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The Next Right: "On Multitasking, Governing, and Solutions"

What an interesting conundrum the Obama campaign has been placed in. McCain, deciding that the crisis has hit such a level that even an immediately pending election is not enough to allow the "pause" button to stay pressed on the matter of, well, "running the country" has clearly ruffled the feathers of the Obama campaign. Predictably, the Obama campaign is struggling between a rock and a hard place. Suspend the campaign and go to Washington? McCain is the leader, Obama the follower. Blow it off as a gimmick? Enjoy looking political and out of touch in a debate prep bunker. It's a no-win. So the initial response from Obama's team? The debate should go on, a President should "multitask" (...) Pardon me for being skeptical here, but Obama isn't exactly one to tout the virtues of multitasking. He's had enough trouble running for President and governing already... (...) it's not just those times voting "present" in the Illinois State Legislature where making a decision was too the Senate, Obama missed about a third of the votes considered important enough to be counted in the National Journal rankings. They lay out an explanation of their rankings here. Agree or disagree with the rankings or not, the fact remains - Obama has a tough time doing the "governing" thing and the "campaigning" thing at the same time. (...) If McCain is "doing" and Obama is just "talking", then McCain looks Presidential. Now, its time to anxiously await to see just what McCain will do.
[Update: J.P. Freire at the American Spectator weighs in with other points about the potential political gain from the campaign suspension. McCains record of leadership on legislation vs. Obama's lack thereof moves front and center. Take a look. ] >>>

25th Sep 2008

... more on "the moving finger," the foul art of rumor spreading, astroturfing and sockpuppeteering ... the harvest on Palin rumors this far, a whopping 91 to date ....

PJM: "Dissecting the Palin Rumor Mill"

In my new and unexpected role as the Pajamas Media answer to Hedda Hopper, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the rumors about Sarah Palin that have appeared in the weeks since John McCain announced her nomination. (The new list is up to 91 and still growing.) Its given me a whole new insight into rumors and how the press responds to them. It seems to be very predictable — and very artificial. (...) >>>

24th Sep 2008

... critiquing the campaign so far ...

PJM: "‘It’s the Qualifications, Stupid!’"

John McCain has 26 years experience in Congress, where, from the beginning, he has played a leadership role on a range of major issues. Barack Obama has less than four years experience in Congress, where he has neither achieved anything of significance nor played a central role on any issue, and from which he has been mostly missing in action. (...) Obama has spent a whole campaign attempting to downplay and misrepresent his association with anti-American nutcases, unrepentant terrorists, extremists, and crooks, with whom no normal citizen, let alone a president, should or would ever associate. You have not seen McCain hide from, deny, or apologize for his choice of associates. And what about accomplishments? (...) Experience, character, judgment, and accomplishment. That’s the KISS (keep-it-simple-stupid) contrast message that makes McCain such an obviously better choice. (...) >>>

23rd Sep 2008

... from sockpuppets to astroturfing and cyber ambuscade ...

Politeia: "The Moving Finger" or Sleuthing the Smear Campaign

(...) While individual trolls continue to run amok making up slurs and slander as they go along, there are some indications that the campaign's puppet masters themselves have also been pulling a few imaginative strings of their own engaging in a bout of astroturfing (viz. simulating false viral grassroots activity - there's no unintended tautology here ;). Dr. Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report believes a main source of some of the more outrageous slurs (Breaking News!: "Palin supports actual witch hunts!") can be traced back to the very top. Enjoy the sleuths of My Pet Jawa in "Hope, Change, & Lies: Orchestrated "Grassroots" Smear Campaigns & the People that Run Them". (...) >>>

22nd Sep 2008 - subject is moving to its own file: "Astroturfing for O"

... developments on the Icegate front - we have no information what happened with the Kernell urchin ... it's all up in the air right now ...

Rightpundits: "Sarah Palin Email Hack Traced to Chicago"

The story of the Sarah Palin email hack has taken a new turn. According to security experts, the hackers’ electronic trail has been traced to Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago. His national headquarters is located there. In many ways the Palin email hack of her Yahoo account reminds voters of the Watergate break in of 1972. A generation ago, a very suspicious presidential candidate ordered his men to break into George McGovern’s campaign headquarters in Washington DC. The episode was emblematic of an administration known for dirty tricks politics as usual.

