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Serbianna: "Vatican refuses to recognize Kosovo", by Ioannis Michaletos

Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic said that Vatican will not recognize the unilaterally declared Kosovo independence and that there are no indications it will alter its stance.“After today’s talks there are no indications of changes in that position,” Jeremic commented on Vatican’s position on Kosovo.Jeremic went to Vatican on an official visit on Monday.The main topic of the meeting was the fifth anniversary from the pogrom against Christian Serbs that the separatist Muslim Albanians organized 5 years ago.The organized pogrom has killed 19 civilians, wounded 950, 900 Serbian houses were destroyed while 4,000 Serbs were forcibly expelled.“At this moment there is not a spot in Europe where its Christian legacy is endangered more then in Kosovo and Metohia,” said Jeremic. (...) >>>

Mar 23, 2009

The Washington Times recently gave print space to William Walker, described as a retired U.S. Foreign Service officer and former ambassador. But Walker is much more than that. In Kosovo, he remains a hands-on operative who has trained, and implemented the demands of, our terrorist ally the KLA — which as predicted now controls the Serbian province as its “legitimate” rulers. The piece (“A Separate Take from Serbia”, Feb. 24) was presented as a response to an op-ed by Serbian President Boris Tadic, when in fact it was an attempt by essentially a KLA apparatchik to recycle and reinforce the long disproved propaganda that conned us into becoming the KLA’s air force in the first place. Walker, like so many D.C. bureaucrats and lawmakers, is desperately trying to bury our blunder and seal our deal with the devil. (...) >>>

Mar 18, 2009

Der Spiegel: "Islamists Gain Ground in Sarajevo"

Radical Muslim imams and nationalist politicians from all camps are threatening Sarajevo's multicultural legacy. With the help of Arab benefactors, the deeply devout are acquiring new recruits. In the "Jerusalem of the Balkans," Islamists are on the rise. (...) >>>

Feb 25, 2009

The Iconoclast: "Sarajevans protest Santa Claus ban"

Hundreds of Bosnians have protested against a recent ban on Santa Claus in the city's kindergartens. The directors of Sarajevo's day-care centers, kindergartens and preschools banned Santa. They argued that the capital is predominantly Muslim and Santa Claus is not part of the Muslim tradition. A multi-religious mix of parents, children and others blew whistles on a downtown square on Sunday and requested Santa be restored to the children. Many protesters wore Santa Claus hats. Santa is known locally as Father Frost and has given out presents to generations of Bosnian children in schools, kindergartens and other institutions. This was done even during communist rule and was always tied to New Year's celebrations. The demonstrators say that makes it a Bosnian tradition. (...) >>>

Dec 28, 2008

The Australian: "Mumbai suspect 'trained Bosnia fighters'" - Hat Tip Serbianna

A leader of Lashkar-e-Taiba, suspected in the Mumbai attacks, took part in the training of Islamic fighters and police in Bosnia in the 1990s, a terrorist expert said today. "Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi participated in Bosnia's war," Dzevad Galijasevic, an independent expert, said, referring to the leader who has been detained by Pakistan. "He was a commander of the Pakistani section of the (Bosnian army) El-Mujahed unit" notorious for criminal activities, Mr Galijasevic said, adding he had obtained the information from "various official sources". (...) >>>

Dec 12, 2008

With Hillary Clinton as Obama's prospective SoS Leslie S. Lebl looks back thirteen years on 'Bill's whim' and revisits Chris Deliso's comprehensive tome on the Balkan Caliphate (see also ourExclusive: The Clinton Legacy, The Balkan Caliphate) - here's a link to Deliso's website ... what stands out is the rarely mentioned attempted attack on the 2005 funeral of Pope John Paul II which was hatched in the Bosnian village of Gornja Maoca ... FEATURE

American Thinker: "Bosnia and global jihad"

(...) Thirteen years later, the landscape looks a little different. The recent apprehension of indicted war criminal Radovan Karadzic raised hopes that Bosnia was on the verge of societal reconciliation. While the apprehension was a step forward, such reconciliation is unlikely as long as another, long-festering problem remains unaddressed: the ever-growing influence of radical Islam in Bosnia. For years this trend has been an open secret; while perceptive observers have reported on it, most of Western government, media and academe have averted their eyes from the threat. That is not the case for regional journalist Christopher Deliso, whose The Coming Balkan Caliphate traces the spread of radical Islam throughout the Balkans, a process greatly stimulated by the Bosnian war. Nor does it apply to Naval War College professor John Schindler, author of Unholy Terror: Bosnia, Al-Qa'ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad.

