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The chickens are coming home to roost Here's what you get when you're stupid enough to exchange a secular tyranny for an Islamofascist one. To this minute the administration is maintaining the "events in Benghazi" are the result of the film "The Innocence of Muslims" and that it happened on 911 is sheer coincidence. Further updates check the Pomoland Live Blog -

Rubin Reports: "What Really Happened in Egypt and Libya: A Simple Answer and a Surprising One"

What happened in Egypt was very simple. The Egyptian government knew that a demonstration would be held by radical anti-American forces, including the local branch of al-Qaida, outside the U.S. embassy. Through the ideology, public statements, past experience, and probably intelligence penetration, it knew they intended to storm the embassy.

The highest levels of the Egyptian government decided not to protect the embassy, in breach of their international obligations. And they knew—or rightly expected—that the Obama Administration would not punish them for behaving that way. (...) >>>

Sep. 17, 2012

Recapping the wonders of smart diplomacy -

American Thinker: "Obama's Smart Diplomacy Disaster", by Victor Volsky

In flowing robes of white, his eyes raised heavenward, his arms extended outward, Barack Obama enters the lions' den of world politics roiling with animosity and tensions. Upon beholding the unearthly figure, the commotion ceases; entranced, the warring multitudes listen to the magic sounds issuing from his mouth. He says, "I come not to bring a sword, but to bring peace." No one can help falling under the spell of his magnetic personality; no one can resist the power of his sublime eloquence (some, overcome by emotion, faint). Gradually, the noise dies down; the belligerents lay down their weapons, hold hands, and in unison sing Kumbaya. As the oceans recede and the planet heals, peace finally comes to the long-suffering world, and grateful mankind loudly praises Obama the Peacemaker, Obama the Savior, Obama the Great.
Such visions of his future diplomatic triumphs were dancing in Barack Obama's head as the newly elected president settled down in the White House. Three-plus years later, however, reality has proven a little different. Alas, it's a lot colder in the real world than the denizens of the fever swamps of the left can imagine. Let's go through some of this administration's "achievements" in foreign policy. (...) >>>

Apr. 17, 2012

Our sincere apology -

Here the comment by Sheilae:
Mr. Netanyahu,
We the American people sincerely wish to apologize about Obama. Our guy only apologizes to terrorists so it's up to us to apologize for him. The man mocked you with the French leader and tried to destroy your ability to defend your borders. He's treated you like garbage at the Oval Office because he sees Israel the way he sees America. (Long story short, he's not a fan).
We'd bow but we have more respect than that.
Secondly, while our presidency is so weak we'd like to thank you for stepping up and saving us and the world from a nuclear Iran. We don't know if you'll have to work alone or have Obama try to take credit for your courage with some begrudging assistance at the end and a glossy photo essay to reframe it as his own "gutsy call."
Either way, we know our leader has set a powder keg to the Middle East and we thank you for trying your best to put it out. You're the only person between your country and a second holocaust and the rest of us and an Iranian Hitler.
For this we apologize, we apologize. But thank God you're everything he is not. You will have the GOP and conservatives pushing to help however possible and real Americans wishing you


Mar 6, 2012

Obama, the appeaser -

Con Underground: "Breaking: We were right, Obama GAVE Iran the Drone!"

A couple of days ago was the first to point out that the circumstances surrounding the “crash” of the top secret RQ170 Sentinel drone simply didn’t add up. And we were right! The story continues to develop and it doesn’t look good! (...) >>>

Dec. 11, 2011

Taking Israel bashing to new level -

WaPoOpinions: "Panetta’s antagonistic speech on Israel"

Just when you think that the Obama administration hasn’t annoyed the American Jewish community quite enough or publicly insulted our democratic ally Israel sufficiently, along comes an administration figure willing to stick his finger in the eye of the Jewish state. On Friday, that task fell to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. (...) >>>

Dec. 5, 2011

How the mighty have fallen -

NewsMax: "Schoen, Caddell: Supercommittee Fiasco Shows Obama Needs to Go"

Barack Obama has shown such poor leadership as president that he needs to step down before the next election for the good of the country, Democratic pollsters Patrick Caddell and Doug Schoen say.

They made their call on the day that Obama was criticized anew for failing to prevent the collapse of the congressional budget supercommittee, which is on the verge of announcing that it has failed to reach agreement on ways to solve the country’s debt crisis.

"One year ago in these pages, we warned that if President Obama continued down his overly partisan road, the nation would be 'guaranteed two years of political gridlock at a time when we can ill afford it.'" Caddell and Schoen write. "The result has been exactly as we predicted: stalemate in Washington, fights over the debt ceiling, an inability to tackle the debt and deficit, and paralysis exacerbating market turmoil and economic decline."

Now the pair say Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has to be prodded into taking Obama’s place as the Democrats’ candidate in November next year.

Read more on Schoen, Caddell: Supercommittee Fiasco Shows Obama Needs to Go
Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now! (...) >>>

Nov. 23, 2011

We're all commies now -

FoxNation: "Obama Science Czar Giving China U.S. Technology"

A congressman says he's alarmed that President Obama's science "czar," John Holdren, apparently has been collaborating with the Chinese even though Congress specifically prohibited that activity in a bill signed into law by his boss, Obama. The accusations from U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf. R-Va., came this week in a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. (...) >>>

Nov. 7, 2011
Gunwalker's alfabet soup of agencies -

TWT: "FARAGO: Gunwalker is only the tip of a scandal iceberg"

On Wednesday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee subpoenaed the Department of Justice. “Top Justice Department officials, including Attorney General Holder, know more about Operation Fast and Furious than they have publicly acknowledged,” committee chairman Darrell E. Issa said. “The documents this subpoena demands will provide answers to questions that Justice officials have tried to avoid since this investigation began eight months ago. It’s time we know the whole truth.”

In fact, the committee’s legal assault on the stone wall surrounding the Justice Department’s collusion with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is only a waypoint in an epic, ongoing battle to uncover a scandal that involves nearly a dozen federal agencies. (...) >>>

Oct. 15, 2011

Furious fast -

This is the most corrupt and criminal administration in American history. And their contempt and disgust for the American people is degenerate, rotten, scandalous. Holder must be fired. Obama should be impeached for Fast and Furious. The Republicans must uphold the laws of this country - read it all in:


Oct. 11, 2011

License to kill -

Alternative source: DProgram - recommended - "We are about to lose the Republic to total tyranny" lists the Obama regime's other transgressions -

Salon: "Execution by secret WH committee"

Here is what the Democratic President has created and implemented, and what many party loyalists explicitly endorse (when there’s a Democrat in the White House) (...) So a panel operating out of the White House — that meets in total secrecy, with no known law or rules governing what it can do or how it operates — is empowered to place American citizens on a list to be killed by the CIA, which (by some process nobody knows) eventually makes its way to the President, who is the final Decider. It is difficult to describe the level of warped authoritarianism necessary to cause someone to lend their support to a twisted Star Chamber like that; I genuinely wonder whether the Good Democrats doing so actually first convince themselves that if this were the Bush White House’s hit list, or if it becomes Rick Perry’s, they would be supportive just the same. (...) >>>

Oct. 6, 2011

Update on the developing scandals -

WashingtonExaminer has more on #LightSquared: "Soros turns up in Obama's LightSquared imbroglio". Heritage looks at #Fast&amp, Furious and #Solyndra in general. Even more in "Will Scandal Drive Obama Off the 2012 Ticket?" by Monty Pelerin -

MorningBell: "Morning Bell: The Obama Investigations"

You wouldn’t know it if you solely paid attention to the mainstream media, but while President Barack Obama attempts to sell the country on hundreds of billions in new stimulus spending and $1.5 trillion in new taxes, his Administration is smack in the middle of several growing scandals: the Operation Fast and Furious gun-running debacle and the crony capitalism wrongdoing involving Solyndra and LightSquared. (...) >>>

Sept. 22, 2011

The madness of the Libya policy -

PrisonPlanet: "Obama to Approve ‘Al-Qaeda Embassy’ in Washington"

The Obama administration is preparing to follow Britain in recognizing the rebel National Transitional Council as the official government of Libya by approving an embassy in Washington DC, which given the fact that the rebel army is spearheaded by Al-Qaeda militants who have killed U.S. troops would equate to Obama handing terrorists a diplomatic outpost on U.S. soil. “The United States said Wednesday it was reviewing a request by Libya’s rebels to open an embassy in Washington, following Britain which expelled diplomats from Moamer Kadhafi’s regime,” reports AFP. (...) >>>

Sept. 11, 2011

Is it intentional or inadvertent?-

WSJ: "Obama and the Burden of Exceptionalism", by Shelby Steele

If I've heard it once, I've heard it a hundred times: President Obama is destroying the country. Some say this destructiveness is intended; most say it is inadvertent, an outgrowth of inexperience, ideological wrong-headedness and an oddly undefined character. Indeed, on the matter of Mr. Obama's character, today's left now sounds like the right of three years ago. They have begun to see through the man and are surprised at how little is there.

Yet there is something more than inexperience or lack of character that defines this presidency: Mr. Obama came of age in a bubble of post-'60s liberalism that conditioned him to be an adversary of American exceptionalism. In this liberalism America's exceptional status in the world follows from a bargain with the devil—an indulgence in militarism, racism, sexism, corporate greed, and environmental disregard as the means to a broad economic, military, and even cultural supremacy in the world. And therefore America's greatness is as much the fruit of evil as of a devotion to freedom. (...) >>>

Sept. 1, 2011

#gunrunnergate #fast&furious -

The total sum of $$ 53,5M was stimulated on the taxpayer's dime in the Porkulus Bill - "Bite Me"  was apparently in charge -

WND: "BELTWAY GUNRUNNERS - Obama stimulus funded 'guns-to-drug-lords' plan - Spending bill gave $10 million of taxpayers' funding to effort"

Just a day after U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., called for Attorney General Eric Holder's removal, alleging a White House connection to the "Project Gunrunner" that allowed weapons to be delivered to Mexican drug lords, confirmation has come that the program originated at the highest levels of the Obama administration.

The link is the $10 million in taxpayer dollars designated to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for Project Gunrunner in Obama's 2009 American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, otherwise known as the Stimulus Bill. (...) >>>

July 9, 2010

Libya, Obama's war -

While the House of Rep. could move as early as next week to stop US participation in the war on Libya invoking the War Powers Act, Alex Jones has received alarming reports from within the ranks of military stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas confirming plans to initiate a full-scale U.S.-led ground invasion in Libya and deploy troops by October. As House members are suing on account of the War Powers Act the White House is negating on account that "no troops have been put at jeopardy". That ploy is also no longer working -

Infowars: "U.S. Invasion of Libya Set for October"

(...) A caller identified as “Specialist H” working for mortuary affairs under USCENTCOM revealed that there have already been American casualties inside Libya. He confirmed that at least 2 soldiers and 3 civilians have died from combat bullet wounds, something the media has yet to report, and needs to investigate and address. (...) >>>

June 16, 2011

Whatever happened to war=evil? -

Glenn Beck: "Congress irrelevant? War #4 is here in Yemen"

Why is no one talking abut the bombings in Yemen? One would think that with wars going on all over the world, that a FOURTH war would be a big deal. Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq…and now Yemen.

The Blaze reports:

WASHINGTON (The Blaze/AP) — The New York Times says the Obama administration has intensified the covert U.S. war in Yemen, hitting militant suspects with armed drones and fighter jets.

The newspaper says the accelerated campaign has occurred in recent weeks as conflict in Yemen has left the government there struggling to cling to power.

The report, posted on the newspaper’s website late Wednesday, says Yemeni troops who had been battling militants linked to al-Qaida in the south have been pulled back to the capital. American officials hope the strikes will help prevent militants from consolidating power. (...) >>>

June 9, 2011

The truth of Op. Geronimo and Valerie Jarrett emerging as the White House's pomo queen -

Socyberty: "White House Insider: Obama Hesitated – Panetta Issued Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden"

"What Valerie Jarrett, and the president, did not know is that Leon Panetta had already initiated a program that reported to him –and only him, involving a covert on the ground attack against the compound."

Note:This update comes some 24 hours after our longtime Washington D.C. Insider first outlined shocking details of an Obama administration having been “overruled” by senior military and intelligence officials leading up to the successful attack against terrorist Osama Bin Laden. What follows is further clarification of Insider’s insights surrounding that event. (...) >>>

May 3, 2011

Ironic Surrealism: "[Audio] Rep. Allen West: Obama’s Arrogance Is Like A “Third World Dictator”

Salute! Allen West boldly going where no Congressman has gone before… (...) >>>

Apr 20, 2011

The root of evil - Socialism is once again running its natural course to shared misery -

CFP: "Blind Leftist Devotion to Obama Results From Marxist Critical Theory"

Recall, Obama was declared a genius of geniuses by the elites when he ran for president, based on admittance to Harvard Law and a few stirring speeches. Yet, once upon a time, some effort was made to connect education to that holy grail called “intelligence.” After all, wasn’t that the entire argument behind the support and development of the “Ivy League”? But as the average—meaning intellectually guileless—person now sees daily and proved by incontrovertible evidence, being an elite simply means you have been trained into sneering, illiterate idiocy.

There is no longer any credible evidence suggesting elites and liberals understand, let alone are committed to, the good life all normal Americans desire. And after rejecting a second Obama presidency—the way a stomach turns on Tijuana water—we must utterly rethink our cultural goals and strategies for their achievement. The first step for this is to defang the serpent by de-funding the Ivy League, or at least cleaning the decks of its illiterate Marxist masters (...) >>>

Apr 10, 2011

Duped by the stooges -

ESR: "Duped! Relentless Marxist deception", by Alan Caruba

The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But, under the name of 'liberalism', they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." Norman Thomas, former U.S. Socialist Party president candidate

Those of my age—I am in my seventies—have a strong recall of the Cold War, fought from the end of World War Two in 1945 until the fall of the infamous Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. We grew up knowing that the Communists—Marxists—were the enemy.

All throughout that period, American liberals—Leftists—did what they could to ridicule efforts to rid the government of Communists, attacked those like Sen. Joseph McCarthy who spoke out against them, defended the likes of Fidel Castro who turned Cuba into a prison-state, and worked to "improve" U.S.-Soviet relations.

A book I wish everyone would read, liberals and conservatives alike, Dupes by Paul Kengor, went into a second printing in January of this year (ISI Books, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Wilmington, DE). Kengor, a PhD, is a professor of political science at Grove City College. His book runs just over 600 pages, all thoroughly documented, and tells the history of the effort to impose communism on America and worldwide, dating back to the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. (...) >>>

Mar 8, 2011

The rhetoric of futility -

The Weekly Std: "Two More Devastating Indictments of Obama's Inaction on Libya"

Two scathing must reads today on the Libya situation are out today from two eminent journalists. Here's Christopher Hitchens (...) And here's The New Republic's Leon Wieseltier (...) >>>

Feb. 25, 2011

'Smart' diplomacy is terrifying! -

This the O-Team's intelligence community! The same Clapper who was uninformed about what was the great news on that day -

Roger's Rules: "Ouch! More Smart Diplomacy", by Roger Kimball

(...) someone called James Clapper came on. He, it turns out, is Director of National Intelligence. The Director of National Intelligence sat in front of a House Intelligence Committee and asserted publicly, to adults, that the Muslim Brotherhood was a “largely secular” organization.
The term “Muslim Brotherhood” . . . is an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam. (...) there is no overarching agenda, particularly in pursuit of violence, at least internationally.
Will wonders never cease? I thought the Muslim Brotherhood called itself the Muslim Brotherhood because, you know, it was a Muslim, i.e., a religious, i.e., not a secular, organization. And I thought the group did have “an overarching agenda,” namely the establishment of Islamic law world wide. Perhaps our Director of National Intelligence should take time to ponder this state from a document called Jihad is the Way (...)

one might have thought that the big news yesterday was coming out of Cairo. But no. It was Washington. It involved folks like James Clapper and Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, who said yesterday that “U.S. intelligence indicates that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is on his way out.”

I have come to cherish the phrase ““U.S. intelligence indicates.” Leon Panetta told us Mubarak was going. The perky newscasters kept telling us that Mubarak was going. President Obama (head left: utter a cliché; slowly pan right, emit another cliché) thought that too. The one person not on board with this scenario was Hosni Mubarak — and his army. He let James Clapper, Leon Panetta, the whole of the Western media, and Barack Obama make fools of themselves for a few hours.

Then he announced that he wasn’t going anywhere until he was good and ready, which was in September when an election was scheduled in Egypt. (...) Among the many benisons Barack Obama was supposed to usher into the metabolism of American politics — we were going to get rid of lobbyists, establish a post-racial, post partisan, government that would be “the most transparent in history” etc. etc. — and we were going to embark upon smart diplomacy, unlike whatever kind it was that George Bush practiced.

I’d say that Hosni Mubarak made his American “allies” (some allies!) look like fools. That wouldn’t be fair. They made themselves look like fools. That smart diplomacy, it turns out, wasn’t “smart” as in clever. It was “smart” as in how your cheek feels when it’s been slapped hard. (...) >>>

Feb. 11, 2011

Update It has just become known this was a full scale astroturf campaign. The Obama team actually put “applause” prompts on the Jumbotron during the rally -

Beyond shame -

"Sneaking in commie propaganda" was the original subtitle of this entry. But that was before I heard a recording of Obama's Tucson 'memorial' speech. I have never seen a more thinly veiled political event masquerading as something else, much less a memorial of a massacre in which 6 people died and 12 were injured. I've seldom heard something so shameless ... oh, and it's 'civility' he's calling for -

American Thinker: "Clarice's Pieces: Another Memo from Leni Riefenstahl", by Clarice Feldman

From: Leni Riefenstahl

To: Barack Obama und Frau Obama

Subject: Politische Kundgebung getarnt als eine Gedenkfeier (Political rally masquerading as a memorial service)

It's been two years since I last wrote. Then it was about the Invesco Field Rally in Denver. Now it's about that rally in Tucson. If you don't mind a few harsh words from someone seasoned in such things, no matter that you tried hard, the tragic incident in Tucson was no Reichstag Fire, and while you made as much of it as you could, you need to hone your shtick a bit better in future. I keep writing to you out of admiration for your political inclinations and skills, of course.