In those days they did not have electronic mail but they did have private correspondence on paper. Richard Nixon won election but was impeached for felonies related to the Watergate hack within a year. What is now known as Icegate in 2008 is eerily reminiscent to Watergate in 1972. Those with a long memory remember the Watergate plumbers who Nixon insisted acted alone. Speaking of plumbing, now we are told that Wikileaks acted alone in the Icegate scandal. Some things never change. According to an internet security expert (...) >>>

21st Sep 2008 - subject is moving to its own file: "Icegate Gate"

... our traditional readers know our distaste for polling, unscientific polling, that is, polls as pastime, as cyberspace filler ... here's some of the good stuff, bearing out our position in this campaign - go on, do your damnedest, it's winning this ticket the elections ...

Wizbang: "How Liberal Trolls Are Working To Get McCain Elected President"

... a new campaign update and an excerpt from a McCain speech with teeth ... and a dose of great humor: Obama's answer to Sarah Palin ... for more visit "The People's Cube" ....

20th Sep 2008

... this little scrap of news on the alleged hacker son of Repr. Kernell (D) Watergating the family's private Yahoo account is in limbo between the Pomo WH file and the McCain-Palin Ticket ... if the Plouffe relationship holds, it moves to Pomo WH ... here's how what is now dubbed Icegate was done ...

PJM: "Palin Hacker’s Identity is Revealed"

The hacker is David Kernell, the 20-year old son of Mike Kernell, a Democrat and elected state representative in Tennessee, according to Nashville’s largest newspaper, the Tennessean. (...) >>>

Comments section: "Wait a minute. Now I see in the Comments over at Terry Frank’s Site [] that David Kernell has ties to David Plouffe, Obama’s Campaign Manager. Steady, Holmes!" ... "Good. I hope law enforcement throw the book at him. Whats this? David Kernell has ties to David Plouffe? Watch the democratic wheels continue to fall off. Why do i sense another shoe is going to drop?"

... a classic instance of projection reported by WSJ's Best of the Web:

Hating Sarah Palin
The left-liberal Webzine Salon has become something of a clearinghouse for rage against Alaska's governor. The latest contribution, from one Anne Lamott, actually uses the H word:

I sat outside a 7-Eleven and had a sacramental Dove chocolate bar. Jeez: Here we are again. A man and a woman whose values we loathe and despise--lying, rageful and incompetent, so dangerous to children and old people, to innocent people in every part of the world--are being worshiped, exalted by the media, in a position to take a swing at all that is loveliest about this earth and what's left of our precious freedoms.
When I got home from church, I drank a bunch of water to metabolize the Dove bar and called my Jesuit friend, who I know hates these people, too. I asked, "Don't you think God finds these smug egomaniacs morally repellent? Recoils from their smugness as from hot flame?"
And he said, "Absolutely. They are everything He or She hates in a Christian."
I have been in a better mood ever since, and have decided not to even say this woman's name anymore, because she fills me with such existential doubt, such a sense of impending doom and disbelief, that only the Germans could possibly have words for it.
What's hilarious about this is that, except for the obligatory "or She," Lamott and her unnamed interlocutor fit exactly the stereotype people on the left typically hold of conservatives, and religious conservatives in particular: smug yet insecure, dogmatic and intolerant and filled with hate and rage. Even Lamott's descriptions of Palin more aptly describe Lamott in the act of describing Palin!

19th Sep 2008

... the Middle East freezes over (for a change) ...

