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Yahoo!News: "Newly released files detail early US spy network"

The daily Bild published copies of some of the 28 plans, which the head of Germany's federal archives, Hans-Dieter Krekamp, called "authentic proof of the systematically planned genocide of the Jews of Europe."

(...) the National Archives' release of more than 35,000 top-secret personnel files of World War II-era spies. The CIA held this information for decades. The 750,000 documents identify the vast spy network managed by the Office of Strategic Services, which later became the CIA. President Franklin Roosevelt created the OSS, the country's first centralized intelligence operation. (...) notables identified in the files include John Hemingway, son of author Ernest Hemingway; Quentin and Kermit Roosevelt, sons of President Theodore Roosevelt; and Miles Copeland, father of Stewart Copeland, drummer for the band The Police. Some of those on the list have been identified previously as having worked for the OSS, but their personnel records never have been available before. (...) Information about OSS involvement was so guarded that relatives often could not confirm a family member's work with the group. (...) >>>

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... moral paralysis renders the afflicted blind as well as amnesic ...

National Review Online: "Are We France? - Moral paralysis," by Thomas Sowell

“Moral paralysis” is a term that has been used to describe the inaction of France, England, and other European democracies in the 1930s, as they watched Hitler build up the military forces that he later used to attack them. It is a term that may be painfully relevant to our own times.

Back in the 1930s, the governments of the democratic countries knew what Hitler was doing — and they knew that they had enough military superiority at that point to stop his military buildup in its tracks. But they did nothing to stop him.Instead, they turned to what is still the magic mantra today — “negotiations.”

No leader of a democratic nation was ever more popular than British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain — wildly cheered in the House of Commons by opposition parties as well as his own — when he returned from negotiations in Munich in 1938, waving an agreement and declaring that it meant “peace in our time.”We know now how short that time was. Less than a year later, World War II began in Europe and spread across the planet, killing tens of millions of people and reducing many cities to rubble in Europe and Asia.

Looking back after that war, Winston Churchill said, “There was never a war in all history easier to prevent by (...) >>>

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Politeia: "Celebrating the Conquest of Byzantium"

As Istanbul's municipality and governorship celebrate the 555th anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul, academics believe the significance attached to the celebrations has been increasing over the last decades due to a rise in Islamist sentiments in Turkey. (...) Today marks the anniversary of the real Nakba, or perhaps more precisely the καταστροφή -- the Catastrophe: on this day in 1453, the armies of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II entered Constantinople, marking the end of the Eastern Roman Empire, more commonly known as the Byzantine Empire. If anything deserves to be called an occupation, and a nakba, it is this, although it has, like so many other bloody conquests in human history, been legitimized by time. (...) >>>

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The Lighthouse: "Resist Commie Prop, Support Indy!"

... with a pro human record like the Russian Communist Party's, who wouldn't feel deeply offended at Hollywood's creative license? Everything else aside (!) thanks to their successful agitprop everyone has forgotten they had been secretly wheeling and dealing with their Hegelian brother party - the National Socialists - until Hitler betrayed them. Only then did they come to the Allied side ...
"The 1922 anti-Versailles Rapallo Treaty between the German Weimar Republic and the Soviet Union against the Western Allies is hardly ever remembered, let alone its secret addendum allowing Germany to train their military in Soviet territory. ["(...) the Soviet Union [was] crawling with German engineers, instructing Soviet generals on the uses of poison gas and the intricacies of tank warfare (...)", Tom Reiss, "The Orientalist", Random House, 2006, p. 187]

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, also known as the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact of 1939 is today a buried public secret. It remained in effect until 1941 when Hitler in Operation Barbarossa invaded the Soviet Union. The treaty foresaw in another secret protocol that divided Finland, the Baltic states, Poland, and Romania into Nazi and Soviet spheres of influence. All were subsequently invaded, or forced to cede territory to Nazi Germany, or the Soviet Union. Stalin joined the Allies against Nazism only on 1941 after Hitler treacherously turned his back on his former conspiracy partner. Since then 'Fascist' is the pejorative designation of choice for all opponents of 'progress'."
Yahoo!News: "Indiana Jones Makes Russian Communists See Red"

Russian Communist Party members condemned the new "Indiana Jones" film on Friday as crude, anti-Soviet propaganda that distorts history and called for it to be banned from Russian (...) >>>

Updated: 25th May 2008

My Greek Odyssey: "Kristallnacht in Constantinople" - Published in September/October 2007 issue of Greek America Magazine.

(...) It is important, not just because the pogrom finally destroyed the remaining vestiges of Hellenistic Byzantium in Constantinople, both in physical and psychological sense; it is also relevant today as myths are purposely erected to 'sell' postmodern geopolitical developments, which are presented, not as man-made policies but as inevitable Acts of God, or Hegelian 'historical events': the 'multicultural society that is upon us' and the creation of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural super-states at the expense of nations, also known as transnational progressivism.