I want only for you to succeed, and I hope you take my words to heart. (...) >>>

The Blaze: "Rush: AZ Memorial T-Shirt Slogan Came From DNC’s Organizing for America"

The presence of tee-shirts branded with the tragedy of last weekend’s Arizona shootings raised the eyebrows of many onlookers who worried the shooting was being subjected to politicization. A group of Arizona students has taken credit for the tee-shirt design and motto, but many are suggesting the “Together We Thrive” motto actually came from Organizing for America, the campaign arm of the Democratic National Committee. (...) >>>

Jan. 16, 2011

"The president of the United States is a socialist" -

The American Spectator: "Boehner Takes On Radical-In-Chief", by Jeffrey Lord

Within hours, John Boehner, a son of the Ohio working class, will become Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Just in time.

In an exhaustively researched book Radical-In-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism, released at the end of 2010, longtime journalist Stanley Kurtz provides a thorough documentation of what so many have suspected of President Barack Obama. Although he was initially skeptical, Kurtz's extremely detailed research done over two-years in archives and with information from fresh and knowledgeable sources has led him to a disturbing conclusion. In Kurtz's concluding, blunt words:
The president of the United States is a socialist.
Kurtz also focuses on the late American socialist Michael Harrington's "socialist realignment strategy" -- deliberately dividing Americans by class "with Republicans marked out as the aggressors," forcing the "have-nots" to act as a unified, pro-socialist -- and electorally dominant -- force. (...) >>>

Jan. 4, 2011

#fail -

RedWhiteBlueNews: "Obama may be in deep trouble… Chief Justice John Roberts, U.S. Supreme Court"

According to sources who watch the inner workings of the federal government, a smackdown of Barack Obama by the U.S. Supreme Court may be inevitable. Ever since Obama assumed the office of President, critics have hammered him on a number of Constitutional issues. Critics have complained that much, if not all of Obama’s major initiatives run headlong into Constitutional roadblocks on the power of the federal government.

Obama certainly did not help himself in the eyes of the Court when he used the venue of the State of the Union address early in the year to publicly flog the Court over its ruling that the First Amendment grants the right to various organizations to run political ads during the time of an election.
The tongue-lashing clearly did not sit well with the Court (...) >>>

Dec. 27, 2010

Messiah abdicating presidency -

PJM: "Fail to the Chief - The impotent POTUS disrespects his job", by Bryan Preston

(...) Mr. I’ll Stop the Rise of the Seas handed the presidency to one of his predecessors on Friday. During a press conference in the White House briefing room, the President of the United States handed the bully pulpit over to Bill Clinton. Obama and Clinton had just held a closed door meeting regarding the Bush tax cut deal and presumably discussed what Obama must do now that he faces a Republican majority in the House. The pair of presidents decided to hold an impromptu press conference. A few minutes in, Obama walks out, leaving Clinton to hold court with the White House press corps. (...) Perhaps Obama was trying to get ahead of this whole silly “No Labels” thing, by shedding his own label: President of the United States. (...) >>>

Dec. 14, 2010

The death a messiah (hope and change) -

PJM: "Tax Deal: Lefties Go Wild, Obama Presidency Hits Apocalypse", by Bryan Preston

If the commenters at the Huffington Post, and the hosts and guests at MSNBC, are any guide, the Bush tax cut deal has rendered the Obama presidency a zombie. It looks alive and is even able to move and groan a bit, but it’s mostly dead. (...) "The next time I vote for a President, I am going to rank strong negotiating skills right up there with literacy and intellect" - That’s funny. Conservatives brought up the “competency” argument in 2008 and got slapped with the race card. Now here’s a liberal playing competency against Obama. I happened to be watching MSNBC’s Ed Schultz (so you don’t have to) when the deal came down on Monday. His guest was liberal Rep. Keith Ellison. I thought the two might have an on-air rage party. (...) >>>

Dec. 9, 2010

The warmist agenda, a means to an end -

American Spectator: "Obama to Voters: Drop Dead", by Peter Ferrara

(...) The bad news is how much trouble our country is still in. For after all of President Obama's double talking sweet talk right after the vote, the harsh reality, inconsistent with our very democracy, is that the Democrats and the Washington Establishment are rejecting the message the people sent. Their response is the political equivalent of "Shut Up." (...) There is no scientific justification for this economic suicide for America's economy, which is why even the current overwhelmingly Democrat Congress refused to pass cap and trade. But this doesn't even take into account the full economic effect of the recession that would inevitably result. Indeed, achieving the CO2 targets would essentially repeal the industrial revolution, which would involve a lot more lost jobs than 7 million. If you don't think anyone would ever attempt that, then you don't understand the extremist threat facing our country. (...) >>>

1 Dec. 2010

2010, the grand analysis -

FEATURE - Standpoint: "Decision Time for Barack Obama", by John Bolton

America's system of separated powers is wondrous to behold. Even considering just the two elected branches, Congress and the Presidency, its complications and intricacies baffle foreigners and Americans alike. Moreover, the 50 states remain politically pivotal, especially immediately after the decennial census. Population changes among states shift their relative weights in the Electoral College, and control of state governments post-census can shape congressional districts and therefore election outcomes.

Not surprisingly, interpreting the biennial elections between presidential years is both critical and highly uncertain. In 1994, an unexpected tsunami gave Republicans control of both houses of Congress for the first time since 1954, and was widely interpreted as signalling Bill Clinton's impending defeat in 1996. Nonetheless, Clinton won re-election easily. By contrast, the 2006 Republican "thumpin'", as George W. Bush described it, did indeed foreshadow Barack Obama's 2008 victory. (...) >>>

Nov. 30, 2010

Cablesgate, the damage so far -

While some (Rush Limbaugh) has been suggesting the information was leaked purposely, Yid With Lid has gone through the docs released so far, and whereas concluding cablesgate discovered no news at all, Assange/Wikileaks is typified in the news either as a noble whistleblower, or as a terrorist or a hooligan, YWL describes it like this -
"The only real surprise of the Wikileaks documents is the American reaction. For months we have been hearing about a computer virus developed and surreptitiously brought to Iran where it has infected and slowed down the Iranian Nuclear program, it seems to me that it would be an easier task to develop one that wrecks the Wikileaks database. Wikileaks has been leaking our classified information for over a year, one would think that stopping them would be a priority. The reaction of our government is embarrassing. We are the laughingstock of the world, we look impotent. The United States is supposedly a superpower whose only response to the Wikileaks disclosure is pathetically, a sternly worded letter. "
Yid With Lid: "Wikileaks "Bombshells" Confirm What We Already Know"

Nov. 29, 2010

Mental exercise: Can you imagine what this article would have said had George Bush implemented the underwear check? By the way, where is this coming from, 11 months after the event of the panty bomber? -

LA Times: "Shut up and be scanned"

Would you rather pose for a nude photograph or be groped by a federal employee? To hear many fliers these days, those are the only two choices for air passengers as the Transportation Security Administration installs full-body scanners at airports and introduces a more invasive pat-down technique that some have likened to sexual molestation. We're not wild about the new methods either, but they're a necessary evil in the era of suicide bombers who board planes with chemical explosives in their underwear. >>>

Nov. 21, 2010

Spiegel: "'Obama Comes Across as Cold, Arrogant and Elitist'"

It was a failure of historic proportions. With US President Barack Obama's Democrats having lost control of the House, there seems little hope for progress during his two remaining years, say German commentators. Obama himself, they say, bears much of the blame.

On Tuesday, US President Barack Obama and his Democratic party were issued a stinging defeat in the mid-term elections as the Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives and installed themselves in 22 governor's mansions.

Though the Democrats narrowly were able to keep control of the Senate, the Republicans, who rode the wave of anti-incumbent sentiment and populist anger over the economy into office, now have the power to determine the House's legislative agenda -- and to block Obama proposals. Indeed, Republican leaders in the House have already promised that their first order of business will be to repeal Obama's health care reform -- his signature achievement.

Several German opinion-makers were clear that the election was more of a referendum on the president, who comes across as "cold, arrogant, and elitist," and less of an endorsement of the Republicans and their policies.  (...) >>>

Nov. 13, 2010

Deep Throat part II -

Examiner: "'Deep throat' strikes again; reveals insider info on Obama, Hillary", by Anthony G. Martin

In a previous report Conservative Examiner delved into the claims of a White House insider who is feeding information to a blogger who goes by the name of 'Ulsterman.'

The report contained revelations of the pending unraveling of the Obama Presidency due to the President's inability to deal with growing opposition among the citizens and in the halls of Congress--and a scandal simmering under the surface that could explode at any moment.

'Deep Throat' also claimed that Obama is so self-absorbed that he actually believes he is adored by throngs of people all over the world. The observation was also made that the President is exhibiting bizarre behavior that suggests emotional instability.

'Ulsterman,' the blogger chosen by 'Deep Throat' to reveal the insider information, has now provided a follow-up to the previous story. (...) >>>

Nov. 11, 2010

Obama's deluded presser -

NRO: "Obama Doesn’t Get It", by Victor Davis Hanson

President Obama came close, but he still just cannot admit that his radical policies and their effects on the economy are the cause of his devastating political rebuke. For most of his press conference, an oddly depressed Obama voted present, as he all but said that the problems are mostly ours, not his — or at least not his agenda but perhaps an occasional inadequate communication.

In clingers fashion, he once more is talking down to us, explaining that we confused his necessary solutions with a bogeyman increase in big government, and so typically, in fright and ignorance, lashed out at his party. He is claiming the outrage grew from the same frustration that elected him, rather than arising precisely because of him and his agenda. In short, we are angry because his EU-socialist agenda is progressing too slowly and hasn’t delivered as promised — as it will in time. Perhaps then we will thank him for his proper big-government, big-spending solution.

He seems bewildered (for the first time?) that his popularity as a campaign rhetorician did not last when he became responsible for actual governance. For most of the press conference, a humbled but deer-in-the-headlights Obama half-heartedly argued that the populist outrage against his own massive debt, huge wasteful government, and elitism was really outrage against the economy he inherited, an outrage that he shares.

We don’t know it, the president hints, but we are still angry at the Bush years, and yesterday mistakenly took our wrath out on Obama’s methodical, albeit too slow, efforts at recovery. In short, there was little admission whatsoever that Obama’s message and the way he pushed it turned off millions — there was no repentant Clinton, circa autumn 1994, here; instead, a shocked Obama who seems hurt that we do not appreciate him. (...) >>>

Nov. 6, 2010

Obamists playing the final card -

Leftists poised to play the usual finale, the get-out-of-jail card ... we meant well! Read it all in a great analysis by Shelby Steele -

WSJ: "A Referendum on the Redeemer", by Shelby Steele

Whether or not the Republicans win big next week, it is already clear that the "transformative" aspirations of the Obama presidency—the special promise of this first black president to "change" us into a better society—are much less likely to materialize. There will be enough Republican gains to make the "no" in the "party of no" even more formidable, if not definitive.

But apart from this politics of numbers, there is also now a deepening disenchantment with Barack Obama himself. (He has a meager 37% approval rating by the latest Harris poll.) His embarrassed supporters console themselves that their intentions were good; their vote helped make history. But for Mr. Obama himself there is no road back to the charisma and political capital he enjoyed on his inauguration day. (...) >>>

Oct, 28, 2010

In the eyes of a Hillary Democrat -

Hillbuzz: "Current president’s brother Malik marries third wife: a teenager"

This is beyond disgusting. Our current, illustrious, light-bringing, oceans-lowering, miracle-working, “The One”, president is now the proud brother-in-law of a teenaged girl…who has become the third wife of his brother Malik in Kenya. Disgusting.

- Caption: Frank Marshall Davis - 

“The current president is a Marxist who was raised in Hawaii under the mentorship of Frank Marshall, an admitted pedophile. Before that, he lived in Indonesia and attended school as a Muslim. He was adopted by a Muslim named Soetoro and to this day refuses to show his birth certificate because of either a name change that happened to it because of that adoption or because of whatever was written on it about the identity or ethnological makeup of his father, who was a Kenyan who would have been listed as “African Arab” on his birth certificate and not “black” the way he wants him to be.

The American media didn’t look into any of this, and won’t talk about it now. They also won’t talk about the fact that no one knows how this president got into Columbia or Harvard when he appears to have gotten Cs and Ds in most of his classes, was made president of the Harvard Law Review without ever writing an article, and published two books that were ghost-written (one by William Ayers, an unapologetic terrorist, and the other by Jon Favreau, but not the director, the one that’s a little punk). The media won’t talk about Jeremiah Wright or the hate-church of black liberation theology this president sat in for over 20 years, or his desire to see America taken off a capitalist system and made into a socialist “paradise” with him as the dictatorial “Dr. Utopia”. This president supports building a Victory Mosque symbol of Islamic conquest at Ground Zero, calls anyone who opposes him a racist, and believes midwesterners are bitter, religion-and-gun-clinging yokels he looks down upon.

- Caption: Jakarta school registration listing Obama's religion as Muslim -

Oh, and his brother in Kenya just married his third wife…who is a teenager”.

I don’t think I’d have enough time in a day with Holly to tell her about Aunt Zetunia in Boston or describe all the things Michelle Antoinette has done since the Obamas moved into the White House.

Shameful. (...) >>>

Oct. 15, 2010

Ominous signs -

Floyd Reports: "Obama Considering Rule by Executive Order in 2011"

This morning, political commentators are paying a great deal of attention to one of the Los Angeles Times’ stories about Barack Obama’s plans for a Republican takeover of Congress. Unfortunately, they are focusing on the wrong one. Most commentators spent the morning quoting the president’s remarks on a black radio program that a GOP-dominated Congress will result in “hand-to-hand combat.” The reality is most of the action will take place behind their backs and over their heads. All indications are, if Obama cannot get his legislative agenda enacted by Congress, he will impose it by decree.

The evidence comes buried elsewhere in today’s L.A. Times in a piece by Peter Nicholas and Christi Parsons under the hum-drum headline, “Obama Reshapes Administration for a Fresh Strategy.” The story makes clear the “fresh strategy” borders on government by executive fiat. It begins, “As President Obama remakes his senior staff, he is also shaping a new approach for the second half of his term: to advance his agenda through executive actions he can take on his own, rather than pushing plans through an increasingly hostile Congress.” This rule by divine right of kings is confirmed by no less an Obama insider than David Axelrod, who said, “It’s fair to say that the next phase is going to be less about legislative action than it is about managing the change that we’ve brought.” The Times states candidly (...) >>>

Oct. 9, 2010

Obama's shocking intellectual deficit -

American Thinker: "A Natural Law Lesson for Obama", by Jason McNew

President Obama's editing out of the words " their Creator..." from the Declaration of Independence Friday night (video and transcript here) is a remarkable act for sitting president. It suggest that the purported constitutional law expert needs some remedial education.

The Declaration of Independence was drafted by Thomas Jefferson (when he was 33 years old), based on a list of points laid out by a 5 person committee which also included Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. The most famous part (for good reason) of the Declaration of Independence reads (...)

Thomas Jefferson's notion of a Creator in The Declaration of Independence does not have anything to do with establishment religion or dogma (theology); it is strictly a philosophical construct. Further, the idea that all men are equal was a very radical idea in 1776, and its purpose was two fold (...) >>>

Sept. 19, 2010

The inside story ...

... probably from the Hillary camp - Part II

NewsFlavor: "White House Insider on Obama: “the President is Losing It.”"

A longtime Washington D.C. insider, and former advisor to the Obama election campaign and transition team, speaks out on an administration in crisis, and a president increasingly withdrawn from the job of President. (...) >>>

Sept. 17, 2010

The looong short list so far -

Examiner: "Pure Insanity of the Looney Left", by Dean Chambers

Evan Sayet, a comedian and former writer for the leftist Bill Maher, is a former liberal who now calls himself a “9-13 Republican.” Sayet realized just how wrong and anti-American the far left is while observing their behavior after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. After some intense thinking about how leftist liberals hate everything that is right, he realized that is why they are wrong not just many or most issues but EVERY issue. I think he’s absolutely right. A look at just a few of the current example of leftist liberalism in the news really does show Evan Sayet is right. (...) >>>

Sept. 7, 2010

The British on the US Sun King's Presidency -

Telegraph: "The Obama presidency increasingly resembles a modern-day Ancien Régime: extravagant and out of touch with the American people", by Nile Gardiner

What the great French historian Alexis de Tocqueville would make of today’s Obama administration were he alive today is anyone’s guess. But I would wager that the author of L’Ancien Régime and Democracy in America would be less than impressed with the extravagance and arrogance on display among the White House elites that rule America as though they had been handed some divine right to govern with impunity. It is the kind of impunity that has been highlighted on the world stage this week by Michelle Obama’s hugely costly trip to Spain, which has prompted a New York Post columnist Andrea Tantaros to dub the First Lady a contemporary Marie Antoinette. (...) >>>

Aug. 8, 2010

The Kenyan embroglio (once again) -

Gateway Pundit: "Obama-Supported Kenyan Constitution Forces Sharia Law", by Jim Hoft

Yesterday, it was reported that Barack Obama is illegally funding a pro-abortion referendum in Kenya.
But, it gets worse… The Constitution Obama is supporting forces Sharia Law in the country. Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review reported:
U.S. financial and rhetorical support for this constitution has some members of Congress calling for an investigation. In a letter to inspectors general of the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Republican representatives Chris Smith of New Jersey, Darrell Issa of California, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida raised questions about American constitutional lobbying in Kenya: “The Obama Administration’s advocacy in support of Kenya’s proposed constitution may constitute a serious violation of the Siljander Amendment and, as such, may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.”
Administration officials have denied the lobbying charge. But, as the letter points out, our ambassador to Kenya has been quoted as saying that the U.S. has given Kenya $2 million for “civic education” about the constitution, and that we’re committed to more. (...) >>>
Jul 17, 2010

Taking stock -

NRO: "Obama’s Second Act", by Charles Krauthammer

In the political marketplace, there’s now a run on Obama shares. The Left is disappointed with the president. Independents are abandoning him in droves. And the Right is already dancing on his political grave, salivating about November, when, his own press secretary admitted Sunday, Democrats might lose the House. I have a warning for Republicans: Don’t underestimate Barack Obama. Consider what he has already achieved. Obamacare alone makes his presidency historic. (...) >>>

Jul 16, 2010

The recess coup against we the people -

WSJ: "Berwick: Bigger Than Kagan", by Daniel Henninger

Barack Obama's incredible "recess appointment" of Dr. Donald Berwick to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is probably the most significant domestic-policy personnel decision in a generation. It is more important to the direction of the country than Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court. The court's decisions are subject to the tempering influence of nine competing minds. Dr. Berwick would direct an agency that has a budget bigger than the Pentagon. Decisions by the CMS shape American medicine.