Middle East Times: "McCain-Palin Ticket Chills Arabs, Muslims"

With the U.S. presidential elections just two months away, many Arabs and Muslims are increasingly worried that a victory for another conservative Republican administration will exacerbate the tensions and turbulence that have followed the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the United States (...) Arab media, as commentators voiced fears that a McCain administration would pursue, perhaps more belligerently, the path of the current government. (...) state-controlled TV and press, have made no secret of their desire to see a new leadership in Washington that is run by Democratic presidential candidate Illinois Senator Barack Obama. (...) >>>

... a new website has emerged to which we shall be contributing from time to time: Thanks to Palin, the Exciting GOP ticket ... one article sums up the media attitude:

Thanks to Palin: "Hands Trembling with Rage", by Walt_Gilbert

(...) To the folks at the Washington Post and its dedicated readers, Sarah Palin’s rise amounts to little more than an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies in which Ellie Mae finds herself thrust into the national spotlight by some Hollywood producer who spied her from Mr. Drysdale’s veranda, became enchanted, and promised to make her a star as a pretext to having a roll in the hay with the hot and gullible hayseed. Except, in this episode, Ellie Mae also happens to be a crusading Bible-thumper who organizes book-burnings between city council meetings — meetings at which she demonstrates a Machiavellian ruthlessness in her zeal to mete out punishment to anyone who dared raise their heads above their foxholes in opposition to her quest for unquestioned control over the levers of power in the pint-sized Gotham that is Wasilla, Alaska.

As cognitive dissonance goes, one would be hard pressed to find a more textbook case than (...) where someone was simultaneously derided as being an out-of-his-depth bumpkin with a knack for charming the simpletons in the hinterlands, as well as an evil genius who threatened the existence of every sacred institution held dear by the left. (...) >>>

... more new Palin websites with another take on special interests ... joking apart: Women for Palin, Jews for Sarah Palin

Updated: 15th Sep 2008

... there also plenty on file of the other side getting their gaffs in a unholy twist, notably about John McCain's inability to operate a keyboard due to war injuries: the "Pomo White House" ...

... today's hotty in Obamaland is of Palin stumbling on the Bush Doctrine, here's Charles Krauthammer, the inventor (apparently there were 4 generations of Bush Doctrine) so she was quite right to make enquiries ...

... next, ABC has edited Charlie Gibson's interviews with Sarah Palin on 11th September 2008 rather irresponsibly ... Russia really could conclude the next war is coming. But the full version shows that Sarah said exactly the opposite. After going over dead bodies rather than winning the war in Iraq, the dems are now ready to provoke an international conflict rather than to lose the elections ...


Updated: 13th Sep 2008

Update 14th Sep: Phyllis Chesler today in a PJM article says that: "Judith Weiss, a sister-blogger and moderator of the super-excellent LiberalHawks listserv group, has called my attention to the NewsBusters’ unedited transcript of the Gibson interview. ABC manipulated the hell out of the interview–they sliced and diced context and content in an attempt to present Palin as slightly flustered, unsure, superficial, and dangerous. Weiss demands that ABC release the entire unedited interview. PJM’s own Glenn Reynolds has suggested that from now on, interviewees should take their own camcorders with them on the set–and then release the unedited interview on the internet. (...) >>>

CNN: "Judge warned Palin in 2005 to back off brother-in-law's job"

An Alaska judge warned Gov. Sarah Palin's family against trying to get her then-brother-in-law fired, according to court records. (...) Palin's sister, Molly McCann, and Wooten were in the process of getting a divorce when the judge hearing the couple's case said McCann's family appeared to be putting Wooten's job at risk at a time when he would be required to pay child support. (...)

Wooten's union representative testified that the trooper was the subject of a "constant stream" of complaints from his ex-wife's family. "If things don't change, Mike's career is in jeopardy," the union rep said. "My advice to Mike was to find another job," said John Cyr, now executive director of the Public Safety Employees Association. "I think he needs, career-wise, to look for work elsewhere." (...) >>>

Updated: 11th Sep 2008

... the views from the British press and compliments from the editor ...