Both authors argue that Bosnian Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic misled the West, presenting himself, his party and his government as secularized and devoted to a multiethnic democracy, when in fact he was intent on establishing an Islamic state. Not only did their policies and actions ensure continued resistance from Serbs, Croats and non-radical Muslims, but they made Bosnia the ‘missing link' in Al Qaeda's trajectory. And the United States, through its decisive role in support of Izetbegovic, boosted the cause of global jihad.

Schindler and Deliso agree on their portrayal of Izetbegovic. Perceived by most Western observers as the embattled leader of victimized, multiethnic Bosnia, Izetbegovic in fact had a lifetime of well-established Islamist credentials. Just before World War II, he founded a Muslim youth society modeled on the Muslim Brotherhood, with the goal of creating an Islamic state in Europe. During the war, he served as a recruiter for the infamous SS Handzar Division, known for killing and looting unarmed Serbs. Izetbegovic subsequently authored the Islamic Declaration (...)

Izetbegovic was following in the well-developed tradition of takiyya, in which a Muslim is allowed to lie to infidels if it protects Muslims or helps to spread Islam. From that perspective, what Izetbegovic did was honorable - unfortunately, the West fell into the trap. (...) Western analysts and politicians worried during the war that, by its secret collusion to help Iran supply arms to the Muslims, the United States had allowed one of its mortal enemies to gain a foothold in Bosnia.>>>

Dec 7, 2008

... today Michaletos has following interesting information to add - it is truly remarkable how events immediately translate into action elsewhere:
"From what it seems, Berlin assumes that it is the right time to "take over" influence in the Balkans because it thinks that the Americans are going to retreat due to the economic crisis and many other problems. So they cooperate with everyone and at the same time proceed with their own aims. On the other hand some reliable sources note that the whole BND incident might be a provocation against Germany in order to create a division between them and the Albanians. Its early to tell what exactly is happening there. But sooner or latter we'll find out..!"Nov 25th 2008 ...

... our OSINT correspondent thinks provocation or a 'false flag' ops ... Free Republic has more on the cloak and dagger story ...

Serbianna: "Germans Arrested In Kosovo Over Attack On EU Office "

Three German citizens have been arrested in Kosovo on suspicion of involvement in a bomb attack on the offices of the European Union's envoy there, police said Thursday. "Police on Wednesday arrested three German citizens in connection with the case," said a police statement without revealing more on the identity of those detained. It added police had been "intensively investigating" last Friday's incident in which an explosive device was hurled at the Pristina headquarters of the E.U. special envoy to Kosovo, Peter Feith.

No one was injured in the blast, which shattered the windows of the office of the International Civilian Office. The explosion came amid opposition by Kosovo Albanians to the planned deployment of a E.U. civilian mission focused on police, judiciary and customs by early December under an agreement reached between the U.N. and Serbia. In February, ethnic Albanian-majority Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia, which has rejected the move as a breach of international law. (...) >>>

Nov 24, 2008

Republican Riot: "Today’s “Palestinians” Include Bosnians and Albanians"

From Midstream magazine, December 1992 by author Paul Ginieweski: “The Palestinian-Bosnian Connection”:

In several respects, two contemporary conflicts, the Serbo-Bosnian War in former Yugoslavia, and the Arab-Israeli struggle, are intertwined. Their linkage should be explained. (...) >>>

Nov 24, 2008

Global Voices: "Did Kosovo set a precedent?" by Sinisa Boljanovic

When Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on February 17, 2008 governments around the world were divided about the legitimacy of such an act. As of today, 45 out of 192 sovereign United Nations member states have formally recognised the Republic of Kosovo. Notably, a majority of European Union member states have formally recognised it (20 out of 27). However, a few others such as Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Greece or Cyprus did not recognize Kosovo's independence fearing the reactions of the separatists from their countries. They thought that Kosovo would set a precedent. Then Russia's president Vladimir Putin apparently did not think so. (...) Kosovo's independence is not going to explode Europe, but it has already exploded many of the assumptions on which our modern system of international relations is based (...) >>>

Updated: 22nd Aug. 2008

Serbianna: "Bosnian Wahhabis recruiting al-Qaeda"

Bosnian politician Dzevad Galijasevic says that the reason for the recent gathering of Bosnian Wahhabis in the village of Bosnian Krupa was to plan a recruitment strategy of Bosnian Muslims via its Active Islamic Youth organization and their media outlets such as SAFF and others.

Galijasevic says that the gathering is also connected to a recent arrest of Khalil Yaray by the Italian police who discovered that he held Bosnian citizenship and was a member of the Bosnian Army’s El Mujaheed unit that has committed monstrous atrocities against Serbs including extermination of Serbs from the village of Bosnian Krupa where the gathering of Wahhabis took place.