Dr. Berwick's ideas on the design and purpose of the U.S. system of medicine aren't merely about "change." They would be revolutionary. One may agree with these views or not, but for the president to tell the American people they have to simply accept this through anything so flaccid as a recess appointment is beyond outrageous. It isn't acceptable. (...) >>>

Jul 15, 2010

The Watergate conspirators were choirboys -

Examiner: "Sources say smackdown of Obama by Supreme Court may be inevitable", by Anthony Martin

According to sources who watch the inner workings of the federal government, a smackdown of Barack Obama by the U.S. Supreme Court may be inevitable. Ever since Obama assumed the office of President, critics have hammered him on a number of Constitutional issues. Critics have complained that much if not all of Obama's major initiatives run headlong into Constitutional roadblocks on the power of the federal government. (...) >>>

Jul 11, 2010

Hey, we didn't want it that socialist! -

The Daily Beast: "The Elite Turn Against Obama", by Lloyd Grove

Even the Aspen Ideas Festival, an annual gathering of the country's brightest lights, isn't Obama country anymore. Lloyd Grove on the president's waning support among the intelligentsia. (...) Obama’s top economic adviser, Larry Summers, and his departing budget director, Peter Orszag, can expect heavy weather when they land in Aspen later this week to make their case to this civic-minded clique of wealthy skeptics. (...)

Zuckerman added that he detects in the Obama White House “hostility to the very kinds of [business] culture that have made this the great country that it is and was. I think we have to find some way of dealing with that or else we will do great damage to this country with a public policy that could ruin everything.” (...) Brolin’s assessment: “Mind-blowing.” (...) >>>

Jul 8, 2010

Obama’s Resignation Petition launched -

Examiner: "July 4th: The Founders would revolt", by Robert Moon

Everything the Founding Fathers put in place to protect our citizens from government tyranny has now been thrown down and torn to shreds by corrupt class warfare extremists on a war path against the free market. They have illegally seized the banks, the housing market, the insurance industry, the auto industry, health care, student loans...and are now taking over Wall Street, the energy industry and the Internet. There will soon be nothing left for them to steal, and as I have noted, they are utterly annihilating the economy in the process. They have used one self-created crisis after another to increase their own power and control, creating maximum dependence through (...) >>>

July 4, 2010

Obama’s Resignation Petition launched -

The Post & Email: "Demand for Obama’s Resignation Petition has been launched - PETITIONS TO BE DELIVERED TO HOUSE AND SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEES AS WELL AS OBAMA", by Sharon Rondeau

Chalice Jackson, owner of Patriots Heart Network, in tandem with Scott Winchell and Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.) of Stand Up America and formerly a military analyst at the Fox News Channel, have announced the launch of a new initiative which demands the resignation of “Barack Obama, his appointees, and his administration forthwith” for “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” The “NO CONFIDENCE! We Demand Resignation Petition Letter for High Crimes and Misdemeanors” can be found here and is downloadable and printable. (...) >>>

Jun 28, 2010

The Left and the BP nexus -

A Time for Choosing: "Barack Obama, George Soros, Petrobas, And The Real Reason Why Obama Is Trying To Halt American Oil Production: A Crime Inc. Update", by Gary P Jackson

We first reported on the fact that Barack Obama and his boss George Soros teamed up to make billions of dollars in the oil business, the day the $10 billion dollar gift to Brazil was announced almost a year ago. Sadly, outside of the blogs, no one has reported on this major scandal at all, except Glenn Beck, who has recently taken notice.

I mean how hard is this one to put together? You’ve got Nazi sympathizer George Soros, the self proclaimed “owner of the democrat party” purchasing controlling interest in Brazilian oil giant Petrobas, then just a couple of days later, Barack Obama “loans” the country of Brazil $10 billion, which is then given to …. wait for it …. Petrobas. Glenn keeps saying it’s $2 billion, but the commitment is for $10 billion. You can read our most previous offerings on this incredible corruption here and here. (...) >>>

Jun 26, 2010

Jon Voight speaking for many -

TWT: "An open letter to President Obama from Jon Voight"

June 22, 2010

President Obama:

You will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people, and the American people as well, when you said that you would defend Israel, the only Democratic state in the Middle East, against all their enemies. You have done just the opposite. You have propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone's enemy — and it has resonated throughout the world. You are putting Israel in harm's way, and you have promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world. (...) >>>

Jun 24, 2010

Family history and the problem with the British special relationship -

Mail Online: "The real reason President Obama loathes the British... his grandfather was tortured in a high-security Kenyan prison"

The Kenyan bowed his head as his captors opened the prison cell door to deliver another brutal whipping - a punishment meted out after he was accused of taking part in the independence movement against the British colonial authorities. The man had been working as a cook for a British Army officer. And his name? Hussein Onyango Obama - President Barack Obama's paternal grandfather. He had been arrested in 1949 and jailed for two years in a high-security prison. There, according to his family, he was subjected to horrific violence. They say British soldiers used torture in an effort to get him to reveal rebel secrets. (...) >>>

June 19, 2010

The O team flunking diplomacy too -

TWT: "Obama's diplomatic flop - The O Force can't match the Bush record in diplomacy"

During the campaign, then-Sen. Barack Obama made light of what he saw as his predecessor-to-be's lack of diplomatic skill. As Wednesday's U.N. Security Council vote on sanctions over Iran's nuclear program showed, Mr. Obama's team could learn a few things about diplomacy from George W. Bush.

The vote sent "an unmistakable message" to Iran about the international community's commitment to stop nuclear proliferation, according to the White House. The vote tally also communicated a secondary point: President Obama is losing the international consensus that Mr. Bush once had. In three rounds of Bush-led U.N. votes on sanctions from 2006 through 2008, there were no negative votes and only one abstention, from Indonesia. By contrast, the resolution Mr. Obama spearheaded was met with two "no" votes, from Turkey and Brazil, and one abstention, from Lebanon. This is a very poor showing, especially given Mr. Obama's smugness about his ability to improve America's image before the world. (...) >>>

Jun 13, 2010

The Chicago way comes to DC -

Townhall: "Obama's 'Chicago Way' Plunders the Private Sector", by Michael Barone

An interesting thing about Barack Obama is that he chose, on two occasions, to live in Chicago -- even though he didn't grow up there, had no family ties there, never went to school there. It was a curious choice. Chicago has a civic culture all its own and one that is particularly insular. Family ties and personal connections are hugely important. Professionals who have lived and worked there for a quarter-century are brusquely reminded, "You're not from here." Nonetheless, Obama moved upward in the Chicago civic firmament with apparent ease. (...) >>>

Jun 3, 2010

True to type, Obama dumps on the good guy -

See also book review entry "Why Wilders and Hirsi Ali are right about Islam" on Mar 6, 2010 -

Publius: "President Obama Finally Found His Deportee: A Palestinian Convert to Christianity", by  Warner Todd Huston

After a desperate search of the country, President Barack Hussein Obama is ready to deport someone at long last. And that deportee is a dangerous, horrible man, indeed. His name is Mosab Hassan Yousef and he is a convert from Islam to Christianity who hails from Palestine. To show how dangerous he is, he has written a subversive new book named “Son of Hamas,” a book that denounces Islamic terror and violence and warns Americans of dangers posed them. One other thing is interesting about this man. He is the son of the founder of the Palestinian-based terrorist group Hamas and has turned against those terrorists, his former comrades, and family members. Yeah. A terrible man, indeed. Yet, here we have President Barack Hussein Obama’s administration looking to deport this man who stands against Islamic terror, this man that wants an end to radicalized Islam, this man that has converted to the very religion that the bulk of American’s observe. (...) >>>

Jun 1, 2010

The rising odor of fish -

Examiner: "White House-Clinton-Sestak deal: now everyone is lying", Anthony G. Martin

The latest revelations on the White House-Bill Clinton-Joe Sestak bribery case make it clear that the official explanation fails to pass 'the smell test' of authenticity. Upon a close examination of the 'official version' of the story--on which all of the parties involved suddenly agree after months of stonewalling--the scenario is rife with the rank stench of dirty backroom deals. Apparently now that the main players in the scandal have gotten their heads and stories together, everyone is now lying. (...) >>>

May 30, 2010

Sparks in the powder keg -

WSJ: "Iran and North Korea March On - Pyongyang's behavior shows why we must stop the mullahs from getting the bomb", by John Bolton

Last week, while meandering toward a fourth U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution against Iran, Washington was blindsided by the revival of a previously discarded plan to enrich some of Iran's uranium to higher levels for use in the Tehran research reactor. This proposal—a good deal for Iran when it was proposed last year by the misguided Obama administration—is even better in its latest iteration and does nothing to stop Iran's uranium enrichment program.

The Iranian enrichment deal was brokered by Brazil and Turkey, two of the 10 current nonpermanent Security Council members, and it could pose difficulties for getting the council to adopt another resolution on sanctions. To forestall the debilitating effects of the Brazil-Turkey deal, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promptly circulated to other council members the draft of a sanctions resolution the five permanent members and Germany had spent months negotiating. Unfortunately, the damage was done. (...) >>>

May 25, 2010

On the lighter side -

The Dartboard: "Obama Radicals, Socialists, and Marxists in their Own Words", by Terrell Clemmons

Barack Obama admitted in his first book “Dreams of My Father” that he used to carefully seek out Marxist friends. These two are great fun (...) >>>

May 23, 2010

Morning Bell: "Congress’ Historic Decision to Ignore Its Basic Duty"

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) once said that the “most basic responsibility of governing is to pass a budget.” Yesterday it became clear that Congress has decided to shirk that responsibility, as word broke that the House likely will not pass a budget resolution for the first time since the modern budget process was created in 1974.

That’s earthshaking news, especially given the ballooning federal spending, which soared to an $82.69 billion deficit in April, a projected $1.5 trillion deficit in 2010, and even more deficits as far as the eye can see. Like any American’s household budget that tracks income and expenses, budget resolutions set a framework for Congress’ taxing and spending. But it’s a framework that the leadership in the House would rather do without. (...) >>>

May 14, 2010

Trouble brewing at the UN Security Council? -

FoxNews: "Obama and Israel: Showdown at the UN?", by Ben Evansky

The Obama administration is reportedly signaling another major shift in policy towards one of its staunchest allies, Israel, and this shift could change the way it votes at the Security Council. The change would mean an end to the US' use of its veto power in the United Nations Security Council when certain anti-Israel resolutions are introduced for a vote. (...) US officials at the UN told Fox News that there is no such initiative before the Security Council and they are not "pursuing or encouraging such action", but some critics believe they are playing a game of smoke and mirrors. (...) >>>

Apr 18, 2010

Axelrod reveals anti American agenda - In the US the people are sovereign. This is why polls matter. And it is in essence what constitutes America. Who goes against the will of the people is acting as a tyrant. Obama mouthpiece David Axelrod - off his guard - has revealed the Obama administration's anti American agenda. Clinton adjusted his policies because he wanted to be re-elected, but this lot - like suicide terrorists - don't care whether they live or die, because they are nihilists and have no values but their foul ideology. They will foist their global socialist program by hook or by crook. Because that is what leftists do: they coerce.

PJM: "Tea Partiers Get Valuable Lesson from … David Axelrod", by Kyle-Anne Shiver

(...) This priceless gem was delivered by David Axelrod as he did an ObamaCare post-passage interview on the Democrats’ blitzkrieg strategy. Just hours after the House vote, Axelrod gave an interview to the Huffington Post (one of Axelrod’s sons is an editor), and he let his guard down enough to give all Americans a glimpse into the true soul of this administration.

Speaking of inside-the-White-House deliberations in the immediate aftermath of the Scott Brown victory, Axelrod noted:
Some of the steam went out of the opposition after that [Brown’s victory]. … I think that people felt like they had made a statement. Perhaps they felt like they had killed health care reform … They thought the fight was over. And that [the president] couldn’t now succeed. I do believe that. And it is almost as if they had made the statement that they thought they had stopped the thing. And so it created a breathing space for us to regroup.
In this brief moment of candor lies the most crucial enlightenment the people are going to get from this administration: (...) >>>

Apr 15, 2010


- "Ruled by the Mob"
- "Under the Bus"
- "The Obama Civil Defense Force"

- "Stop The Obama Constitutional Crisis"
- "Health Care"
- "Obama's Radical Connections"
- "Postmodern Ravages"
- "The McCain-Palin Ticket"
- "The Pomo White House" (the Obama Presidential campaign)

Obama Iran tool: resistance is futile - A sign of the times ... once the voice for freedom in the world, the Voice of America has become a tool of the tyrants loving Obama regime ... sad days indeed -

The Washington Times: "EDITORIAL: Voice of the mullahsPublic diplomacy takes a pro-Islamist tilt"

The Voice of America is becoming the Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Recent programming choices have revealed a creeping bias toward opponents of the pro-democracy movement and de facto supporters of the regime. This ill befits the VOA mission and the purpose of U.S. public diplomacy. (...) >>>

Apr 14, 2010

Let's make liberalism respectable again -

Big Government: "Time to Remove ‘Liberal’ from the Leftist Lexicon", by Kerry J. Byrne

(...) Today I’m asking everyone engaged in the cultural battle (you people, in other words) to join me in my crusade to strip “liberal” from the leftist lexicon. We must stop using the word “liberal” to describe those people on the other side of the divide. Here’s why: the issues that leftists advocate today bear no resemblance to traditional liberalism. By calling them “liberals” we’re ceding a linguistic victory to people who advocate a very illiberal philosophy.

“Liberal,” quite frankly, is a good thing in the traditional politcal lexicon. But, in the 40-year hibernation of American traditionalists that we’re only now awakening from, “liberal” was one of the terms stolen from under our feet by leftists and their allies in the media. Classical liberalism was crafted by Enlightenment philosophers such as Locke and Voltaire who gave voice to concepts that individuals had rights, for example, and that governments abused their power. Classical liberals were political radicals, actually, who challenged the age-old notion that those of a certain bloodline were deemed by God to rule the world.

The classical liberal philosophers largely inspired the Founding Fathers, who themselves were classical liberals. They carried the philosophy to its historic conclusion and declared to the monarchies of the world that a new day had dawned: individuals would no longer be subservient to the state; instead, the state would be subservient to the individuals. Weak government and powerful individuals, then, is the very height of classical liberalism. Leftists today, though, hold a radically different view of the world than the classical liberals. They tell us in every possible way that the state is always right, and that the individual must subjugate himself to the power of the state. In fact, they go so far as to tell us that subservience to the state equals compassion. Hell, taxes “are patriotic” according to Vice President Joe Biden, even as half his administration has refused to pay them.

The subjugation of the individual to the state has completely defined the Obama Administration, the most leftist government in American history. The state will run big business; the state will decide how much money people make; the state will decide when there’s a “time for profit;” the state will decide what kind of care your doctor provides; and, if Obamacare is left to its intended end, the state will decide if you live or die.
So “liberal” in today’s political lexicon is a misnomer. What leftists profess today is the exact opposite of liberalism. (...) >>>

Apro 10, 2010

The sun king's resume is falling apart -

Pat Dollard: "“The Biggest Hustle In Human History”: Investigation Reveals Numerous Bogus Claims On Obama’s Resume - “The President Of The United States Is A Complete Fraud”"

In what is being called ‘the biggest hustle in human history,‘ a special investigation has discovered numerous bogus claims on Barack Obama’s resume, including the outright lie that he was a ‘Constitutional scholar and professor.’ The claim turns out to be false. As investigators delve further into the background of Barack Obama, a disturbing picture is emerging of a man who is not who he claims to be.

The information the public has been told concerning Obama is turning out to be false–fabrications and inventions of a man and an unseen force behind him that had clear ulterior motives for seeking the highest office in the land. According to a special report issued by ‘the Blogging Professor,’ the Chicago Law School faculty hated Obama. The report states that Obama was unqualified, that he was never a ‘constitutional professor and scholar,’ and that he never served as editor of the Harvard Law Review while a student at the school. (...) >>>

Apr 6, 2010

Reversed sophistry -

PJM: "A Postmodern Presidency"

Given thirty years of postmodern relativism in our universities, we were bound to get a postmodern president at some point. Postmodernism is a fancy word — in terms of culture, nihilist; in terms of politics, an equality of result and the ends justifying the means — that a lot of people throw around to describe the present world of presumed wisdom that evolved in the last part of the 20th century. (...) But the chief characteristic of postmodern thinking is the notion of relativism and the primacy of language over reality. What we signify and brand as “real,” in essence, is no more valid than another’s “truth,” even if we retreat to specious claims of “evidence”— especially if our aim is to perpetuate the nation state, or the primacy of the white male capitalist Westerner who long ago manufactured norms in his own interests. “Alternate” realities instead reflect those without power speaking a “truth,” one just as valid as the so-called empirical tradition that hinged on inherited privilege. OK, so how does this affect Obama? (...) >>>

Apr 5, 2010

The point of high fuel prices -

Morning Bell: "Don’t Fall For Obama’s Energy Shell Game"

Can the Obama administration’s desperate attempts to cover their true far left nature with centrist rhetoric and promises become any more transparent? Yesterday, the President announced “an expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration” in selected areas off the coasts of the United States. The President claims this announcement was made “in order to sustain economic growth and produce jobs,” but nobody believes him. Just take a quick look at today’s newspaper reporting: (...)

Well, President Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who was at yesterday’s announcement, has said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” For reference purposes, when Secretary Chu said that, Europeans were paying $8 a gallon for gas at the pump. (...) High energy prices are not a side effect of climate legislation – they are the whole point. (...) >>>

Apr 1, 2010

The new foreign policy explained -

Obama as the first US third world president - This great piece provides a good explanation for some of the oddest choices - food for thought, this one -

Mail Online: "Barack Hussein Obama and Indonesia: there's no place like home"

(...) One of the reasons a lot of Americans find Obama oddly foreign is that he had an oddly foreign childhood: his formative years were spent in Indonesia. His half-sister, Maya Soetoro Ng, was born there. The rest of Obama's childhood was spent in Honolulu, a Pacific Ocean capital soaked in East Asian culture.

What's this got to do with Britain, or indeed with Europe? Plenty. Obama is the first US president who was raised without cultural or emotional or intellectual ties to either Britain or Europe. The British and the Europeans have been so enchanted with 'America's first black president' that they haven't been able to see what he really is: America's first Third World president.

