to the recent Georgian crisis in which they also are rumored to have been involved. If PR corporations are hired guns, doing the dirty work for foreign governments, insinuating Winner into the Presidential elections, ostensibly ‘as a loose gun’ is all in a day’s work to them. Wake up!

25th Sep 2008

... yesterday we broke news published on The Jawa Report after they caught a hired PR gun in flagrante in an act of astroturfing on behalf of the O campaign (scroll down to yesterday's entry, 22nd Sep) ... today he's confessed - but with a twist ... as can be expected he's keeping the leaders out of the heat and egged on by sheer 'idealism' he fails to retract his lies ...

The Jawa Report: "Ethan Winner Responds: Claims He Produced Video"

Ethan Winner responds. Written like a VP in a public relations firm that specializes in crisis management and grassroots organization. I'll post the whole thing below. He produced the video? He paid for the voice-over narration which he found through a talent agency? The voice-over artist has never done any work for the Obama campaign? Uh, yeah, right. (...) >>>


- Snapped Shot: "Red Alert: Obama Campaign Flagrantly Skirts Around Federal Law"

24th Sep 2008

... from sockpuppets to astroturfing and cyber ambuscade ...

Politeia: "The Moving Finger" or Sleuthing the Smear Campaign

(...) While individual trolls continue to run amok making up slurs and slander as they go along, there are some indications that the campaign's puppet masters themselves have also been pulling a few imaginative strings of their own engaging in a bout of astroturfing (viz. simulating false viral grassroots activity - there's no unintended tautology here ;). Dr. Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report believes a main source of some of the more outrageous slurs (Breaking News!: "Palin supports actual witch hunts!") can be traced back to the very top. Enjoy the sleuths of My Pet Jawa in "Hope, Change, & Lies: Orchestrated "Grassroots" Smear Campaigns & the People that Run Them". (...) >>>

22nd Sep 2008

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