EURSOC: "Pondering Palin"

The British press doesn't know what to make of Sarah Palin - or the people who will vote for McCain because of her. John McCain's choice of running mate was greeted with surprise and some amusement in the UK papers. Here was a woman who kills her own food "just a heartbeat away" (to use the favoured cliche) from the most powerful office in the world. Indeed, her unnervingly intense smile hinted that she might not even need a gun. Then came the laughter (...) >>>


Politeia: "Sarah Palin's "Servant's Heart"

Yesss, the muck failing to stick, we have now unavoidably arrived at the stage where Palin's religious views are dissected and ridiculed by the self-proclaimed experts on theology who are infesting the liberal blogs and media. (...) If anything reminds of a schoolyard witch hunt it's "the Christian zealot" (...) "tendency to run off at the mouth about GOD and JEEE-SUS! at the drop of a blueberry muffin" (...) If it weren't for the clarity of Palin's ideas for public policy, much more worrying would be the association of denominational Christianity with the Postmodernist Emergent Church! Remember, the Christians who manage to combine the message of Christ with agnosticism in relation to truth? John Allen has the details. (...) >>>

Updated: 8th Sep 2008

No Minister: "The Smearing of Sarah Palin"

(...) Over in Australia, Tim Blair notes how the Democrats need to smear Palin. Fairfax Obama supporter and executive Bruce Wolpe wrote of the gameplan: An Obama ally assessed what Palin means: “This is a turnout election and the right will now turn out. I still think this is Obama’s race to lose but he could lose it unless our folks turn up the energy … “Obama needs to help identify her over the weekend as a book burning fundamentalist with a secessionist husband, a wacky minister of her own and an appetite for pork barrelling. They need to marginalise her …” (...) >>>

... be that as may - for the moment they're clutching at straws >>>

Explorations: "Palin Rumor"

Cripes, this has gotten ridiculous. Folks, look, let’s just run through a list here. (Updated.) (...) >>>

What few objective thinking people get, is that the Leftist onslaught isn't about truth and fact, but aims at manipulating perception in order to trigger passions and opinion based on feelings. Chesler's disturbing posting touches on this in commenting on the differences between the DNC and the RNC: the DNC was basically a political rock-festival. It's all about firing passion ... rather irresponsible in today's deranged climate, actually.

PJs: "Why Did He Pick Sarah Palin? It’s the Drilling, Stupid"

In Sarah Palin, John McCain has found the perfect all-American match for Imperious Nancy and her Democrat enablers (...) October 1 is a red-letter day in America. On that day the offshore drilling ban, enacted in 1992, under immense pressure from overzealous environmentalists, expires. On October 1, unless that ban is reinstated, the American people will once again be free to develop and secure our own resources for our own needs. (...) Meanwhile, John McCain has hit a grand slam in his pick of Palin — and the Dems are not even smart enough to have seen the ball yet. Now, what is that saying about people with their heads in sand? (...) >>>

... Roger Kimball ponders why Palin is free game while Obama seems immune to public scrutiny ... the piece contains some other worthwhile perspectives, but as to the immunization, it's the dialectic at work (why do we keep on expecting a measure of objectivity while the whole strategy of winning of subjectivism?), andof course it's enough he belongs to a minority from the correct party ...

Roger Kimball: "How he does it: Barack Obama shares his methods of escape"

“The biggest story to emerge from the Republican National Convention,” she wrote in “The Unexamined Life,” “was the media’s effort to destroy Gov. Sarah Palin.” So far, that effort has failed, indeed backfired spectacularly. (...) Mark Steyn published a memorable example over at NRO from a chap in Shelton, Washington: This abortion prohibitionist hag won’t cut it among women with brains. And BTW she is a good example of reproduction run amok. 5 kids; 1 retard. I wonder if the bitch ever heard of getting spayed. (...) The fact of the media’s love affair with “the one we’ve been waiting for” is by now an established given. But why?(...) Obama’s possession of what I think of as the Higher Oleaginousness. (...) How much longer will it work on the voting public? We’ll soon have a chance to find out. >>>

Updated: 7th Sep 2008

WSJ: "Last Week's Economic News Was a Big Shot in the Arm For McCain", by Bradley R. Schiller

John McCain may have won the presidential election on Thursday, Aug. 28. (...) On that morning the U.S. Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis revised its assessment of GDP growth in the second quarter of this year. Rather than growing at the anemic pace of 1.9% as reported in July, the April-June quarter actually registered a healthy GDP growth rate of 3.3%. Growth at this rate exceeds the long-term U.S. growth rate of 3.1% over the past 50 years. Bill Clinton was right. When it comes to presidential elections, "It's the economy stupid." (...) With the April-June quarter showing a strong GDP growth rate of 3.3%, Mr. McCain's chances are looking better and better. How much better? Well, Yale University economist Ray Fair has developed a formula to measure the importance of the economy for election outcomes. It's a strikingly simple, bare-bones model. It asserts that incumbency is a positive in voter's minds, despite persistent calls for "change." The longer a party has occupied the White House, the more votes they will garner. But the real action originates in the economy's performance. (...) >>>