The official Bosnian security ministry says that they have no information on the gathering.

Earlier in January, Galijasevic warned that the Bosnian al-Qaeda is “waiting for EU accession; thus, this white, European physiognomy and anthropology - the so-called ‘white al-Qaeda’ - can in fact be the most fatal for Europe, while Bosnia-Herzegovina is an insignificant target for al-Qaeda.” >>>

Updated: 21st Aug. 2008

... hmmm, ambiguously worded article ...

Prague Daily Monitor: "Four dozen Czechs sign condolence book for Georgian victims"

Czech President Václav Klaus condemned Georgia's attack on its separatist province South Ossetia, the murdering of civilians in the area and the massive intervention by the Russian military in an interview for the daily Mladá fronta Dnes. He refused to draw parallels between the situation in Georgia and the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.

Klaus said he is deeply worried about the developments in the Caucasus. (...) The Czech government has recognised independent Kosovo which Klaus has criticised. (...) the recognition of independent Kosovo by many western countries encouraged the Georgian separatist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in their efforts at autonomy. (..) western politicians who pushed through the recognition of independent Kosovo (...) indirectly contributed to the war conflict in the Caucasus. The recognition of Kosovo has created a precedent which Russia used for its military intervention in the Georgian separatist regions >>>

Updated: 18th Aug. 2008

Republican Riot: "All the Confused Imposters Weigh in on South Ossetia"

As people weigh in on the South Ossetia showdown now that a Balkans-rooted crisis finally has their attention, they are starting the clock, and their observations, from this incident as if it were isolated from that which precipitated it. (...) The insatiable appetites of an expansionist power are those of an expansionist Islam, which early on set its sights on the Balkans. And the West has been helping secure that prize for it. In Kosovo, the Albanian-wrought The “faraway country of which we know little” was Yugoslavia, and the Munich analogy culminated in a faraway province of which we know little, called Kosovo. NATO invasion was based on the simple and reasonable enough-sounding pretext that ethnic Albanians in Kosovo wanted to be annexed to the Fatherland (something that Albanians have made no secret of despite our leaders’ denials and decoy reasons for our support of a policy driven by the threat of violence).

The much more solid Kosovo-Munich parallels abound, including from the author of the book Munich and from former Czech Foreign Affairs Minister Jiří Dienstbier, who pointed out that the Czech Republic’s reluctant decision to recognize Kosovo in June took place on the territory of the former Sudetenland. For God’s sake, John McCain’s statement calling on the U.S. and EU to recognize the illegal Muslim land grab in Kosovo as independence was prepared for a February security conference in Munich!

The current Russia-Georgia crisis is the “total war in Europe and a global conflict costing millions of lives” of which Crowley speaks. It is part of the chaos stemming from the U.S.-led NATO “invasion of that small, seemingly insignificant country,” in which we did the Muslim Albanians’ bidding — first downplaying their Muslimness, then proudly announcing that we were doing it to buy Islamic good will. Of course, one would have to have been paying attention to the fallout from Bill Clinton’s congressionally unapproved war to have a clue. Crowley continues (...) >>>

Updated: 17th Aug. 2008

Yahoo!News: "Italy: 5 arrested on suspicion of planning attacks"

Police broke up a suspected terror cell Saturday and arrested five North Africans, including the alleged leader who Italian officials said recruited Islamic extremists for attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. Authorities also suspect the cell sent tens of thousands of dollars to groups in Bosnia that offer training and logistical support to Iraqi and Afghan terror organizations (...) those arrested include alleged Tunisian ringleader Khalil Jarraya, a veteran of Bosnia's 1992-95 war, and four others he allegedly recruited for suicide attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq. Galzerano said Jarraya, who also has received Bosnian citizenship, may have recruited others already sent abroad. (...) "These are people who were radicalized in the West and declared themselves ready to become 'martyrs' for jihad." Galzerano said the cell sent tens of thousands of dollars to Bosnian groups linked to terrorist organizations in Iraq and Afghanistan. (...) >>>

Updated: 9th Aug. 2008

... the capture of Radovan Karadzic gives rise to a recommended read, containing a summery an analysis of the Balkans war in former Yugoslavia ...