If you doubt it, remember the kick in the teeth he gave Britain over the Falklands just a few weeks ago. Obama had his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, fly to Buenos Aires to give American support to President Kirchner's call for international negotiations over the Falklands. Amazing. (...) Most spectacularly of all, the European Union has now been comprehensively dumped. (...) >>>

Mar 23, 2010

World socialism is predestinated - Obama betrays Kantian/Hegelian roots in sketching a world order that is determined by "social justice" (wonderful how philosophy always pans out! free will is out on its ear). But it's even older than that! Surprise, we're back to Calvin -

StarTribune: "In direct appeal, Obama tells Iranians US wants educational, cultural exchanges" (video here)

In a fresh appeal directly to the Iranian people, President Barack Obama says in an online video that the United States wants more educational and cultural exchanges for their students and better access to the Internet to give them a more hopeful future (....) Obama said that the United States' offer of diplomatic dialogue still stands but that the Iranian government has chosen isolation. (...) The White House released the video late Friday, timing it, as it did last year, to coincide with Nowruz, a 12-day holiday celebrating the arrival of spring and the beginning of the new year on the Persian calendar. (...)

"The United States believes in the dignity of every human being and an international order that bends the arc of history in the direction of justice — a future where Iranians can exercise their rights, to participate fully in the global economy and enrich the world through educational and cultural exchanges beyond Iran's borders (...) Obama has signaled a willingness to speak directly with Iran about its nuclear program and hostility toward Israel, a key U.S. ally. (...) >>>

Mar 20, 2010

The strategy behind "single payer" -

Communist Party USAImage via Wikipedia
AiM: "Obama’s Desperate Push for Socialized Health Care", by Trevor Loudon

I have written this post to explain why President Obama is so desperate to pass health care legislation, seemingly regardless of the cost to the Democratic Party. The reality is that President Obama owes his success and his hold on power more to three Marxist groups than he does to the Democrats.

The three organizations, Communist Party USA, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism and Democratic Socialists of America, all worked with Barack Obama for years and helped get him elected. Now they want payback. All three organizations have campaigned hard for "socialized" or "Single Payer" health care.

They want Obama to pass a bill, any bill, so that they can then ratchet up the pressure until the government has complete control of the health sector. Why? Because these people figure that if government controls health care, it will lock socially conservative American workers into supporting their Democratic Party allies indefinitely. Britain after World War II is their model. (...) >>>

Can it get more cynical than in the Central Valley?

IBD: "Buying Votes With Water"

The water spigots are back on, at least temporarily, in California's Central Valley. Turned off to protect a tiny fish, they happen to be in the districts of two congressmen "undecided" on health care reform. One could chalk it up to good fortune or just good constituent service. But in the middle of a contentious health care debate marked by Cornhusker Kickbacks and Louisiana Purchases, we may be forgiven if we find an announcement by the Department of the Interior regarding California's water supply a tad too coincidental.

On Tuesday, the Department of the Interior announced it was increasing water allocations for the Central Valley of California, a region that depends on these water allocations for local agriculture and jobs. The timing adds to our suspicions. According to the Interior announcement, "Typically (the Bureau of) Reclamation would release the March allocation update around March 22nd, but moved up the announcement at the urging of Senators (Diane) Feinstein and (Barbara) Boxer, and Congressmen (Jim) Costa and (Dennis) Cardoza." (...)

The 2-inch-long delta smelt, a fish destined for the Endangered Species list, plugs the drains releasing water to the farmlands. So to protect it, environmentalists filed lawsuits and the decision was made to restrict the water flow and safeguard the smelt, even if that meant turning some of America's best farmland into the functional equivalent of Death Valley. >>>

Mar 19, 2010

The Obama honor/shame culture -

Mar 15, 2010

The spiritual czars -

National Catholic Reporter: "Obama's spiritual cabinet - Seven people who shape policy, tend the presidents soul", by Daniel Burke

Near the end of a bumpy first year in office, President Obama readied for a Christmas vacation in Hawaii, but before he left, he called on a group of five ministers for a spiritual recharge. Like previous prayer calls, this one was more personal than political. (...) Still, Obama continues to champion the role of faith in public life, frequently summoning the spirits of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Protestant theologian Reinhold Niebuhr and even St. Thomas Aquinas to frame his policies in moral terms.

Like previous presidents, he regularly seeks the counsel of longtime Washington insiders, including Sojourners founder Jim Wallis, Reform Rabbi David Saperstein and retired Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, to shape decisions about the Iraq war, health care reform and the economy.

But Obama has also turned to a group of fresh -- and relatively unfamiliar -- faces to manage religious issues in his administration. They are recalibrating America's engagement with Muslims, revamping the White House faith-based office and tending to the president's own soul. A year into Obama's presidency, each of the following seven people has become an essential member of what might be called his "spiritual cabinet." (...) >>>

Tags: Joshua DuBois, Denis McDonough, Rashad Hussain, Melissa Rogers, Joel Hunter, Sharon Watkins, Lt. Carey Cash

Mar 10, 2010

Yid With Lid: "White House Appoints ClimateGate Scientist as New US Climate Change Guru"

Thomas Karl, was recently appointed to lead the National Climatic Data Center, the Commerce Department's new climate change office is a new position that will collect climate change data and disseminate it to businesses and communities. In announcing the new job, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, said the office will "help tackle head-on the challenges of mitigating and adapting to climate change. In the process, we'll discover new technologies, build new businesses and create new jobs."

In his new job, Karl is going to fit right in, just like the CRU, Thomas Karl is accused of the suppression of evidence unhelpful to the global warming cause. During the development of the of the CCSP Report “Temperature Trends in the Lower Atmosphere: Steps for Understanding and Reconciling Differences” his opinions led to the resignation of one lead co-author Roger A. Pielke, Sr, who claims "The process that produced the report was highly political. Pielke has released much evidence supporting his case, including these emails he released at the end of November. (...) >>>

Feb. 23, 2010

Washington Times: "Obama the philosopher king"

President Obama is readying to unleash a variety of executive powers to circumvent Congress and push his agenda. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said that a review of mechanisms was under way to "get the job done across a front of issues." The president claims he has to resort to extraordinary methods because of partisan gridlock, but he has learned the wrong lessons from his failed freshman year in office. Mr. Obama's initiatives haven't stalled because of partisanship but because they are transparently bad for America. It's odd that the president and his apologists blame partisanship for his legislative problems.

 Mr. Obama came into office with a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate majority, the largest since the Jimmy Carter era, and the most Democratic House members since the early 1990s. (...) A prudent president would understand that his policies are the problem and move to the center to give moderates in his party room to breathe. Instead, Mr. Obama is seeking ways to advance his agenda by circumventing Congress, even though Democrats will bear the brunt of the blame in November. (...) Mr. Obama seems to have basic problems with democracy. He doesn't like it when people disagree with him; he resists compromise, and he seems to think he should be free to reshape the country to suit his vision. Those who challenge him are ignored, mocked or told to shut up. (...) >>>

Feb. 20, 2010

Why people believe in the Obamessiah - Here's the NLP thing again. Comes with a very lengthy PDF addition:

Godlike Productions: "Obama Uses Hypnosis Like Hitler!!!"

I am an NLP trainer and have studied with its founder Richard Bandler, as well as one of the leading Neuro Linguistic Programming trainers in the world, Anthony Robbins. I have observed Obama using most of the tricks in the bag for manipulative purposes. I feel that he is a dangerous manipulator and hypnotist able to affect mass audiences from the stage. He uses Ericksonian hypnotic techniques quite expertly and effectively. The above linked article is quite exceptional in its analysis, and although long it is really worth it. (...) >>>

Jan. 30, 2010

Today's double, totalitarian food bill: Or, of a milch cow and when water isn't a right, but healthscare is:
Jan. 25, 2010

Even while writing his eulogy Believers don't get it: "he had brilliant, brilliant political instincts during the campaign. I don’t know what has happened to them" - No, he didn't! All he had was postmodern Marxist ideology and a bunch of labels, that's all there's to the Obama! Read also this brilliant piece by Stephen Guy Harding: 'The Unbearable Lightness of Barack Obama'

The Daily Beast: "He's Done Everything Wrong", by Mort Zuckerman

(...) He’s lost his audience. He has not rallied public opinion. He has plunged in the polls more than any other political figure since we’ve been using polls. He’s done everything wrong. Well, not everything, but the major things. I don’t consider it a triumph. I consider it a disaster. (...) I’m very disappointed. We endorsed him. I voted for him. I supported him publicly and privately. I hope there are changes. I think he’s already laid in huge problems for the country. The fiscal program was a disaster. (...) >>>

Jan. 23, 2010

Rich pickings today in the Obama madhouse ... a giant V-turn on Gitmo:

WaPo: "Justice task force recommends about 50 Guantanamo detainees be held indefinitely"

A Justice Department-led task force has concluded that nearly 50 of the 196 detainees at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, should be held indefinitely without trial under the laws of war, according to Obama administration officials. The task force's findings represent the first time that the administration has clarified how many detainees it considers too dangerous to release but unprosecutable because officials fear trials could compromise intelligence-gathering and because detainees could challenge evidence obtained through coercion. Human rights advocates have bemoaned the administration's failure to fulfill President Obama's promise last January to close the Guantanamo Bay facility within a year as well as its reliance on indefinite detention, a mechanism devised during George W. Bush's administration that they deem unconstitutional. (...) >>>

After one year of unbridled postmodern Leftism, Hillary's finally putting the L back into Liberalism. It is doubtful however if the administration as a whole will abandon relativist policies ... confirmation comes in an update (1 hour later): Obama Administration Working to Normalize Relations with Mugabe Regime

WSJ: "The Clinton Internet Doctrine"

Kudos to Hillary Clinton, who on Thursday launched a U.S. State Department campaign to preserve and expand Internet freedom around the world—and hit out at regimes that continue to tighten Web censorship. "Countries or individuals that engage in cyberattacks should face consequences and international condemnation," she said, following attempts by Chinese hackers to read the emails of human-rights activists by attacking Google's servers.  (...) Her note that Beijing should "conduct a thorough investigation of the cyber intrusions," does invite the fox to take the keys to the henhouse. But overall, the new Clinton Doctrine is welcome. Her department's work to fund technology development that would help activists thwart their censors, and to fight off attempts in the U.N. to restrict access to information on the Internet, could deliver an important blow against autocrats beyond the Middle Kingdom. See for instance the Twitter-powered "Green Revolution" in Iran, which has used social-networking technology to do more for regime change in the Islamic Republic than years of sanctions, threats and Geneva-based haggling put together. Social-networking may be a fad, but (...) being popular with the kids doesn't always hurt the cause of liberty. (...) >>>

Jan. 22, 2010

Washington Times: "Obama's havoc to the intel system"

President Obama blamed "the system" for failing to stop al Qaeda's Christmas Day bombing plot. The weakness with that excuse is that Mr. Obama fails to connect the dots between the systemic failure and his administration's year-long record of destroying the morale of the intelligence community. (...) >>>

Jan. 18, 2010

NewsBusters: "White House Can’t Keep Track of Jobs Saved, Or Lies Told", by Rusty Weiss

In an unfortunate choice of articles, MSNBC earlier had a featured set of headlines in their politics section regarding the stimulus package and its effect on the troubled job market. One article touts the recent White House claim that the stimulus package had saved 2 million jobs. But the other article explains why a new method of accounting adopted by the White House will make it "impossible to track the number of jobs saved or created with the $787 billion in recovery money." The screenshot below leads viewers to two very different reports(...) >>>

Jan. 14, 2010

The Washington Times: "EDITORIAL: Obama discovers the war on terrorism - Democrats are still unsure if radical Islam is a threat"

Yesterday afternoon, President Obama announced that he made a significant discovery: "We are at war." Glad he finally noticed. When Mr. Obama unilaterally ended the war on terrorism earlier this year, al Qaeda didn't get the memo. The enemy is on the offensive, seizing the initiative from what they see as a weak and timid leader. (...) >>>

Jan. 9, 2010

The "unprecedented" complicity with tyranny: This settles it. Liberalism is dead. What's left is complicity with evil. As the regime resorts to mass murder, this pomo administration is propping it up by giving it legitimacy! Liars, too. Only a few days ago they flatly denied having as much as a plan. Shameful ...

Washington TV: "Iran says studying visit request by US Senator Kerry"

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Ramin Mehmanparast, said on Tuesday that parliament was studying a request by US Senator John Kerry to visit Tehran. Asked by reporters if an official request had been made for Kerry’s visit, Mehmanparast said: “He has requested to visit Tehran but since this is a parliamentary trip, the request was referred to parliament and was studied by parliamentary officials and they will give an answer.”

Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Kerry, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, had suggested becoming the highest-ranking American emissary to visit Iran since the 1979 Islamic revolution. According to the daily, White House officials said that they would not oppose the move. Kerry had offered to travel to Tehran to broker a last-ditch agreement with Iran regarding its nuclear program. (...) >>>

Dec. 29, 2009

The anti zionist antisemitism czar (really):

Yiddish Nayes: "Obama's Antisemitism Czar's First Target: Israel"

Obama's new "antisemitism czar?" Hannah Rosenthal? Yeah, well rather than talking about all the antisemitism happening throughout the world, guess who her first target is? You guessed it - Israel! She publicly criticized the Israeli ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren, for criticizing J Street, the extreme left-leaning anti-Israel Jewish lobbying group: (...) >>>

Dec. 25, 2009

73wire: "Obama Appoints Alleged Cuban Spy as Ambassador to El Salvador"

The White House and the President have supposedly appointed a former director of La Raza as ambassador to El Salvador. Mari Del Carmen Aponte was once nominated by President Clinton as ambassador to the Dominican Republic, but was withdrawn for allegedly “co-habiting” with Cuban intelligence and being recruited to become a Cuban spy. (...) >>>

Dec. 17, 2009

FoxNews: "Robert Creamer Strikes Back", by Glenn Beck

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the left is lining up to support convicted felon Robert Creamer, the patron saint of progressivism, who was recently crowned a lifetime achievement award for his wonderful work pushing the progressive agenda. The Huffington Post, where Creamer blogs, called me a loser while in the same breath saying that all Creamer did was "float checks to keep a great progressive public interest organization alive that he was running at the time."

Oh, that's it? He only stole $2.3 million from banks? Geez, why am I so upset that this guy attended the White House state dinner and wrote the book that David Axelrod says is the "blueprint" for progressives? (...) Creamer is married to a congresswoman from Illinois; he's a powerful Democratic lobbyist and well-known Democratic consultant, including at one time for the George Soros' funded Open Society Institute. He is so non-influential, his book gets rave marks as a "blueprint" for progressives from people with zero influence on American policy — including but not limited to (...) >>>

Dec. 10, 2009

PJM: "Change, Weakness, Disaster, Obama: Answers from Victor Davis Hanson"

Bernard Chapin sits down with Victor Davis Hansen to dissect the ups and downs — but mostly downs — of Obama's first year.

Dec. 7, 2009

The czars of ClimateGate"

NewsMax: "White House Science Czar Involved in Climategate", by L.D. Breen

You haven’t heard it from America’s mainstream media yet – even Fox News hasn’t covered it – but the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Dr. John P. Holdren, is a key player in the Climategate e-mails flap, which is shaping up as the biggest scandal in the history of modern science. (...) >>>

BigGovernment: "Climate Czar Browner: What Conflict of Interest?", by Christopher C. Horner

Well, here’s yet another thing the unconfirmable Obama “Climate Czarina” Carol Browner got around disclosing thanks to, and one more reason for being stuffed into, a position of influence through the backdoor of a phony job not subject to Senate confirmation, even while lording over Senate-confirmed constitutional officers: She was on the board of one of the leading carbon offset trading companies, APX. (...) >>>

Nov. 30, 2009

Minus another farcical Maoist figure of fun in the WH (she will be sorely missed) - another empteen to go ...

FoxNews: "Dunn to Step Down as White House Communications Chief"

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn will step down by the end of November and be replaced by her deputy Dan Pfeiffer, Fox News has learned. Dunn's departure had been expected as she took the position on an interim basis earlier in the year. But her exit comes at a critical time for the White House (...) Dunn, who has been a vocal critic of Fox News and last month accused the network of being a "wing of the Republican Party," will remain as an outside consultant to the White House and continue to be involved in strategy. (...) >>>

Nov. 10, 2009

Weekly Std: "Dictatorships and Double Standards - Tough on Fiji, soft on Iran", by Stephen F. Hayes

On November 4, protesters gathered outside the gates of the U.S. embassy in Tehran to mark the 30th anniversary of the hostage-taking. There were the usual government-backed "Death to America" protests--celebrating the then-young revolutionaries and their enduring fanaticism. But there were other protests, too. (...) They had organized secretly to stage a protest to tell anyone who would listen that their democratic aspirations had not been snuffed out and that, despite the indifference of world leaders and the violence of the mullahs, they would persevere. "Death to the Dictator," they shouted in Farsi, words that could get them killed. And in what the Associated Press described as "a new and startling appeal," the protesters spoke directly to the U.S. president. "Obama, Obama," they chanted. "You are either with them or with us." (...)

Back at the State Department, spokesman Ian Kelly prepared to open his daily briefing with an unusually harsh condemnation. The United States "deplores" the "unprecedented" actions of an unelected leadership that "have undermined any opportunity for progress toward reengagement and constructive dialogue." These would have been the strongest words issued by the Obama administration about the Iranian protests if they had been about the Iranian regime. But they were actually about Fiji. Kelly said absolutely nothing about Iran. What he was deploring was a decision by "Fiji's de facto government to expel New Zealand's acting head of mission as well as Australia's high commissioner." (...) >>>

Nov. 9, 2009

Bombshell re PropArt Gate: Excerpt from a Judicial Watch press release ... (scroll down for earlier reports)

Big Hollywood: "Judicial Watch: NEA Propaganda Effort Grew Out of Obama Campaign", by Patrick Courrielche

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it obtained more documents from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests related to the NEA’s controversial August 10 conference call encouraging artists to create work that promotes the Obama agenda. The documents consist of internal NEA emails indicating the idea for the NEA propaganda effort grew out the Obama campaign while also providing new details regarding White House involvement. The Corporation for National and Community Service, which runs the AmeriCorps program, was represented during the call.

The agencies and the White House were supposedly promoting the administration’s United We Serve political initiative. The emails include the actual conference call invitation, which details the controversial policy agenda that was being promoted. (The controversial call was first uncovered by Other documents about the call were first released last week by Judicial Watch.) (...) Taxpayers should be outraged that their tax dollars were used to promote political ‘art’ for the Obama big government agenda,’ stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Visit JudicialWatch to read Judicial Watch’s NEA documents.”>>>

Nov. 2, 2009

Yes, more Mao quotes but here's evidence of something else as well! This goes to show that the Left have a skewed view on reality. If you consider that free markets are an economic corollary of the individual as basic 'unit', collectivists think it's some sort of racket for manics ... astonishing!