Updated: 6th Sep 2008

All American Bloggers: "For a Conservative, There is No Greater Compliment"
Pundits are calling Sarah Palin ‘the new Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan’ : in a column entitled “Welcome Back, Dad”, Michael Reagan, adopted son of the late president, wrote: “I saw my Dad reborn; only this time he’s a she. And what a she!” (...) conservative commentator Larry Kudlow asked whether “we’re not witnessing the Western frontier version of Margaret Thatcher” (...) she connected really well with middle-class working folks, both in cultural and social terms, which is no small feat: values matter and the Democrats are in trouble here - big-time. The more they go after Palin culturally, as they have already, the more trouble they’ll fall into.” One blogger described her as “Margaret Thatcher with five kids and a Klondike drawl” while Jonah Goldberg of the conservative “National Review” enthused: “She was put on this earth to do two things: kill caribou and kick butt. She’s all out of caribou.” (...) >>>

PJs: "Target Palin", by Victor Davis Hanson

A beautiful, confident, articulate, independent, accomplished—and conservative—woman apparently has enraged Team Obama, the mainstream media, and the entire American intelligentsia, as if they were collectively hit by a cruise missile aimed from Middle America. (...) When Palin talks about her present life it sounds as authentic as Biden’s showy populism came off as false. (...) The Geraldine Ferraro Democratic Vice Presidential nominee appointment was an inspired stroke of genius that advanced the cause of feminism; Palin’s was tawdry tokenism. Edwards was a social reformer brought down by the tabloids; Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is white trash and fair game. Insulting “small town mayors” and “good looking” women is funny; suggesting that “community organizing” is often a farce is a felony. Obama’s violation of drug laws with a “little blow” was youthful exuberance; Palin’s husband’s DUI was more proof of a working-class messy family. Joe Biden bravely continued as Senator after the tragic death of his wife and daughter left his injured young sons with a single parent; Sarah Palin selfishly shorted her children by running for VP and endangered her infants by flying while pregnant. Criticizing Clinton’s engaging in sex in the oval office and lying about it to the American people were once “the politics of personal destruction”; lying that Sarah Palin might not have been the mother of her 5th child is the mere overreach of the blogs caused by the improper vetting of the McCain campaign. (...) the media is shown to be bending and inventing facts for their higher purposes of liberal utopianism— a continuation of some half a century (...) Two truths have emerged: after promising to be the postracial candidate, Obama evokes race constantly; after suggesting McCain will, he hasn’t yet. (...) expect more of the race card, especially if Palin gives the Republicans a bounce after the convention—and anyone who objects to it will be preemptively charged—of course—with racism. >>>

Updated: 5th Sep 2008

WSJ: "Palin Could Make the Difference In This Close Race", by Carl Rove

(...) Running mates usually don't matter, but this may be an unusual election. (...) Mr. McCain made a dramatic, unexpected pick of someone who shares his maverick outsider attitude and is willing to challenge party orthodoxy and politics-as-usual (...) the only candidate on either ticket with executive experience, heading a state government with an $11.2 billion operating budget, a $1.7 billion capital budget and nearly 29,000 state employees. Best of all for Mr. McCain, Mrs. Palin potentially appeals to suburban, independent women and small-town Hillary Clinton voters. (...)