"Most Greek-Americans and most Americans generally are unaware of the fact that on the evening of September 6, and in the early hours of September 7, 1955, the Turkish government carried out the most destructive pogrom that had been enacted in Europe since the infamous Kristallnacht which Hitler and the Nazis inflicted upon the Jewish communities, businesses and synagogues on the eve of World War II.

Further, most are unaware that the Turkish government had unleashed the mobs on the Greek community of Istanbul, on its churches, houses, businesses, schools, and newspapers; and they are unaware that this resulted in the ultimate destruction of Turkey's oldest historical community, about 100,000 Greek Orthodox Christians who were the heirs of Byzantium. On September 6-7 of 1995-2005, the Greek press in Greece, and the Greek-American, the Greek- Canadian and the Greek-Australian presses memorialized this great tragedy so that more than forty years after the events, Greeks, and humanity more generally, might not forget the victims and might recall that the forces restraining barbarians are to be kept at the ready at all times.

This is an example wherein the press serves as mankind's historical and ethical teacher. I should add that many Greeks and Greek-Americans have lost their sense of history, of whence they came, of who they are, and of what they are becoming. Is it possible today in America, where we constitute an affluent, politically powerful, and highly educated Hellenic diaspora, that we know so little about something so simple and yet so fatefully significant about the Turkish pogroms that destroyed this ancient Greek community in Constantinople in 1955?

That we are unaware that on September 6,1955, the Turkish mobs and government organized and carried out the worst and most destructive pogrom in Europe since Hitler and the Nazis destroyed the synagogues and businesses of the Jewish community in Germany? The chronology of the pogrom falls in a very difficult period, when the Cyprus problem had complicated the political relations of Greece, Turkey and Great Britain. The Turkish press, which was to play a crucial role in preparing the political atmosphere (...)

This official report was written by a diplomat who had served as consul general during the events in question (...) The execution of the plan [for the pogrom] reveals two basic characteristics: (1) A well-effected and harmonized time schedule of actions, and (2) effective coordination. "The time schedule of events unfolds, generally, as follows: >>>

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Politeia: "The Postmodern Anti-War Hero: "The Red Baron"

The hypocrisy of the postmodern let's-pretend-there's-no-reality brigade reaches Jagdgeschwader height in the latest anti-war product, "The Red Baron"! Instead of breaching the taboo against German war heroism, another one is erected by means of political correctness, against the reality of war and its place in human existence. One barely dares mention its name for all the tut-tuts and feigned indignation towards the facts of history. (...)

The rape of reality is well illustrated by the German World War I hero portrayed as the typical post counter-culture anti-war dialectician àvant la lettre: "He says he's not going to be the immortal god that Berlin wants him to be; he knew millions were lured into the trenches with such propaganda," he said. (...) >>>

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Politeia: "Herr Hitler's Master of Ceremonies"

Sir Winston S. Churchill in his Nobel Prize winning "Memoirs of the Second World War" touches briefly on one of the most colourful people of the interbellum. Without context or further identification - we'll fill that in later - he mentions meeting one Putzi Hanfstaengl during the summer of 1932 while on a research trip for the purposes of his book "Life of Marlborough". >>>

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Politeia: "The German Revolution"

(...) Real conservatives believed in the value of traditions, but the Freikorps believed exactly the opposite - for them, the Great War had proved that the morality and social structure of peacetime were corrupt and meaningless. The politics behind the war had been a fraud, but the fighting had been real, and in this reality, the 'New Man' of the Right-wing revolution was born."

Author of 'Storm of Steel' and 'Battle As Inner Experience' Ernst Jünger hailed the 'storm soldier': "the coming of a whole new race, smart, strong and filled with will, to save Europe from its liberal delusions". "For this New Man, as for the Red revolutionaries, the legal and moral foundations of society were mere bourgeois squeamishness. At the front, only the fundamental values of bravery, ruthlessness, and camaraderie mattered - and the fundamental precept of Freikorps ideology: all society is the front." (...) >>>

Updated: 8th Feb. 2008

The Brussels Journal: "Turks Angry at Mel Gibson"

The Foundation for the Struggle Against Baseless Allegations of Genocide (ASİMED) has begun an e-mail campaign to try and dissuade actor Mel Gibson from playing a role in a film that underscores claims of an alleged genocide of Anatolian Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War I.

The president of ASİMED and faculty member at Atatürk University’s history department, Professor Savaş Eğilmez, […] noted that a similar situation occurred recently when Sylvester Stallone announced his plans to play a role in a new film adaptation of the book “The Forty Days of Musa Dagh.” After a campaign led by ASİMED in which more than 3,000 e-mails were sent to Stallone, the actor declined the role. “[…] We have begun sending documents about the truth of the situation to Gibson. >>>

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