Freedom Eden: "Ron Bloom: Mao and Free Market 'Nonsense'"

(...) Here's video that reveals the views of Ron Bloom, Obama's Manufacturing Czar. He's not a fan of the free market. Bloom gave a keynote address at the 6th Annual Distressed Investing Forum, Union League Club, New York, February 27-28, 2008. His speech was "about a union's role in bankruptcy and restructuring." (...) >>>

Oct. 20, 2009

Here's the latest on Obama's Interim Communications Director, Anita Dunn's mental contortions enabling her to combine an admiration of Mother Theresa with mass murderer, Chrmn Mao. Her defense (paraphrasing): it was a joke, and it just goes to show the stupidity of my critics that they don't understand "irony" when they hear it. But get this: irony is pomo code word for "words are conceptless soundwaves without meaning" ...

RedState: "Putting Anita Dunn In Perspective"

These are pictures of Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward” and “Cultural Revolution.”

Over 75 million people were killed, committed suicide to escape, or died of starvation. That’s what Anita Dunn’s favorite political philosopher enacted. Students were encouraged to assault and kill their teachers. Peasants were exhorted to kill capitalists.

The Red Army destroyed temples and killed the religious — exiling the Dalai Lama and starting a wave of religious persecution and execution that goes on even now. This is the man Anita Dunn treasures for his sage wisdom — a man even the New York Times remembers as a monster, writing “Mao’s crimes against humanity … are so heinous and so gargantuan that they hardly need to be hyped.”

And we pay this woman’s salary. (...) >>>

Oct 17, 2009

PropArt Gate's Alive!

Big Government: "White House Creates ACORN for the Arts"
, by Ben Shapiro

Over the last week, Big Hollywood and Big Government have been extensively covering the August 10 conference call between the National Endowment for the Arts and a group of artists – a call on which the artists were encouraged to support President Obama’s agenda, with the tacit promise that they would be handsomely rewarded with government grants. The NEA representative on the call was then-Communications Director of the NEA Yosi Sergant.

Now we have new evidence that the White House itself has been using its sway to recruit artists – not just to support President Obama’s “volunteerism” initiatives, but to support basic planks of his political agenda, including health care. In fact, the White House has been tapping its extragovernmental political allies to work with artists with the tacit promise that NEA funds will be in the offing for those who join the Obama Administration political program. According to a briefing report from (...) >>>

Oct. 5, 2009

Hot Air: "“Political payback”: Michelle on Obama’s Chicago Olympics cronyism"

(...) Fun fact: Olbermann’s segment tonight on Obama’s Copenhagen trip was entitled, I kid you not, “Is the GOP anti-Olympics?” (...)

Fox News/Glenn Beck: "Importance of Chicago's Olympic Bid"

9-30-09 Part 3/5
9-30-09 Part 5/5


NRO The Corner: "Top 10 Reasons Chicago Didn't Get the Olympics"

Oct. 2, 2009

AiM: "Who’s Threatening Obama?"

While criticism of Obama and his policies has been intense, some of the strongest attacks on Obama have come not from the right, but from the left. Consider, for example, the "Down With Obama's War in Afghanistan" front-page headline and story in the Workers Vanguard newspaper. This self-described "Marxist Working-Class Biweekly of the Spartacist League of the U.S." had previously warned that Afghanistan was to be "Obama's preferred theater of imperialist carnage." Some of the same communist groups which opposed Bush's Iraq policy oppose Obama on Afghanistan. While the Communist Party USA is strongly supporting the President, there are many on the far-left who despise him. Citing Afghanistan and other issues, some of the Marxist true-believers already view Obama as a sell-out. (...) >>>

Sept. 21, 2009

Here's a good example how a scientific front is used for Leftist activism. Barack Obama's OSHA nominee, David Michaels, an epidemiologist with extensive experience in research, regulatory and public policy and program administration, heads SKAPP, an organization ostensibly for "defending science", but that is actually promoting green control measures and engages in legal harrassment of industries.

RedState: "Obama’s OSHA Pick, David Michaels, Makes Van Jones Look Tame"

At a time when the unemployment rate is nearing double-digits, President Obama’s OSHA nominee, David Michaels, threatens to be an occupational hazard. He’s also a radical Conservatives who were outraged by Van Jones should be apoplectic about his tenure when they consider that — according to their website — OSHA “inspected 38,579 workplaces during Fiscal Year 2006.”

David Michaels was behind the junk-science efforts to smear Bisphenol A (BPA) , an innovative chemical used to make plastics stronger. A few months ago, I wrote about BPA. Here’s an excerpt (...) Like Obama’s other “Czars” and appointees, Michaels’ brand of radicalism extends beyond his area of expertise. In fact, Michaels sees even the 2nd Amendment as a work-place “regulatory” issue where he might, as head of OSHA, intervene. Compared to Michaels, Mr. Van Jones is Mr. Dick Van Dyke. >>>

Next ...

Washington Times: "EDITORIAL: Inartful politics - The NEA continues to dodge questions about growing scandal"

National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Rocco Landesman owes American taxpayers an explanation.

Last month, a top NEA official gathered artists and arts organizations in a conference call that also included a White House official and clearly asked the arts community to get behind the administration's agenda, including the current top priority, health care. A mere 48 hours after the request, 21 art organizations led by an arts lobbying organization, Americans for the Arts, released the first of two public statements endorsing health care reform and urging Congress to act.

Such a meeting would be disturbing enough -- a grant-maker backed by the White House asking grant recipients to support the administration agenda crosses the line from persuasion to coercion. Artists and arts groups that want funding from the NEA to continue cannot help but feel pressure to comply with the administration's wishes. That alone is wrong. (...) >>>

Sept. 15, 2009

As was to be expected Obama consigliere and alter ego Valerie Jarrett is a linchpin in the administration and does much of the hiring. Apparently she takes a radical background like Van Jones, for granted. She also signed off on the hiring of "diversity" czar and Chavez admiror Mark Lloyd and the mad postmodern "regulation" czar Cass Sunstein (take action), who cannot separate facts from opinion and writes entire books confusing the two.

American Spectator: "Valerie Jarrett's Show"

(...) According to administration sources, Sunstein's office is looking for ways to impose through the regulatory process those Obama White House health care, environmental, and labor policies that do not survive the legislative process. "The goal from this White House is to have as much nonspecific language passed by Congress in policy areas like health care and the environment and then use Sunstein's office to put in place the regulatory language called for by Congress that gets us to where we want to be. It may very well be the most important job in this administration, given the lack of success we may have on Capitol Hill," says a White House source. (...) >>>

Sept. 9, 2009

After Van, is the consigliere next?

Kincaid of AiM and Loudon of New Zeal trace the Jones appointment back to far-left Oakland Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, presidential campaign adviser to Obama, and is a friend of Jones and Obama. Jones and Lee worked together on "green jobs" in Oakland. At the same time, "the spotlight must go on Jarrett." "But eventually it must come back to the president himself." He explains, "Jones and Obama have worked with the same people all the way."

The post furthermore explains the 'moderate' and suddenly radical appointments: the strategy is feint to the right, move left. Loudon concludes: Loudon concludes, "Jones' resignation is a blow for the left and a victory for freedom, but it is only the beginning in unmasking a whole series of White House radicals. They may not have been as loud mouth and indiscrete as Van Jones -but that makes them more dangerous, not less."

Red State: "The Van Jones resignation raises more serious questions"

The Politico has a detailed article on the Van Jones resignation that raises some serious questions. (...)

The White House argument that they did not “vet” Van Jones because of his low level role does not add up. Van Jones was in charge of $80 billion and his role was specially created for him.

All of this obfuscates the serious questions now raised: Who created this special job for Van Jones and what vetting of any sort did he get?

In fact, I’m being told that Valerie Jarrett overruled objections raised by the White House Counsel’s Office and insisted Van Jones be put in that spot. (...)

So, the third great question is this: Does Valerie Jarrett think 9/11 Trutherism is an acceptable view point? That position would put her to the left of Daily Kos, which banned 9/11 Truthers from their site. >>>

Sept. 8, 2009

The King of Astroturf piles it on ...

Human Events: "Axelrod Cashes In On 'Change'", by Rowan Scarborough

Barack Obama's chief White House adviser is collecting millions of dollars from his former public relations firms as they sign lucrative contracts with coalitions recently created to push the president's agenda.

After arriving at the White House as top political guru, David Axelrod filed a required financial disclosure form that shows he will receive $3 million in installments over the next five years in a buyout with AKP&D Message and Media, and Ask Public Strategies.

The bottom line: Axelrod is essentially on his old firms' payrolls as he sits in the Oval Office as the closest confidant to the president. Advocacy groups know that when they are hiring AKP or Ask Public they are helping those companies stay profitable and make good on the $3 million. (...) >>>

Aug 21, 2009

The essence of Fascism isn't jackboots, swastikas and flags. It's making everything - from individual to corporation - subservient to the whole. With that in mind, is this still Fascism with a ;)? Here's more on Dr Ezekiel Emanuel:


(...) Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. He has already been appointed to two key positions: health-policy adviser at the Office of Management and Budget and a member of Federal Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research. Emanuel bluntly admits that the cuts will not be pain-free. (...) Savings, he writes, will require changing how doctors think about their patients: Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath too seriously, "as an imperative to do everything for the patient regardless of the cost or effects on others" (Journal of the American Medical Association, June 18, 2008).

Yes, that's what patients want their doctors to do. But Emanuel wants doctors to look beyond the needs of their patients and consider social justice, such as whether the money could be better spent on somebody else. (...) "Unlike allocation by sex or race, allocation by age is not invidious discrimination; every person lives through different life stages rather than being a single age. Even if 25-year-olds receive priority over 65-year-olds, everyone who is 65 years now was previously 25 years" (Lancet, Jan. 31). (...) >>>

Aug. 17, 2009

The O team, in their limitless hubris and staggering amorality, are now really starting to shave it perilously close. They're bound to cut themselves one of these days. Regarding the Health Care reform Bill it not only transpires that, the AARP and the big drugmakers are in the tank, but two propadanda firms - one of which employed David Axelrod until he resigned - have been hired to push for this statist pile of unethical bureaucracy (read all about it on Bloomberg in "Obama Campaign Ad Firms Signed On to Push Health-Care Overhaul"). Not satisfied with insulting and threatening the opposition as well as the actual voters, the White House has now resorted to spamming:

Examiner: "Is the Obama White House spamming America?"

On Thursday, after Obama adviser David Axelrod sent out a "chain" email trying to rebut criticism of Obamacare, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs got into a heated exchange with FOX News' Major Garrett over unsolicited White House email. Sending unsolicited email is a serious issue and, like the Flag@Whitehouse snitch list, this latest misadventure also might be illegal. Sean Hannity discusses the issue with Tony Blankley in the following video: (...) >>>

... and if you think that's all here's what the media don't tell you about Rahm Emanuel

Aug. 15, 2009

Glenn Beck: "List of Obama's Czars"

As of July 20, 2009:

• The Brainroom counts 32 czars in the Obama administration, based on media reports from reputable sources that have identified the official in question as a czar.
• In addition, President Obama has said that he will create the position of cyber czar, and there have been media reports that there could be a health insurance czar and a copyright czar. When and if those positions are filled, that would bring the total to 35.
• Since czar isn't an official job title, the number is somewhat in the eye of the beholder. (...) >>>

Aug. 14, 2009 - you can also watch the Czar list on PJTV

WSJ: "Banishing Our Friends - The State Department revokes the visas of Honduran officials"

The State Department announced Tuesday that it revoked the diplomatic visas of four Honduran officials because the U.S. doesn’t recognize the interim government of Roberto Micheletti. Hondurans can be forgiven if they recall the bitter Vietnam-era joke that while it can be dangerous to be America’s enemy, it can be fatal to be its friend. (...) >>>

July 30, 2009

Anyone still having doubts about the direction Obama is taking the US with break neck speed, will perhaps be convinced reading this FT article on the "US seeks closer China ties" or WSJ's "U.S. Woos Damascus by Easing Export Ban" (and consider which countries and groups Obama has already thrown under the bus) ...

Hudson Institute: "Is the U.S. Still a Dependable Ally?", by Herbert I. London

(...) One might argue that President Obama, lacking foreign policy experience is learning on the job. Presumably there is much to learn and many challenges ahead. But there is an underlying philosophical view that has become alarmingly apparent: preemptive declinism, a belief that the United States is not an exceptional nation and is not entitled by virtue of history to play a role on the world stage different from other nations. As Obama sees it, American is merely one of many.

That America is the balance wheel in an unstable world, creating equilibrium out of chaos, is an anachronistic position for this administration. It would seem that it is more desirable to envision a political vacuum or other world powers emerging than assert American influence. Therefore the Obama administration acts as if it had less leverage in international affairs than it actually has. It appears timorous and fearful sending a signal, willy nilly, that the United States cannot be depended on.

Yet despite setbacks and many worldwide commitments, the U.S. still possesses extraordinary power and influence on the global stage. Of course like a muscle, if this power isn’t used, it will atrophy. At the moment, the rise of declinism is having its effect. (...) Declinism also vitiates every aspect of negotiation with allies as well as enemies. Our foes believe they can take advantage of apparent weakness and may overreach and miscalculate. Our friends may grow to distrust us seeking to go it alone, or worse, enlist assistance from others.

While Teddy Roosevelt admonished Americans to speak softly but carry a big stick, Obama seems to suggest we should bury the stick and keep on talking. Unfortunately the talk itself has dangerous implications, and the world is not waiting for the United States to undo its present infatuation with declinism. >>>

July 28, 2009

The King of Astroturf piles it on ...

Human Events: "Axelrod Cashes In On 'Change'", by Rowan Scarborough

Barack Obama's chief White House adviser is collecting millions of dollars from his former public relations firms as they sign lucrative contracts with coalitions recently created to push the president's agenda.

After arriving at the White House as top political guru, David Axelrod filed a required financial disclosure form that shows he will receive $3 million in installments over the next five years in a buyout with AKP&D Message and Media, and Ask Public Strategies.

The bottom line: Axelrod is essentially on his old firms' payrolls as he sits in the Oval Office as the closest confidant to the president. Advocacy groups know that when they are hiring AKP or Ask Public they are helping those companies stay profitable and make good on the $3 million. (...) >>>

Aug 21, 2009

The essence of Fascism isn't jackboots, swastikas and flags. It's making everything - from individual to corporation - subservient to the whole. With that in mind, is this still Fascism with a ;)? Here's more on Dr Ezekiel Emanuel:


(...) Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. He has already been appointed to two key positions: health-policy adviser at the Office of Management and Budget and a member of Federal Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research. Emanuel bluntly admits that the cuts will not be pain-free. (...) Savings, he writes, will require changing how doctors think about their patients: Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath too seriously, "as an imperative to do everything for the patient regardless of the cost or effects on others" (Journal of the American Medical Association, June 18, 2008).

Yes, that's what patients want their doctors to do. But Emanuel wants doctors to look beyond the needs of their patients and consider social justice, such as whether the money could be better spent on somebody else. (...) "Unlike allocation by sex or race, allocation by age is not invidious discrimination; every person lives through different life stages rather than being a single age. Even if 25-year-olds receive priority over 65-year-olds, everyone who is 65 years now was previously 25 years" (Lancet, Jan. 31). (...) >>>

Aug. 17, 2009

The O team, in their limitless hubris and staggering amorality, are now really starting to shave it perilously close. They're bound to cut themselves one of these days. Regarding the Health Care reform Bill it not only transpires that, the AARP and the big drugmakers are in the tank, but two propadanda firms - one of which employed David Axelrod until he resigned - have been hired to push for this statist pile of unethical bureaucracy (read all about it on Bloomberg in "Obama Campaign Ad Firms Signed On to Push Health-Care Overhaul"). Not satisfied with insulting andthreatening the opposition as well as the actual voters, the White House has now resorted to spamming:

Examiner: "Is the Obama White House spamming America?"

On Thursday, after Obama adviser David Axelrod sent out a "chain" email trying to rebut criticism of Obamacare, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs got into a heated exchange with FOX News' Major Garrett over unsolicited White House email. Sending unsolicited email is a serious issue and, like the Flag@Whitehouse snitch list, this latest misadventure also might be illegal. Sean Hannity discusses the issue with Tony Blankley in the following video: (...) >>>

... and if you think that's all here's what the media don't tell you about Rahm Emanuel

Aug. 15, 2009

Glenn Beck: "List of Obama's Czars"

As of July 20, 2009:

• The Brainroom counts 32 czars in the Obama administration, based on media reports from reputable sources that have identified the official in question as a czar.
• In addition, President Obama has said that he will create the position of cyber czar, and there have been media reports that there could be a health insurance czar and a copyright czar. When and if those positions are filled, that would bring the total to 35.
• Since czar isn't an official job title, the number is somewhat in the eye of the beholder. (...) >>>

Aug. 14, 2009 - you can also watch the Czar list on PJTV

WSJ: "Banishing Our Friends - The State Department revokes the visas of Honduran officials"

The State Department announced Tuesday that it revoked the diplomatic visas of four Honduran officials because the U.S. doesn’t recognize the interim government of Roberto Micheletti. Hondurans can be forgiven if they recall the bitter Vietnam-era joke that while it can be dangerous to be America’s enemy, it can be fatal to be its friend. (...) >>>

July 30, 2009

Anyone still having doubts about the direction Obama is taking the US with break neck speed,  will perhaps be convinced reading this FT article on the "US seeks closer China ties" or WSJ's "U.S. Woos Damascus by Easing Export Ban" (and consider which countries and groups Obama has already thrown under the bus) ...

Hudson Institute: "Is the U.S. Still a Dependable Ally?", by Herbert I. London

(...) One might argue that President Obama, lacking foreign policy experience is learning on the job. Presumably there is much to learn and many challenges ahead. But there is an underlying philosophical view that has become alarmingly apparent: preemptive declinism, a belief that the United States is not an exceptional nation and is not entitled by virtue of history to play a role on the world stage different from other nations. As Obama sees it, American is merely one of many.

That America is the balance wheel in an unstable world, creating equilibrium out of chaos, is an anachronistic position for this administration. It would seem that it is more desirable to envision a political vacuum or other world powers emerging than assert American influence. Therefore the Obama administration acts as if it had less leverage in international affairs than it actually has. It appears timorous and fearful sending a signal, willy nilly, that the United States cannot be depended on.