If Mrs. Palin is seen as a defective candidate, it will hurt Mr. McCain. On the positive side, however, Mrs. Palin's background could lead voters to see her as someone who understands kitchen-table concerns. (...) This will be history's shortest general-election campaign. The race is tight, so every new variable carries substantial risk and opportunity. So while the GOP vice-presidential pick is by far the more creative and bold, it is also the more dangerous. But even if Mrs. Palin does well, as I believe she will, it is still Mr. McCain's performance in the next 61 days that will matter most. Sarah Palin can help advance the McCain reform narrative, but the hard work still rests squarely on the shoulders of John McCain. And that's exactly where the maverick and war hero wants it. >>>

Front Page: " The Attacks on Palin: Fear Factor"

(...) I am the first to recognize liberals' penchant for being unprincipled, bigoted and vicious in political combat. But the assaults on Sarah Palin and her family are extraordinary even for this crowd. What accounts for them? The obvious answer is fear. (...) First of all fear of the 'Other' -- Palin is a gun-toting, believing Christian. In a word: the anti-anti-Christ.

But an even more powerful force driving them is fear of defeat. I think what liberals fear in Palin is that she doesn't look like or talk like their stereotype of the religious right. (...)
This arouses in them the nastiest instincts -- envy, resentment, hate. They need to destroy her and can't afford to wait. I think I'm going to feel sorry for them. >>>

Updated: 4th Sep 2008
- "I have to agree with Glenn Reynolds when he suggests that: "How they could have kept the Palin pregnancy out of the press: Leaked it, that John Edwards was the father." -
WSJ: "The Beltway Boys"

(...) the high priests and priestesses of the media have marked her as an apostate. (...) Here is a sampler of media comment on Governor Palin this week (...) Take a look at Palin's record on ethics and energy in Alaska(...) The irony is that while Senator Obama is running on change, (...) Sarah Palin's history (...) shows that she's the more authentic change agent. >>>

... and on the psychological level, brilliant Dr Sanity:

- THE LEFT'S FIRESTORM OF PROJECTION ABOUT PALIN (group projection and projective identification)

SARAH, DEAR, WOULD YOU MAKE THE COFFEE FOR US BIG IMPORTANT DEMOCRATS? (on sexism, the socialist food chain, and an equivocation)


Here are "Top 9 Reasons Obama Hasn’t Pulled Ahead", a recap of the campaign so far.

Updated: 3rd Sep 2008


... 24 hours in the hypocrisy gutter, part of the Left's rule book ... just for the record:

PJs: "Sarah Palin, Her Daughter, and the Smear Machine"

(...) Although Kos (finally) is putting an end to the pregnancy story, the fact remains that they threw this mud for 24 hours and threw it hard. The mud may not have stuck, but there’s doubt and mistrust in the air, and that’s just as good this close to the election. Palin was attacked on all the points one could make about a woman, and that’s what stinks most about this. The side of the political fence that is supposed to be so woman-friendly has gone out of its way to smear Palin based mostly on gender issues and motherhood and what the woman did or did not do with her womb. Hear them roar. >>>

... here's more, this time from the vetting department ...

Updated: 2nd Sep 2008

Twincities: "Buckets of urine, slingshots, anti-bus weapons seized in raid on anti-RNC protesters" (includes a must-see slide show of an arsenal of confiscated weaponry)

Ramsey County sheriff's deputies found weapons and devices to disable buses - among other items - in searches in the Twin Cities last night and today. Authorities said the items came from "key members of the RNC Welcoming Committee," a self-described anarchist group. Five people have been arrested and four properties have been searched, according to the sheriff's office.

At 8 a.m. today, the sheriff's office executed search warrants at three Minneapolis homes (...) "The 'Welcoming Committee' is a criminal enterprise made up of 35 anarchists who are intent on committing criminal acts (...) >>>

... the more fear, the more venom ... sink, sink as low as you can ... Kristol: "Palin is a frightening “spectre” to the Left precisely because she is everything they despise" ...

- Caption: Soldiers from Company B, 3rd Battalion, 297th Infantry Regiment, pose for a photo with their governor, Gov. Sarah Palin, July 25, 2007. The Alaska government official ended her two-day tour of Kuwait's bases at lunch with her Soldiers at the Camp Virginia Dining Facility. Photo by Spc. Wesley Landrum - Hat Tip and large format: Strategy Page -

Times: "Sarah Palin hit by internet rumours over fifth child"