Brussels Journal: "The Plight of the Bosnian Serbs"

The arrest of Radovan Karadzic in Serbia on Tuesday has provided yet another occasion for all the tired old propaganda about the Balkans wars to be taken out of the cupboard and given one last airing. In particular, the war is presented as one between a Serb aggressor and an innocent victim, the Bosnian Muslims, and the former is accused of practising genocide against the latter. Even if one accepts that crimes against humanity were committed during the Balkan wars, it should be obvious that both these claims are absurd. First, the Serbs were no more the aggressors in the Bosnian civil war than Abraham Lincoln was an aggressor in the American Civil War. (...) In other words, far from bringing peace to the Balkans, it is quite possible that a conviction of Karadzic for genocide will reopen the Dayton settlement and egg the Muslims on to claim control over the Serb republic too. Under such circumstances, it is inevitable that the Bosnian Serbs would try to proclaim formal secession from Bosnia, just as the Kosovo Albanians did from Serbia. >>>

Updated: 23rd July 2008

Politeia: "Progress Report: Balkan Irredentism Unabated"

Our regular OSINT contributor on Balkan affairs, Ioannis Michaletos has published a fresh report on the progress of irredentism and the ongoing push for a Balkans caliphate. (...) >>>

Updated: 6th July 2008

... the West isn't in the habit of empathising with Serbia, but one might get
some beginning of an understanding by comparing the standard SMS phrase
("Serbs remember their defeat by invading Ottoman forces in 1389 - an event that lies at the core of the Serb claim to Kosovo.") with the Serb view of events ...

BBC: "Kosovo Serbs launch new assembly"

Serbs in Kosovo have inaugurated their own assembly set up in defiance of the majority ethnic Albanian government and the United Nations. (...) Forty-five members were elected in May during Serbia's general and municipal elections - a ballot which the UN and Kosovo's government said was illegal. (...) People from across Serbia converged on Mitrovica to show their support for the new assembly of Kosovo's Serbs. (...) Kosovo's President Fatmir Sejdiu has described it as "an attempt to destabilise Kosovo". The BBC's Helen Fawkes in Mitrovica says that although it will have no real powers, the assembly is a challenge to the authority of Kosovo's ethnic Albanian government. It will strengthen the parallel Serb institutions, she says. (...) >>>

Updated: 29th June 2008

Politeia: "Bill's Vista for a Better Balkan" (includes link to historical video material)

Czech public TV is hit be a controversy over a documentary involving the former Serb province from a perspective dating back to Turkish times when the region was part of the Ottoman Empire. (...) The documentary at least offers a view on the situation that scratches more than just the favorable, Western, politically correct surface level: the one served up by Bill, NATO and the MSM: backward, jingoistic, rustic Christians pitted against progressive, broad-minded, liberal Muslims. (...) >>>

Updated: 7th June 2008

The Philadelphia Enquirer: "A former al-Qaeda fighter accuses a Saudi charity" - Hat Tip "Atlas Shrugs"

For years, Saudi Arabia flatly denied it had provided money and logistical support for Islamist militant groups that attacked Western targets. But that assertion is disputed by a former al-Qaeda commander who testified in a United Nations war-crimes trial that his unit was funded by the Saudi High Commission for Relief of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ali Ahmed Ali Hamad, the former al-Qaeda fighter, gave the same account to The Inquirer in an interview in this struggling city in the central Balkans. (...) >>>

Updated: 31st May 2008

... frequently more sense than most, Klaus has said in no uncertain terms what he thinks of recognition of the Caliphate in progress ... it is not suggested that possibly some EU/USA/UN/NATO pressure was exerted in the matter ... this is the political correctness in foreign policy that membership entails these days ... Serbian embassador recalled ...

Free Republic: "Czech President Ashamed of Kosovo Independence Recognition"

Prague. President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus is ‘ashamed’ of the decision of the right-centrist government to acknowledge the independence of Kosovo, AFP reports. The government of PM Mirek Topolanek officially recognized Kosovo on Wednesday, three months after the state declared its independence. As a result, Serbia recalled its ambassador to Prague. ‘It is not a secret and I could not accept the recognition of Kosovo’, Klaus said before the media. >>>

Updated: 25th May 2008

Politeia: "Ongoing Consolidation of the Islamization of the Balkans"

Politeia received via newsletter the publication on World Security Network of Christopher Deliso's (Editor South Balkans) latest article:
"The Balkans - a hub of worldwide terrorist network?"
Deliso is also author of The Coming Balkan Caliphate: the Threat of Radical Islam to Europe and the West.