Yet despite setbacks and many worldwide commitments, the U.S. still possesses extraordinary power and influence on the global stage. Of course like a muscle, if this power isn’t used, it will atrophy. At the moment, the rise of declinism is having its effect. (...) Declinism also vitiates every aspect of negotiation with allies as well as enemies. Our foes believe they can take advantage of apparent weakness and may overreach and miscalculate. Our friends may grow to distrust us seeking to go it alone, or worse, enlist assistance from others.

While Teddy Roosevelt admonished Americans to speak softly but carry a big stick, Obama seems to suggest we should bury the stick and keep on talking. Unfortunately the talk itself has dangerous implications, and the world is not waiting for the United States to undo its present infatuation with declinism. >>>

July 28, 2009

The appointment of Obama's inner cabinet of unaccountble czars is getting just a trifle too incestuous and predictable. Mr Nudge - Cass Sunstein - married to National Security Council Director of Multilateral Affairs, Samantha Power - has been nominated as Regulation Czar, but ... how to put this? ... there seems to be some controversy, but in the wrong department. The appointment of the "prolific writer" and inventor of "The Nudge" would place him eminently to do at which he excels: making people act in accordance with the politically correct ethics of the day.

Sunstein is an expert at inducing obedience in the unwashed with the use of psychological trickery - some generation of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP, or hypnosis 2.0). The Obama campaign had Mr Nudge's signature all over it. In a later pamphlet he describes his latest thesis on group polarization (see also a number of entries on the file of "Big Brother's Smoke and Mirrors"). The relativist, hyper subjective mass manipulator would indeed come into his own as Obama's Regulation Czar - an amoral witch doctor on steroids. If appointed (and there's no doubt he will) his wishes to "litigate on behalf of animals" may well prove to be the least of our worries.

Fox News: "Obama Regulatory Czar's Confirmation Held Up by Hunting Rights Proponent"

(...) One of Sunstein's top jobs would be to review and provide guidance for draft federal regulations at different federal agencies. It is a wide-ranging and largely unrestrained position in the executive branch.  That's a large part of the reason Sunstein's positions on animal rights have become worrisome to his critics. (...) The Center for Consumer Freedom's David Martosko, a Sunstein critic, said those positions make the agricultural industry -- major stakeholders in the states represented by both Chambliss and Cornyn -- nervous. Martosko said there are plenty of ways to pursue a "stealth campaign" on any one of these fronts -- guns or animal rights -- by putting pressure on the regulatory heads of the different agencies.

"He is the gatekeeper between the president and the secretaries," he said, noting that "as a regulatory czar, he won't be a judge or a legislator, so he cannot make laws. ... What he can do is nudge the departments in the direction of his philosophy," which is very much in line with "hard core animal rights zealots." But Sunstein, who is married to National Security Council Director of Multilateral Affairs Samantha Power, has earned widely varied reviews among the political left and right (...)

News of Sunstein's latest book, "On Rumors: How Falsehoods Spread, Why We Believe Them, What Can Be Done," lit up the blogosphere last week when The New York Post ran a column by a reviewer who received an advance copy. Writer Kyle Smith suggested Sunstein threatens to tweak libel laws for the Internet and make online writers, particularly bloggers, legally responsible for falsehoods and rumors that get generated in cyberspace.  "Sunstein calls for a 'notice and take down' law that would require bloggers and service providers to 'take down falsehoods upon notice,' even those made by commenters -- but without apparent penalty," Smith wrote. "How long would it take for a court to sort out the truth? (Presidential daughters) Sasha and Malia will be running for president by then. Nobody will care anymore. But it will give politicians the ability to tie up their online critics in court." Sunstein, a prolific writer who has penned 35 books since 1990, has plowed the issue of rumors and how they are spread, and leaves much of the policy debate in the air. (...) >>>

July 22, 2009

Well, Obama's collection of Leftist and Rightist subjective collectivists (otherwise known as postmodernists) is coming together quite nicely. Anyone by now ought to be shockproof, but unfortunately the appointment of a antihuman nihilist as Science Czar still got me personally reeling in disbelief that my philosophical extrapolations are followed to the bitter end! I must admit, I cannot predict the outcome, but I can guarantee it won't be pretty.

IBD: "Czar 54, Who Are You?"

Our new science czar, John Holdren, once backed compulsory sterilization and forced abortion as part of a government population-control program. The only thing missing was a Soylent Green recipe.In a recently rediscovered 1977 book, "Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment," co-authored with doomsters Paul and Anne Ehrlich, Holdren, who holds the post of presidential assistant for science technology, revealed his pessimistic and apocalyptic views on all three topics. They are disturbing.

He hates people and views them as the root of all planetary evils. Large families are a target of Holdren and the Ehrlichs, who write that they "contribute to general social deterioration by overproducing children" and "can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility."
On page 837, Holdren writes "it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society."
Overproducing children? On the next page, Holdren asserts that "neither the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution mentions a right to reproduce." He missed that part about life being an inalienable right.

Existing Constitution? On page 943, Holdren proposes "a comprehensive Planetary Regime (that) could control the development, administration and distribution of all natural resources . . . not only in the atmosphere and the oceans, but in such freshwater bodies as rivers and lakes." We believe that was tried in Kyoto and will be tried again in Copenhagen. (...) >>>

July 21, 2009

Front Page has an interesting take on Obama's brigade of czars, "with unprecedented and seemingly unlimited authority in a breadth of fields—ranging from U.S. border czar to Iran czar. All are responsible only to Obama. Now, the Messiah's appointment of czars has been labeled a blatant and unconstitutional power grab by an unusual source—the President pro tempore of the U.S. Senate, Robert Byrd, D-WV" (...) >>>

Bayou Buzz: "U.S. Obama: A Green Communist Czar", by Jeff Crouere

(...) The Obama administration has been aggressively accumulating as much government power as possible and taking over companies in the private sector. From the financial industry to the automotive industry, major entities are now owned by the federal government. This government intrusion into the free market system is disturbing to say the least, but making it even more disturbing is that the President is appointing radicals to his administration. Of course, Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a host of other cabinet secretaries are renowned leftists, but they are positively conservative compared to “Green Jobs” czar Van Jones.

Jones is a self proclaimed communist, who worked as a black radical and has a long history as a left coast community organizer and anarchist. In 1992, Jones rioted after the Rodney King verdict and was arrested. Instead of changing his ways and becoming a law abiding citizen, Jones was “radicalized in jail.” Upon his release, Jones started a utopian organization that advocated communism and central planning. Eventually, he became a proponent for extreme environmentalism and “green jobs.”

President Obama is the first president in recent history to appoint a communist to a key government position. It is amazing that Obama would not only choose an admitted communist for this czar position, but someone with a criminal record. This is another in a long line of disturbing decisions made by Barack Obama. (...) >>>

July 17, 2009

The Hill: House overwhelmingly rejects signing statement"

The House rebuked President Obama for trying to ignore restrictions to international aid payments, voting overwhelmingly for an amendment forcing the administration to abide by its constraints. House members approved an amendment by a 429-2 vote to have the Obama administration pressure the World Bank to strengthen labor and environmental standards and require a Treasury Department report on World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) activities. The amendment to a 2010 funding bill for the State Department and foreign operations was proposed by Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas), but it received broad bipartisan support. (...)

Obama, in a statement made as he signed the bill, said that he would ignore the conditions. They would "interfere with my constitutional authority to conduct foreign relations by directing the Executive to take certain positions in negotiations or discussions with international organizations and foreign governments, or by requiring consultation with the Congress prior to such negotiations or discussions," Obama said in the signing statement. (...) >>>

This is a busy file today! Can hardly keep up with all the radical connections and co-optations ...


(...) Valerie Jarrett, the #2 woman at the White House, Rick Warren, and the Department of State were represented at the ISNA racist hatefest. Pure hate speech was said, and the Obama administration was there. Pure Islamic Jew hatred. What does that say?

During the 2009 Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention, Imam Warith Deen Umar spoke about his books, Jews for Salaam: The Straight Path to Global Peace, and Judaiology. Umar, the former head of New York prisons' Muslim chaplain program, repeatedly described Jewish conspiracies to control the world, as he does in this excerpt. Here's the audio: Download ISNA hate. Transcript (...) >>>

Co-opting the CPUSA agenda: United for Peace and Justice (that's how it's now called): the 'logic': US=war, peace=(social) justice (=socialism) ...

NewZeal: "US Communist Judith LeBlanc Tells Aussies About Obama's Foreign Policy-After All, She Should Know"

I have consistently maintained that the Communist Party USA-operating through the US labor movement, organizations like ACORN, Jobs with Justice and of course United for Peace&Justice played a leading role in electing their "friend" Barack Obama. The next step is to pressure the Obama administration into implementing the Communist Party's agenda. (...) Some excerpts from the CPA's latest Guardian (...) >>>

Sotomayor's radicalism: Information has it that the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund (PRLDEF, sister organization to MALDEF) or La Raza (means "The Race"), is a group solidly behind the Reconquista movement—repatriating much of the west and southwest to Mexico.

The slant in the following excerpt is also noteworthy, because this tactic is used time and again (that valid critique is somehow morally reprehensible):

AP: "Hispanic rights group at center of Sotomayor fight"

(...) "You have a reputable group [PRLDEF] that has stood up for the civil rights of Latinos for 37 years," said Perales, the group's president. "To suddenly be accused of being something bad, and that anyone associated with it should not be allowed to serve on the Supreme Court, to me is shocking." (...) "White House, Senator Debate Papers Linking Sotomayor to Pro-Abortion Group"

July 11, 2009

Mere Rhetoric: "Obama Increases Aid To Arab And Muslim Regimes, Zeros Out Funding For Iranian And Egyptian Democracy Movements

(...) In the latest in a recent series of increased American assistance efforts for Arab and Muslim states, U.S. President Barack Obama has allocated an additional $150 million to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The regimes leading Egypt, the Palestinian Authority, the United Arab Emirates and even Saudi Arabia have all benefited from recent American policy shifts...
2009 State Department funding for the promotion of democratic initiatives in Egypt was cut from $50 million to $20 million. In addition (...) >>>

July 2, 2009

Politeia: "Riddle of the Day: The Obama Ideology"

(....) The only discernable pattern to Obama's foreign policy decisions since taking office seems to reflect an attraction by Obama to dictatorial governments and disdain for freedom loving democracies. How else can one rationalize the disparity between his silence and weak response to the protests and bloodshed in Iran and his powerful and demanding response to the coup in Honduras? America's President is consistently supportive of tyrants at the expense of oppressed citizens who bear a terrible price for his policies. (...) >>>
We claim, it's the Postmodern philosophy - of which BHO is the quintessential adept - making a bee-line from the Anti Modernist (or the Counter-Enlightenment) movement headed by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Kant and Hegel, straight to Marx (Socialism, Communism), Nietzsche (proto Nazi), Heidegger (Nazi and full-blown pomo), to post WWII Existentialists (Stalin and Mao apologists) to the Deconstructionists (Jacques Derrida, Paul de Man, Richard Rorty, et al) and the founders of American Pragmatism, Charles Sanders Peirce, William James and John Dewey ... from which today's Postmodernism is but one small step (...) >>>
June 30, 2009

As people are giving their lives in Iran for a semblence of freedom, the Great O and His Pomos invoke moral equivalence: liberty=tyranny. Bolton gets it:

Standpoint: "The Post-American Presidency", by John Bolton

(...) during the 2008 primaries, Democratic candidates fiercely debated their respective abilities to handle the "3am call," and Joe Biden later warned that the inexperienced Illinois Senator would be "tested" early in his tenure. Now there is a partial record, and, more importantly, a worldview on which we can grade Obama's performance. Obama is the first post-American President. Central to his worldview is rejecting American exceptionalism and the consequences that flow therefrom. Since an overwhelming majority of the world's population would welcome the demise of American exceptionalism, they are delighted with Obama.

(...) as a successful politician, Obama is never going to admit expressly that he rejects a unique US role in the world. Asked during his trip about this very subject, Obama responded, "I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism." This answer, of course, proves precisely the opposite of what Obama is ostensibly saying. If every country is exceptional, none is.  (...)

The then Vice-President George H. W. Bush best described the type in 1988, contrasting himself with his opponent, Michael Dukakis: "He sees America as another pleasant country on the UN roll call, somewhere between Albania and Zimbabwe. I see America as the leader — a unique nation with a special role in the world." The Dukakis/Obama approach of near-universal "moral equivalency" is widely held by European leaders, but not previously by a US President, so we will now find out just how European we have become. (...) >>>

June 29, 2009

Politeia: "Are they Mental?!"

For Obama the entire situation is far above his pay grade. After giving vent to personal anxieties for a week, the White House said today it had no reaction to Mr. Khamenei's remarks. (...) "We're not going to be used as political foils and political footballs in a debate that's happening by Iranians in Iran," Mr. Gibbs said. That's right! There's nothing to choose between the protesters and the representatives of the regime. Here we are: eye-witnesses on the global stage to what a false philosophy can do to man's mind, rendering him mentally incapable of separating good from evil, of distinguishing one Iranian from the next - all equally valid! Can we please stop doing moral equivalence now, before even greater damage is done? Read the entire story (...) >>>

e 20, 2009

FEATURE - Will the new Al Smith please stand up and lead ...

American Thinker: "Betrayal of the Democratic Party", by George Joyce

(...) The leftist onslaught that met Dick Cheney's recent defense of his country pales in comparison however to the ugly reception Democrat Al Smith received in 1936 when he challenged his own party's attempt to remake America. A four term Democratic governor from New York, Smith had lost the 1928 presidential election to Republican Herbert Hoover. In 1932 Al Smith joined in to support Roosevelt for President but by 1936, despite the immense popularity of FDR, Smith began to panic: his party and his country were becoming unrecognizable to him. Although many Democrats tried to pin the "treason" label on Al Smith for his stand against the New Deal legislation the dubious moniker had trouble sticking. (...) >>>

June 7, 2009

PJM: "America’s First Postmodern President, Supreme Court Justice, Treasury Secretary…", by Victor Davis Hanson

One of the chief tenets of postmodernism is relativism — the notion that neither morality nor wisdom is absolute and definable, but instead simply predicated on what those with power and advantage say they are.In response, the postmodernist sees “competing truths” and “rival moralities” that are of at least roughly equal merit. Indeed, those marginalized often have a higher claim on truth and knowledge by the very fact of their prior exploitation that becomes a force multiplier of their more authentic ideas and empathetic beliefs. Those who disagree, and “privilege” a timeless, abstract truth or morality, can easily be “deconstructed” or “unpacked” to reveal a particular selfish agenda that involves the perpetuation of power and privilege. (...) >>>

June 4, 2009

Politeia: "2009: Reintroducing Class Justice"

The blatant class justice and 'reverse' racism on display all over the Western hemisphere and how this is apparently the natural standard for entire cohorts of postmodernists, is reaching fever pitch! Case in point: Sonio Sotomayor, Obama's pick for the US Supreme Court. Bear with me, as we explore the concepts and definitions of objectivity and subjectivity in various fields. Here's part preview of Chapter 2 of "The Dystopia of Paradise": Definitions (...) >>>

June 1, 2009

This activist Judge has it all: subjectivist ('empathy'), polylogistic (racist), and a fully developed awareness of the postmodern dialectic (minorities against the white, male heterosexual) ... Isabel Allende, eat your heart out!

Washington Times: "EDITORIAL: A judge too far"

With his nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the U.S. Supreme Court, President Obama has abandoned all pretense of being a post-partisan president. While he may like to think of himself as a thoughtful moderate soaring above the issues that divide America, his actions reveal what hides under that hopeful lining. Presidents usually nominate judges that espouse their philosophy. So what does this nomination tell us about Mr. Obama's true colors? (...) A suspiciously high number of her decisions have been overruled by higher courts. (...) There will be much to say in days to come about Judge Sotomayor's manifest lack of appropriate judicial restraint and about other problems in her record. For now, though, three red flags beg for attention (...) >>>

May 28, 2009

Not so long ago Messrs Clinton and Blair represented the height of sophistication of what subjectivists had to offer by way of spinning language at their political whim. The Obama team has left that category far behind ... they don't need language, they're molding the perception of reality itself! The doc connects the dots:

Dr Sanity: "ALL HE IS NOT SAYING IS...."

(...) Over and over again I hear how "wonderful" Obama's rhetoric is; how much everyone responds to it and how it makes them hopeful about the future etc. etc. etc. (...) Understand that I listen to people for a living. I hear various degrees of honesty, sincerity, and real emotional pain being expressed on a regular basis. I also hear some of the most self-serving, dishonest and completely irresponsible utterings that it is possible to imagine. Yet, in my professional career, I have to freely admit that I have heard nothing like the deceitful and self-aggrandizing utterings of Barack Obama, which seem to get more and more pathological with every speech he gives. His most recent scam, in the National Archives in front of a fake copy of the U.S. Constitution just about takes the cake. This is not irony, so much as it is the grandiosity of tyranny. Bill Clinton--who I actually liked for the most part; even his amusing narcissism, which seems so childishly innocent in retrospect--was completely harmless compared to the sociopathic statist that is our current POTUS. (...) >>>

May 26, 2009

For the moment we are agnostic how to categorize the latest act of megalOmania (N.B. how many omens do we need?):

Hot Air: "Good news: White House launches its own news network"

What could go wrong? Seriously, Tapper’s being a tiny bit paranoid about this in my opinion, but don’t let me stand in the way of a good hand-wringing about Obama starting his own nascent propaganda bureau. Besides, JT’s honest enough to wink at how much the media slobbers over The One (...) Is the goal to ultimately replace the pesky photographers who film what they want to and not what they’re told to (not to mention the annoying reporters who ask uncomfortable questions about, say, detainee policy and bank bailouts)?If that’s the goal, it’s a monster scandal. But, er, this isn’t exactly the smoking gun that proves it.  (...) >>>

May 24, 2009

For those unversed in pomo thinking it's very hard to understand that there's an unpenetrable wall of separation between reality and the pomo perception of it: usually it isn't the same thing at all! VDH is analyzing:

PJM: "Cracks in the Facade", by Victor Davis Hanson

(...) I think we are beginning — after less than four months — to see fissures in Obama’s Pentelic statuary. And the cracks will widen, because in about six areas he has taken on human nature itself, age-old logic, and common sense-opponents that even a Harvard Law degree and Chicago organizing are no match for. (...) Obama could have had a one-time stimulus, then vowed to balance the budget. He might have praised wind and solar as he asked the carbon industry to ‘get us through.’ He could have politely disagreed with Bush, but framing differences in the tragic notion of no good choices. He might have cooled the overseas apologies, savvy that other nations have more to apologize for than his own.