Teams of Democratic operatives and investigative journalists descended on Alaska yesterday to delve into the private and public life of Sarah Palin (...) new information emerged over allegations that she tried to use her gubernatorial office to take revenge on her former brother-in-law, part of an ethics investigation that will be released on October 31 – five days before the general election. (...) awoke yesterday to utterly unfounded internet rumours that her fifth child, born in April with Down’s Syndrome, was actually her 17-year-old daughter’s. (...) the Anchorage Daily News reported yesterday that when she ran for governor Mrs Palin campaigned on a “build the bridge” platform. The newspaper, in a reference to John Kerry’s alleged “flip-flopping” in the 2004 presidential campaign, said: “Palin was for the Bridge before she was against it.” (...) “Republicans rightfully have criticised the Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama, for his lack of experience but Palin is a neophyte in comparison. Palin is not ready for the top job. It’s clear that McCain picked Palin for reasons of image, not substance.” (...) Mr Kerry described her as a member of the “flat Earth caucus”, a “Cheneyesque social conservative” chosen to satisfy the Republican base. “John McCain is a prisoner of the right wing, not a maverick,” Mr Kerry said. (...) The biggest cloud on the horizon is an Alaskan ethics investigation into allegations that, as Governor, she, her husband and her aides, pressured and ultimately fired Walter Monegan, the public safety commissioner, for not sacking her brother-in-law, an Alaskan state trooper involved in an ugly divorce with Mrs Palin’s sister. (...) >>>

Updated: 1st Sep. 2008



National Catholic Reporter: "McCain's VP choice a woman -- and a post-denominationalist"

When news broke yesterday that Republican presidential candidate John McCain had named little-known Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate, religion writers across the country and the curious in the blogosphere scrambled to figure out her denominational affiliation.

Palin was briefly touted as the first Pentecostal to run on a major party ticket. A spokesperson, however, told the Associated Press yesterday that although the 44-year-old mother of five grew up in the Assemblies of God, the largest organized Pentecostal denomination in the world with an estimated 57 million members, she does not consider herself a “Pentecostal.” (...) The initial confusion surrounding Palin’s denominational identity, therefore, has a simple explanation: She doesn’t have one.

Instead, Palin appears to be part of that rapidly expanding galaxy of “post-denominational” Christianity, where elements of Evangelical and Pentecostal styles of faith and worship fuse into a myriad of unique local combinations, and where old denominational loyalties are essentially dead. (...) >>>

... for posterity ...

Politeia: "Birthday Boy picks Tomboy"

Presidential candidate John McCain picks Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (born February 11, 1964) as VP. She is the youngest person to hold this honor as well as the first woman to do so in the state's history. (...)

Dr Sanity: "(...) "before she was on the national stage" and when no one was watching, Palin actually visited wounded American soldiers in Germany (hat tip: Ace)--something the Obamessiah somehow neglected to do when he was there" (...)

- Chaim at "Freedom's Cost" has her biography
- PJM: "More to Sarah Palin Than Meets the Eye," by Rick Moran
- PJM: "It's Palin," (blegosphere reactions to the VP pick)
- McCain Campaign site, blog.
- Black Five: "Commanding Alaska's Guard w/ 24/7 missile defense"
- NewsMax: "Palin Speaks to Newsmax About McCain, Abortion, Climate Change"


Updated: 30th Aug. 2008

Politeia: "Save the World: Democrats for McCain"

Neo Neocon has an interesting analysis of another, considerable group of dissenters, the PUMAs.

PJ: "Why PUMAs Can’t Just ‘Get Over It"

Why, many ask, can’t the PUMAs get with the program and unite behind Obama? (...) The PUMAs perceive Obama as having played dirty. And not just in a generic way, but by using the twin evils of sexism and racism to his advantage. If these women had previously bought the idea that the Democratic Party is above that sort of thing, they’ve now experienced a profound shock—and that shock is a very a personal one. (...) (...)

But whatever the reasons that Obama has failed to reach out effectively to the PUMAs, it doesn’t speak well of his ability (correction: his claim) to have a special knack for bringing people together (...) Obama’s attitude towards Hillary supporters is the first real test in this campaign of his actual diplomacy, as opposed to his speeches about it. If so, he gets an F. >>>

Updated: 29th Aug. 2008


- "The Pomo White House"
- "Americana"

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