Updated: 4th May 2008

Serbianna: "Cultural genocide & the Kosovo martydom", by Ioannis Michaletos

The links below depict graphic images of the cultural genocide that has inflicted Kosovo & Metojia. The destruction of ancient religious sites, churches and monasteries is the worst of its kind in modern-day European history. The only event that resembles the aforementioned is the destruction of ancient Greek and Buddhist temples by the Taliban in Southern Afghanistan in early 2001… >>>


Updated: 17th Mar 2008

AP: "UN Police Retake UN Court in Kosovo"

U.N. police stormed a courthouse in northern Kosovo on Monday and removed Serb protesters, setting off clashes that injured dozens of international peacekeepers and demonstrators. (...) Serbia, which considers the territory its historic and religious heartland, says Kosovo's declaration of independence is illegal under international law. (...) >>>

Updated: 17th Mar 2008

Politeia Articles: "Progress Report: Summary"

- Politeia: "Euro Police Convention Duped by Balkan Terror Threat" - BLOG BURST - The 11th European Police Congress, to be held in Berlin on 29-30th January is the target of a Balkan Al Qaeda franchise.

Updated: 20th Jan. 2008 - The Jawa Report: "Bosnian Islamist Website Posts Death Threats, Gets Hacked"

- Part 1 "The Simple Truth" in the series of posts titled "Progress Report" looks at the reasons behind the current aggressive self-assertion that is taking place within the Islamic world, in particular where the virulent anger and hatred towards those outside it, ultimately stems from.

- Part 2 "Plugging the Holes Against Reality" posits the case of Iran, that sees wiping Israel off the map as a short cut to the fulfilment of the Islamic destiny. The ethically neutral stance that Western politicians are trying to maintain, is a philosophical myth as well as a deal with the devil.

- Part 3 "The Assault on the Rule of Law" brings up the matter of frivolous lawsuits brought against critics. The third instalment also lists the case of Dr Darko Trifunovic of the University of Belgrade who is conducting investigations into the origins, ambitions and operating methods of what he calls "White Al Qaeda", the home grown branch of the terrorist franchise organization in the various areas of the Balkans. (see also top post Politeia: "Euro Police Convention Duped by Balkan Terror Threat")

Updated: 13th Jan. 2008

Dumb Looks Still Free: "Of Clinton and Kosovo"

(...) Lets take a skip forward from President Clinton to the present day before hopping backwards to see how this mess came about (...) >>> A RECOMMENDED, COMPREHENSIVE READ FOR A RAINY DAY ...

Updated: 6th Dec. 2007

The Brussels Journal: "Kosovo’s Independence Will Stir Up Trouble. Who Will Benefit?", by John Laughland

Why should the Kosovo Albanians be striving for independence from Belgrade now (...) The narrative in Cyprus is almost identical to that in Kosovo (...) The same goes for Transnistria. (...) The only common denominator in all these various conflicts, indeed, is attitudes to Russia. (...) Any trouble in these area is trouble for Moscow. Maybe that is why the West is determined to provoke it. >>>

Updated: 12th Dec. 2007

The Corner: "Mullahs Good, Bushitlercheney Bad", by Michael Ledeen
Updated: 11th Dec. 2007

Reuters: "Serbia warns EU not to send mission to Kosovo"
Updated: 11th Dec. 2007

Time: "At an Impasse Over Kosovo"
Updated: 10th Dec. 2007

Balkanalysis: "Kosovo auf Deutsch", by David Binder
Updated: 18th Nov. 2007

Republican Riot: "Your Get-out-of-Jail Card: Introducing the Blame-the-Serbs Defense", by Julia Gorin
Updated: 27th Nov. 2007

Politeia: "The Clinton Legacy: the Balkan Caliphate"
Dated: 12th Oct. 2007

- Foreign Area Officer Association: "Green Flag over the Balkans", Steven Oluic, PhD (2007)
- World Press: "The Young and the Old: Radical Islam Takes Root in the Balkans", Risto Karajkov, 3rd May 2006
- Global Terrorism Analysis: "Wahhabism and al-Qaeda in Bosnia-Herzegovina", by Stephen Schwartz, 21st Oct. 2004
- American Thinker: "Ending the Balkan Quagmire", by Julia Gorin
- "Radical Islam's Dupes", by Julia Gorin
- Japan Times: "Serbia Owed Justice in Kosovo", by Gregory Clark
- Military.Com: "What's that Flapping Sound I hear", by William Lind
- The Independent on Sunday: "Former Kosovan PM goes on trial for KLA's cleansing crimes" by Vesna Peric Zimonjic
- "Whistleblower: Kosovo 'Owned' By Albanian Mafia" by Sherrie Gossett
- World {Politics Review: "Wahhabi Rules: Islamic Extremism Comes to Bosnia" by Boris Kanzleiter
- Southeast European Times: "Wahhabi leader slain in gunfight; arrests made" by Igor Jovanovic


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