Obama should have established zero-tolerance for tax avoidance at a time of record tax increases. He could have remonstrated with Wall Street, and sought to rein in excess without Europeanizing the financial sector. He could have proactively reformed entitlements with bipartisan support, rather than, as will happen, drastically address them in the 11th hour. But then to do all that would be to assume he never went to Trinity Church, knew no Rev. Wright, Ayers, Khalidi, etc., did not run mysterious campaigns that eliminated opponents before the elections, was not the most partisan Senator in Congress, and avoided rather crude social and racial stereotyping while campaigning. Most who read this will not agree, given the mesmerizing effect of the Obama charisma. But in time, unless there are radical changes, I think the nation will come to learn that such talent was not put in service to our collective welfare. (...) >>>

May 15, 2009

PJM: "Obama Shocks the Elites", by Tom Blumer

It would be funny if the stakes — the future direction of this country for many years to come — weren’t so high. It’s still hard not to feel just a bit of schadenfreude watching many of Barack Obama’s supporters, particularly those who are among the well-positioned or financially well-off, fidget, whine, and moan as they discover what those of us who actually researched and studied the guy before the election knew about him. Slowly but surely it is dawning on many of these elites that Obama is exactly what he was in rare unguarded moments during his presidential campaign, during his brief U.S. Senate career as its most liberal member, during his time as an Illinois senator, and, to the extent we were able or allowed to learn it, during his life up to that point: a far-left, class-warfare, redistributionist demagogue. They are also learning that he is bound and determined to impose a radical agenda on the rest of the country and that he has little interest in making exceptions for those who thought they were buying protection or favors with their campaign dollars. (...)

Obama’s core radicalism far exceeds that of even Clinton’s wife Hillary on her worst day. The fact that the media mostly covered up Obama’s extreme positions and associations to dumpster-dive in Alaska may excuse the ignorance of the masses; but it doesn’t excuse that of the elites. (...) They are supposed to be among the engaged. They have a vested interest in paying close attention to reality and getting past the campaign hype. Instead, they fell for it all, hook, line, and sinker. Now the game has changed to “how can we play along with this guy and not get hurt, or at least not get hurt too badly?” Sadly, the only reason they may be spared is that they’re lucky, not smart. (...) >>>

May 14, 2009

All American Blogger: "Obama’s use of controlled chaos", Dr. Ellis Washington - FEATURE

In the 1998 movie “Enemy of the State,” Robert Clayton Dean (Will Smith) and “Brill” (Gene Hackman) have their lives turned upside down by excessive surveillance activity from a sinister top NSA official, Thomas Reynolds (Jon Voight). Reynolds and a rogue group of NSA agents killed a congressman in a political-related murder, which was caught on tape, and for the rest of the movie they try to cover up the murder through deceit, misdirection and chaos theory – destroying evidence and intimidating witnesses, including Dean and Brill. (...)
[It] reminds me of the Machiavellian tactics President Obama and his advisers are using today. These people, most of them Ivy-League graduates and diehard socialists, are very intelligent people. They realize that their policy remedies to fix the economy have no historical or rational basis and are only causing more economic uncertainty and chaos on Wall Street and on economic indicators throughout the world. Therefore, the salient question becomes: Why is the Obamaadministration causing such chaos against his own nation, his own people who just elected him as the first black man to serve as president of United States? It’s chaos theory. (...) >>>

Mar 19, 2009

News Busters: "Media Forgets Obama's Nominee to Justice Dept. Was a Terrorist's Lawyer"

On March 9, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on one of Barack Obama's latest nominees. This time it was to assess the suitability of Tony West, Obama's nominee for the assistant attorney general in charge of the U.S. Justice Department's Civil Division. Things went "smoothly" according to the San Jose Mercury News, also publishing a nice bio of West. TheWashington Post merely mentioned the hearing was "notable." (...)

Curiously enough, though, not one of these brief reports mention that Tony West was "American Taliban" terrorist John Walker Lindh's defense lawyer. Another key bit of info left out of these announcements was that Tony West raised $65 million for Obama's presidential campaign. (...) This appointment of a terrorist's defense lawyer to the Department of Justice announces that Barack Obama is in favor of a more lenient stance on terrorists (...) in a era when most of us still acutely feel that Islamic terrorism is an important worry that should still feature prominently in our planning, Barack Obama is appointing a terrorist's lawyer to one of the very agencies that is supposed to protect us all. >>>

Mar 14, 2009

Israel Matzav: "Congress demands probe into Freeman's Saudi ties"

Nine US representatives (eight of them Republicans), including House Minority Leader John Boehner and House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, are demanding that the inspector general of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence investigate Chas Freeman's financial ties to Saudi ArabiaFreeman, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, was named head of the National Intelligence Council last week. (...) Freeman is a former American ambassador to Saudi Arabia and past president of the Middle East Policy Council, and Arab lobby formerly known as the American-Arab Affairs Council. Two years ago, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah donated $1 million to the Council, whose quarterly Middle East Policy journal routinely includes anti-Israel messages. (..) >>>

Mar 5, 2009

Atlas Shrugs: "Judd Gregg Nixes Cynical Commerce Secretary Nomination"
In an attempt to usurp the constitution, Obama cynically named Republican Judd Gregg to head the Commerce department -- a brazen attempt to steal voting power for certain states and 'groups' within states. I blogged the whole thing here.
Not a day later, in a nasty coup, Obama attempted to seize control of the census - out of the non-partisan hands and into his money/power grubbing paws. Citing? Gregg's "conflict of interest".Now that's balls. Either he is megalomaniacal or he thinks the American people are deeply and importantly stupid. Or Both.
Judd Gregg saw he was being ill used and he did something unique in Obamaland -- he did the right thing, Judd Gregg has withdrawn his name (...) there are irresolvable conflicts for me," Gregg said in a statement (...) >>>

Feb 12, 2009

WND: "Communist: Obama working to nationalize U.S. economy - Claims 'people advocate president' pushing through radical agenda"

President Obama is "considering" a radical agenda to nationalize the U.S. financial system, the Federal Reserve Bank, and private industries such as energy and other sectors whose future is "problematic" in private hands, claims the leader of the Communist Party USA. (...) >>>

It's the Keynes laurels that get politicians in the history books for "having saved the economy". This one figures he's already made it, offloading the blame on the previous government with its "outdated policies that don't work...

The Weekly Standard: "Testing 1-2-3 - Biden predicted Obama would be tested by our adversaries. He was right", by William Kristol

That's not a sentence we expect to type too often over the next four years, but it's proper to give credit where credit is due. And, on October 19, at a fundraiser in Seattle, the vice-presidential candidate explained: (...) Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama (...) Various unsavory characters do seem to have marked Biden's words. The Iranian regime (...) On the same day as the Iranian satellite launch, it was reported that, under pressure and inducements from Russia, Kyrgyzstan would no longer allow the United States to use an airbase that supports coalition military operations in Afghanistan. (...) Sounds like a test by Vladimir Putin. And on that very same day, North Korea, having in the first week of the Obama presidency scrapped all its agreements (...)

Now these aren't big tests. They're more like pop-quizzes, preparatory to the real exams. (...) the most worrisome signal of the past week was something the president said last Tuesday, in one of his stimulus-promoting interviews, the very day all these testing foreign policy developments were reported. Obama assured CNN's Anderson Cooper, "Look, the only measure of my success as president, when people look back five years from now or nine years from now, is going to be, did I get this economy fixed?" (...) Obama is neither going to "fix" nor destroy the economy. There will eventually be an economic recovery. But there won't be a recovery--at least not an easy one--from a world in which American power recedes, in which jihadists and dictators are empowered, in which nuclear proliferation accelerates, in which terror groups get access to weapons of mass destruction. (...) >>>

Feb 9, 2009

This week's Mark Steyn (for posterity, simply brilliant).

OC Register: "Obama mythology could use some stimulus"

(...) "The New Great Communicator … Isn't." Oh, dear. It's early days yet, but the gulf between the rhetoric and the reality, between the audacity of hope and the reality of pork, yawns ever wider. Right now, it's the Obama mythology that urgently needs some stimulus. Some of us never expected him to walk on water. But we didn't think he'd be all at sea taking on quite so much of it after a mere two weeks. >>>

Feb 8, 2009 - Digg It

The Black Sphere: "Obama’s Superbowl Performance"

(...) The real story wasn't about the resignation of Daschle, but about Obama admitting that he had "…made a mistake" yesterday. Pay attention here fellow Conservatives. Don't be fooled by Obama's mea culpa, saying that he erred. That admission was about as real as Pamela Anderson's breasts (...) Typically I must parse Obama's statements, as they must be translated to English from ObamaSpeak, and his comments yesterday are no exception. In doing this, I want you to take note on how he couches his so-called "mistake", and thus the real lesson here.

Obama says that Daschle's tax mistake is Daschle's personal mistake. Then Obama makes the self-deprecating comment that it was his mistake for essentially not knowing. Huh? How could Obama know? The fact is…he couldn't. It was Daschle's responsibility to tell him, and thus it was ALL Daschle's mistake. But Obama is willing to share in this mistake, which is the genius in ObamaSpeak.

Obama knows this is in no way his mistake. But by doing the mea culpa, he knows people will say, "…well Daschle not paying his taxes is not your mistake, Mr. President". "How gracious President Obama is, how magnanimous of him to not blame Daschle." By the way, "Daschle, step into my office…because you're freakin' fired!"

Obama wants people to believe that he is capable of admitting a mistake, when in fact he is quite incapable of doing so. This is a setup people. Pure unadulterated subterfuge. This tiny admission that is really a non-admission of error takes your mind off the mistakes that are already being made, like his enormous deficit spending, no job creation package. Further, he wants a pass on future mistakes, the big mistakes, which I promise you will keep coming just as assuredly as Liberals asking for handouts and tax increases. Here's the wrap (...) >>>

PJM/Works and Days: "Hope He Can Change - An Obamaplosion", by Victor Davis Hanson

(...) I am worried, not about Obama, or the politics of governance, but about the nation itself. The media has forsaken us. But after only two weeks we are in a crisis stage of confidence, and the story is spiraling by the hour out of control. (...) If a Dick Morris figure does not come to the rescue soon, Obama’s soaring rhetoric of hope and change will become the stuff of Leno/Letterman and general laughter. (...) What happened? Count the ways, and then let us see what might be done pronto! (...) was allowed to blather on about heaven on earth, while he was by needs governing from the corrupt cesspool of DC lawyers and lobbyists. So we got the worst of both worlds: the most exalted ethical rhetoric ever, and the greatest ethical lapses of any incipient administration in memory. Over 10 lobbyists now appointed. Consider further: Richardson (nuff said), Holder (helped to pardon a most wanted fugitive), Lynn (Raytheon lobbyist now at Defense), Killefer (sloppy taxes; she’s gone), Geithner (tax dodger), Daschle (would have been a tax felon had he been one of us), Rangel (blank check both to write and break our tax laws), Dodd and Frank (exemptions for ethical lapses at the eye of the financial storm). There are still the Blago tapes (...) At home our President is losing critical credibility—but at a geometrical rate in week 2 of a four-year term. He must for our sake improve—fast! (...) Abroad, some really creepy people are now lining up to test Obama’s world view of ‘Bush did it/but I am the world’ (...) >>>

Feb 5, 2009

AIM: "Wall Street’s Marxist Presidential Pawn"

Wall Street control of the Democratic Party may come as a surprise or shock to those who have been led to believe over the years by the liberal media that the Republican Party is the party of fat cats, rich people, and special interests. But the vote count for Geithner, the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, speaks for itself. Of the 60 votes in favor, 50 came from Democrats (including independent Senator Joe Lieberman). Only four Democrats (including independent Bernie Sanders) voted against Geithner. Wall Street wanted Geithner because he had already been deeply involved in the bailouts of the big banks and had powerful political connections to such groups as the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, the Group of Thirty, and the Council on Foreign Relations. In short, this former employee of Kissinger Associates was a Wall Street favorite.

But how could Obama, a controversial figure with a revolutionary Marxist background, communist connections, and socialist worldview, emerge as the favorite of Wall Street interests? The short answer is that he is the perfect front man. As noted, the American people have been conditioned to believe that the Republican Party is the party of the rich. The Democrats are supposed to be representatives of the working man. Obama has to have figured that he can serve Wall Street and socialism at the same time. The ploy has worked before. Meticulous researcher Antony Sutton’s 1974 book, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, documented a link between certain banking interests and the Bolshevik cause. In Obama’s case, it is the China connection (...) >>>

Jan 28, 2009

Don't Go: "Tax Crook Confirmed …"

Senate Republicans report via Twitter that Timothy Geitner, the tax cheat nominated by Barack Hussein Obama, was confirmed (...) making him the successor to Hank Paulson and the man charged with leading the U.S. out of a global recession. Geithner was confirmed despite the embarrassment caused last week by his botched tax returns from 2001 - 2004.
Quick recap: While working at the International Monetary Fund, Geithner was audited in 2006 and found that he failed to play self-employment tax in 2003 and ‘04. He immediately paid those taxes but did not go back to check his 2001 and ‘02 returns, in which he had also not paid the self-employment tax. He did not pay those back taxes until confronted by President Obama’s vetting team last year.
The 60-34 margin was the closest since World War II, Bloomberg said. SHAME: The following Republicans — there are ten of them — voted to confirm the tax crook: (...) >>>

Jan 27, 2009

Govtrack.US: "H. J. Res. 5: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second..." - Hat Tip: Nathan Morris

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President. Sponsor: Rep. José Serrano [D-NY](no cosponsors) (...) >>>

Jan 19, 2009

A Townhall Newsletter acquaints us with the anti-human component of the malignant pomo Cabinet currently taking shape ...

Townhall: "Why the Obama White House May Go to the Dogs (and the Cows, and the Deer, and the Lab Rats)"

Forget about Barack Obama's income tax-challenged Treasury Secretary or the conflict of interest controversy at the State Department. The most outrageous Obama appointee just might be Cass Sunstein, a Harvard Law School professor who's flying under everyone's radar and into a job that hardly anyone has ever heard of.
Cass Sunstein is slated to run the White House's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. He's going to be America 's chief "regulatory czar." And shocking new research from the Center for Consumer Freedom shows that he's a dedicated animal-rights zealot.
The 8 Biggest Celebrity Financial Mistakes
Hold on to your sirloin.
The anti-meat nuts at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the anti-hunting lobbyists at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) used to think that putting Dennis Kucinich in the White House would be their best hope of wielding real power in Washington . But even they didn't see Cass Sunstein coming. Sunstein has the legal mind of Chief Justice John Roberts and the animal-rights agenda of PETA president Ingrid Newkirk.
We're not talking about animal welfare---the idea of making sure we don't cause animals unnecessary suffering when we use them for food, clothing, entertainment, or lifesaving medical research. Sunstein believes in animal rights---the notion that people shouldn't "own" or "use" animals at all, for any purpose, no matter what the stakes are for mankind.
Cancer research? Not if lab rats are used against their will.
Hunting? Absolutely forbidden, especially if it's for sport.
Leather jackets? The cows need their skin more that you do.
Seeing-eye dogs? They're nothing more than slaves.
And that T-bone steak? Fuhgeddaboudit! If animals have any "rights" at all, the right to not be your dinner is at the top of the list.
All of this makes perfect sense to Cass Sunstein, who organized the "Chicago Project on Animal Treatment Principles" at the University of Chicago . He will soon have the political authority to push for a radical overhaul of the way the federal government regulates everything Americans do with animals.
Think we're joking? Think again. Here's what Sunstein wrote in his 2004 book, Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions:
"[A]nimals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives ... Any animals that are entitled to bring suit would be represented by (human) counsel, who would owe guardian like obligations and make decisions, subject to those obligations, on their clients' behalf."
Conservative commentators have been openly fretting that Barack Obama may try to turn welfare entitlements and single-payer healthcare into a new Bill of Rights. But Cass Sunstein threatens to expand the whole concept of "rights" to include the rest of the animal kingdom.
That fish wriggling at the end of your hook could soon be a federal offense (if the fish doesn't file a lawsuit first). Don't say we didn't warn you.

Jan 16, 2009
AIM: "Soros Flunky Runs Obama’s Pro-U.N. Policy"

In violation of Barack Obama’s promise to run an open and transparent transition to the next administration, an associate of convicted document thief Sandy Berger has been secretly meeting with far-left groups under the auspices of the Obama-Biden Transition Project to develop a range of pro-U.N. policies. These include placing “more [U.N.] blue helmets on U.S. troops” and forcing the U.S. to join the U.N.’s International Criminal Court (ICC). (...) The Berger associate, Eric. P. Schwartz, is the executive director of the U.S. Connect Fund and represents several liberal and leftist foundations, including and most notably the Open Society Institute of financial hedge-fund operator George Soros (...) >>>

... and other ... Washington Times: "Obama climate czar has socialist ties" re Carol M. Browner, President-elect Barack Obama's pick as global warming czar

Jan 12, 2009

Intel chief, more than an old hack ...

Modern Conservative: "Vermaat: Leon Panetta's Links to Anti-CIA Hardcore Leftist Community", Intro by Rene Guerra

Emerson Vermaat, MA (law), is an investigative reporter specialized in terrorism, crime and the former East German and Soviet intelligence services. Website:

Emerson Vermaat has published a demolishing exposé (a copy of which is at the bottom) that reveals ---professionally documented--- the link of Barack Obama's nominee for CIA Director, Democrat hack Leon Panetta, with the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS --- The IPS is another of the numerous fronts of the hardcore left using euphemistic and deceiving names to disguise their true nature.

Noticeable is that the IPS, as Vermaat proves it, has been, from its very inception, a hardcore-left front dedicated, along with its several child fronts, to discrediting and sabotaging America's intelligence apparatus, particularly the CIA, which Panetta will direct for Obama. (...) >>>

Jan 11, 2009

Intel chief, a hack of a job ...

NY Post: "An Awful Pick - O Opts to Politicize Intelligence", by Ralph Peters

Would you ask your accountant to perform brain surgery on your child? That's the closest analogy I can find to the choice of Democratic Party hack Leon Panetta to head the CIA. Earth to President-elect Obama: Intelligence is serious. And infernally complicated. When we politicize it - as we have for 16 years - we get 9/11. Or, yes, Iraq. The extreme left, to which Panetta's nomination panders, howled that Bush and Cheney corrupted the intelligence system. Well, I worked in the intel world in the mid 1990s and saw how the Clinton team undermined the system's integrity. Al Qaeda a serious threat? The Clinton White House didn't want to hear it. (...) The director's job at the CIA isn't a party favor. This is potentially a matter of life and death for thousands of Americans. But the choice of Panetta tells us all that Barack Obama doesn't take intelligence seriously. (...) While a CIA boss needn't be a career intelligence professional, he or she does need a deep familiarity with the purposes, capabilities, limitations and intricacies of intelligence. Oh, and you'd better understand the intelligence bureaucracy. (...) The intelligence community's job isn't to make anybody feel good - its core mission is to provide nonpartisan analysis to our leaders. (...) This shameless hack appointment is the first action by the incoming administration that seriously worries me. Get intelligence wrong and you get dead Americans. >>>

Jan 7, 2009

A rebuttal by Ron Radosh of an article of Melanie Philips on The Spectator offers a myriad of opinions, from the looney Left to the paranoid Right ... what we take away from it is Melanie's "the more the left shrieks ‘betrayal’, the more American conservatives will wrap themselves in denial" - as for the rest, vigilance ...

- PJM: "Conservatives and the Delusions of the Left", by Ron Radosh
- The Spectator: "From the horse's mouth", by Melanie Phillips

Dec 7, 2008

... amoral pomo yada - Obama is talking through his hat! Republicans must not be fooled by this ... "We are not going to be hampered by ideology in trying to get this country back on track," Obama said. This is pomo talk, meaning: both our political ideologies are suspended, both declared morally irrelevant in the name of expedience - so if that takes declaring Marshall Law, or a police state (to offer but two examples) then so be it. It's not reaching across the aisle, it is the suspension of morality ...

Seattle Times: "Obama offers help with stimulus plan"

Dec 3, 2008

... wrong credentials ... and what about the Middle East "road map"?

Yahoo!News: "Clinton's India ties may complicate Obama policy"

Secretary of State-nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton's close ties with India forged during her years as a U.S. senator and presidential candidate could complicate diplomatic perceptions of her ability to serve as a neutral broker between India and its nuclear neighbor, Pakistan. Hillary Clinton faces an early test of her influence in South Asia with tensions rising between India and Pakistan after last week's deadly terrorist attacks in Mumbai. President-elect Barack Obama on Monday said that instability and the rise of militants in that region pose "the single most important threat against the American people." (...) >>>

Dec 2, 2008

Caption: "Fauxbama" or who's the Master of Protocol in the Office of the President Elect? He should be sacked!

.... the Change and Hope team is taking shape ...

American Thinker: "Obama Appoints Castro's Lawyer as White House Counsel"

PJM: "Obama’s Rumored Picks Cheer Up GOP"

Little did we know that “Change we can believe in” really meant “Change that will delight the Right and freak out the Left.” But if the rumors and hints about President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet picks are any clue, it may be that both conservatives and liberals had Barack Obama pegged wrong. If several months ago someone had said that the Obama administration would be chocked full of Clinton administration retreads and have a national security team featuring the woman who advocated bombing Iran to smithereens in the event it launched a nuclear attack on Israel, few would have believed it. But that’s what seems to be in the offing.

For the national security team, many conservatives are elated by the prospect that Hillary Clinton — rather than Bill Richardson or John Kerry — will be heading to Foggy Bottom. (...) Now word has come that Bush Defense Secretary Bob Gates may stay on. That certainly does not sound like a recipe for immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq or a 25% reduction in defense spending, as Rep. Barney Frank advocated during the campaign. (...) the Obama administration will look like the second George Herbert Walker Bush term — sober, tough, cautious, and engaged. (...)

Whatever your favorite theory, it is safe to say that the emerging Obama administration, at least so far, bears very little resemblance to the Left’s fantasy lineup. (...) If boring Clinton moderates and right/center national security officials are what are in store, it may be that Obama’s greatest problem in 2012 is a revolt of the Left. Now that’s change conservatives can believe in! >>>

Nov 22, 2008

... overheard on Dutch television ... "shock! even after electing President-Elect Obama al Qaeda still targets the USA" (the result of the fallacy in causality that the US was attacked on 9/11 because of the Bush policies) ... Zawahiri sees O as a Muslim apostate ... guess it must be true then after all ... the good news: the looney left flock behind the great leader because of this rabid racist attack, throwing AQ sympathies under the bus (it will be fun to see how they'll cope with this psychological dissonance) - conclusion, the looney left is all over the place; psyops isn't Al Zawahiri's forte ...

VOA: "White House Condemns Zawahri's Obama Insult"

In a posting on a militant Web site today, a voice identified as al-Qaida's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahri, refers to Mr. Obama in Arabic as a "house slave." The posting's English caption translates it as "house Negro," a phrase used to refer to blacks co-opted by whites. Zawahri also insults other prominent African Americans - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Secretary of State Colin Powell. There was no immediate reaction from Mr. Obama's transition team. The personal attacks also include a rebuke to Mr. Obama for turning his back on his father's Muslim roots. (...) Zawahri also says that President-elect Obama's plan to increase the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan is doomed. (...) >>> ... here's the Memri transcript

Nov 19, 2008

... well, that didn't take long ... quite a story - read it all on ...

American Thinker: "Obama Declares War on Conservative Talk Radio"

Barack Obama sought to silence his critics during his 2008 campaign. Now, with the ink barely dry on this November's ballots, Obama has begun a war against conservative talk radio.Obama is on record as saying he does not plan an exhumation of the now-dead "Fairness Doctrine". Instead, Obama's attack on free speech will be far less understood by the general public and accordingly, far more dangerous. (...) The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule in question is called "localism." Radio and television stations are required to serve the interests of their local community as a condition of keeping their broadcast licenses. (...) >>>

... the 'Rove' behind 0, 0's Chief of Staff, who's father is a Zionist terrorist (well, they started out Socialist too), Pepin The Terrible, the man behind the throne, who reformed the Dem Party into a bunch of raving, irrational postmodernists, who introduced the 'civil defense force' in a two year old book, The Plan, his voting record is in ... one hundred percent, unadulterated far Left liberal (if you want to call it that) ...

Front Page: "Rahm Emanuel: Centrist or Far Leftist?", by John Perazzo

Two days after defeating John McCain, Barack Obama made his first appointment as president-elect when he named 49-year-old Rahm Emanuel to be his chief of staff. Once a shrewd tactician and an able fundraiser for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, Emanuel continued to serve Clinton as an adviser throughout his two terms in the White House. In 2002 Emanuel himself ran for public office and was elected as the Democrat Representative for Illinois’ 5th congressional district, a post he has held ever since. Having now been assigned to a prominent position by Mr. Obama, Emanuel has suddenly become a figure of great interest to the American public. Yet there has been much disagreement about where, on the political spectrum, his politics fall. (...) >>>

17th Nov 2008

TBJ: "Duly Noted: Welcoming the New Hegemon", 1. Hold it! The hoped for end of the “American Empire” is a promise embedded in Obama’s election and, accordingly, it is greeted with joy. So far, so good. America’s demise implies that her emptied shoes – sorry, “boots” is better – have to be filled. The cheers for the supposedly fading Americans amount to an enthusiastic welcome for the new “Hegemon”.

2. Let us assume for a moment something that is not entirely unlikely. In the interest of “peace”, the US reduces its leadership role. Cheers from home and abroad are to be expected to reward this move. Given the mood of the US this might be interpreted as the precondition of the effort to “restore America’s international standing”. Therefore, the approval of the pollyannic free lunch crowd will be secured. With this accomplished, a question arises. Who will lead from this moment on and where will the marchers be led? (...) >>>

CNN: "Obama, Biden appoint advisers"

A longtime friend of Barack and Michelle Obama's has been appointed as a senior adviser to the incoming president. President-elect Obama, in a statement released Saturday morning by his transition staff, announced that Valerie Jarrett will serve as "senior adviser and assistant to the president for intergovernmental relations and public liaison." Jarrett is co-chairwoman of Obama's transition team and was senior adviser for his presidential campaign. She became the president and CEO of the Habitat Co. on January 31, 2007, and was also the company's vice president. The Habitat Co. develops and manages residential apartments and condominiums. Before joining the Habitat Co., Jarrett served eight years in government for the city of Chicago, Illinois. (...)

The transition team also made official Saturday the hiring of Ron Klain as chief of staff to the vice president. Klain was also chief of staff to Vice President Al Gore, but he's no stranger to Vice President-elect Joe Biden, having served as chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee when Biden was the committee chairman. Klain also served as general counsel of Gore's 2000 Florida recount effort and was portrayed by actor Kevin Spacey in an HBO movie about the event. This year, Klain helped with debate preparation for both Obama and Biden. "Ron Klain has been a trusted adviser of mine for over 20 years," a statement from Biden said Saturday morning. "He brings extraordinary judgment, a deep understanding of the important policy issues facing our nation, a wide range of experience in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, as well as a unique understanding of how the vice president's office works."
The transition team also announced Saturday that Phil Schiliro will serve as assistant to the president for legislative affairs. Schiliro is director of congressional relations for the Obama transition team. Before that, he was a senior adviser to Obama's presidential campaign. Schiliro has worked in Congress for more than 25 years, in positions including chief of staff to Rep. Henry Waxman, D-California, policy director for then-Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota and staff director for the Senate Democratic Leadership Committee. >>>

16th Nov 2008

... Jennifer Rubin muses about O's evasive 'present' voting record and his apparent indecisiveness in the face of hard choices - in that light the appointments that he actually made very early on after being elected, are all the more astounding, viz. sending “senior foreign affairs adviser” Robert Malley to parley with Hamas, and the appointment of Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff (the latter lest we forget appears to be the genius behind the Civil Defense Force ...

PJM: "No Decisions: Obama Votes ‘Present’ on Cabinet Picks"

15th Nov 2008

Memri: "Positions in Arab World Following Obama's Election: Pessimism Regarding Change in U.S. Policy, Initiatives for Pressuring the U.S."

Reactions in the Arab world to the election of Sen. Barack Obama as U.S. president fell into two main categories: expressions of appreciation for the American democracy which had made his victory possible, and attempts to assess the impact of his election on the political future of the region. Regarding the political implications of his election, it was assessed that his agenda of change would focus on domestic affairs, and would not involve dramatic modifications to U.S. foreign policy. In this context, writers in the Arab press suggested ways for the Arab states to increase their influence over this policy. Some called for the formulation of a unified Arab position vis-à-vis the U.S, to initiate cooperation and direct dialogue with the Obama administration, or for the establishment of a strong Arab lobby in the U.S. itself; others called to pressure the new administration by increasing Arab resistance via forming a "multi-polar world order" in cooperation with Russia and China, or by making political demands in return for Arab assistance in salvaging the global economy. This report will review some of the assessments and practical political suggestions presented in editorials and columns in the Arab government press. (...) >>>

14th Nov 2008

... we started this dossier off with the imperative, "let the reign begin" - we now learn this ought to have been "let rule begin" (includes Valerie Jarrett on video) ...

News Busters: "Obama Spokesman Says 'Obama Ready to RULE on Day 1'"

The co-chair of Barack Obama's Transition Team, Valerie Jarrett (...) used, shall we say, an interesting word to described what she thinks Barack Obama will be doing in January when he's officially sworn into office. (...) "given the daunting challenges that we face, it's important that president elect Obama is prepared to really take power and begin to rule day one." (...) >>>

... this is going to be a very intensely updated file ... hope this'll split in subjects at some point ...

Yid With Lid: "Obama Wants Iran To Help Out With Afghanistan"

Talk about letting the foxes tend the sheep. President-Elect Barack Obama wants to recruit Iran to help manage Afghanistan. Yes, that Iran, terrorist supporting Iran, the Country that is funding Hamas and Hezbollah. The country that is building Nukes and plainning to use them on American Interests across the world-THAT IRAN. Obama should learn from the Old Yiddish Saying, " if you sleep with dogs you are going to get fleas". More below (...) >>>
13th Nov 2008

... P. David Hornik reports another clash between Obama’s public statements and his team's behind-the-scenes activities - but that will become a matter of routine in times ahead. We need to get used to the idea of the separation between speech (yada yada) and reality (relative to the subject) ...

PJM: "Reported Obama-Hamas Contacts Bode Ill"

12th Nov 2008
... see also WND entry dtd 9th Nov ...

NewsMax: "Congressman Warns of Obama Dictatorship"

A Republican congressman from Georgia said Monday he fears that President-elect Obama will establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist or fascist dictatorship. Broun cited a July speech by Obama (...) "I'm just trying to bring attention to the fact (...) we may have a problem with that type of philosophy of radical socialism or Marxism."(...) "That's exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany and it's exactly what the Soviet Union did," Broun said. "When he's proposing to have a national security force that's answering to him, that is as strong as the U.S. military, he's showing me signs of being Marxist."(...) >>>

11th Nov. 2008


... of the usual suspects, Soros, the ICG, the UN, J Street (remember, who disinvited Palin from the anti Iran rally - see and many, many more ...

Grizzly Groundswell: "Islamic Submission: Global Government, Robert Malley and Earth Citizens"

There has been much talk on net regarding Obama’s “senior foreign affairs advisor” Robert Malley. Malley has never been, based on his writings, shy about offering critique of Israel and its policies in relation to Hamas and the Palestinian state, however he continually asserts that his criticism is always constructive criticism. He points at AIPAC as being far-right,”neocon” and fascist in its policies regarding Israel, and so has been involved in the creation of a new left pro-Israel lobby, J-Street. (...) Robert Malley, who, in feigning to be an objective observer of his subject matter, is in fact, an implicit supporter and apologizer of terrorism and the terrorist entity, Hamas. He has helped to create J Street which asserts that it wants to help create two states: Palestinian and Israel, which is laughable considering that Hamas has no intentions of sharing the world with Jews at all. J Street also rejects any military reaction towards Iran. Well, hope that works out for Israel if Iran points the bomb directly facing them. Seriously, WHO exactly is not listening to our enemies here? (...)

Now why would Malley really take the absurd position that he does, a position that denies a small country the right to self defense in the face of rabid enemies intent on its destruction? The answer is pretty simple, if one looks the organization for which he works so laboriously namely, the International Crisis group. ICG’s general mission “to prevent conflict worldwide”, and it is a mission that is in accord with the mission of the United Nations itself, in regards to establishing world peace and the end of national sovereignty of nations. In other words, ICG is in the service of creating the eventual “One World Government”. Now ICG is a group funded by billionaire George Soros. Yes, him again. Now what does Soros think about Israel? Well, he does not believe that the U.S. should support the Israeli government if support means defending Israel against groups who want to destroy it. Better to be destroyed and preserve peace, than to fight back and destroy peace.

Soros’ view is entirely compatible with Malley’s. The above quote is take from an article that also addresses attacks upon critics of AIPAC. He complains that the Jewish lobby is downright fascist in its suppression of criticism and its power of American politicians. Soros wants us to believe that his criticisms on Israeli and Bush policies are actually in the interest of Israel and that it is the corrupt AIPAC that is actually going to cause the potential destruction of Israel. Soros, like Obama, wants to negotiate with terrorists, with murderers and fanatics, and he wants to do so regardless of who they are and what they say they intend to do. That Soros actually thinks his position is for the good of Israel, if it were not so vile, would be laughable.
So Soros is on the board of the International Crisis Group. Also sitting proudly on the board is former United States National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who shares the same perspective on AIPAC as Soros (...) Now, whether or not these men are actually anti-Semitics, can neither be known nor proven either way. What is clear however is that they are, in accordance with the U.N.’s mission for global peace (slavery), supporting the destruction of national identity and national defense, in the case of both Israel and the U.S. Or, if they are not supporting the destruction of it, they are supporting its submission to it, to a new world order. (...) >>>


10th Nov 2008

... flip flop, twist and turn, words have flexible meaning ... they'll love this in Poland and the Czech Rep. ... O has thrown everyone under the bus so far whom he'd no use for, so prepare for the opportune and the expedient ...

CNN: "Obama adviser: No commitment on defense shield"

U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has made "no commitment" to plans for a missile defense program in eastern Europe, despite a report on the Polish president's Web site, an Obama adviser said Saturday. Obama spoke to President Lech Kaczynski over the phone about continuing military and political cooperation between the two countries and possibly meeting in person soon, both sides said. (...) >>>
9th Nov 2008

America's Right: "Obama's Pick for Chief of Staff Tops Recipients of Wall Street Money"

So, we already learned on Friday from ABC News that Rahm Emanuel sat on the board of directors of Freddie Mac during the beginnings of the scandal, and was complicit in the board's failure to recognize "red flags" in accounting and lending practices, and that he accepted more than $50,000 in contributions from the organization. Now, we're learning that Emanuel was, just this year, the top House recipient of contributions from hedge funds, private equity firms and the larger securities/investment industry, and that he has received more money from individuals and political action committees in the securities and investment business than from any other industry since being elected to Congress in 2002 after a previous job as an investment banker. Barack Obama tapping this gentleman to assist him in fixing the American economy is kind of like asking me to teach a class on writing concisely, or Rosie O'Donnell to manage a Weight Watchers franchise. (...) >>>

Dollard has this to say of the first appointment of the O Presidency, Rahm Emanuel, author of "The Plan" (peek inside on Amazon) ... not good ...

Pat Dollard: "Obama Taps Slime, Barely Passing For Human, To Be His Chief Of Staff"

... from a paranoid, rather mad, antisemitic tract related to the 9/11 Troofer movement we drew this: "Rahm Emanuel [holder of dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship] is the son of a terrorist (Benjamin Emanuel was a member of the Zionist Irgun group) who (...) likes to brag about his role in discovering Barack Obama. “Six years ago, people on the North Side of Chicago took a bet on a young kid,” reporter D.H. Williams writes of their symbiotic relationship. “Rahm and Barack have a deep history together in Chicago politics. Emanuel has been instrumental in the rise of Barack Obama from neophyte senator to the next president of the United States. Getting virtually no media attention, Rahm Emanuel has been by Obama’s side during most of the last two years on the campaign trail.” If Karl Rove was George W. Bush’s architect, the same can be said of the Emanuel connection. Emanuel has been the operative who, according to the Chicago Tribune, “remade the Democratic Party in his own image.” Illinois Rep. Ray LaHood (R) seconded this notion. “He legitimately can be called the golden boy of the Democratic Party today. He recruited the right candidates, found the money and funded them, and provided issues for them. Rahm did what no one else could do.” ... from this point on the text flies off into the realms of rather vile conspiracy theory and antisemitism ...

Politeia: "The Unraveling: 0's Meddling in Iraq, Confirmed"

In an often quoted post of September 17, "The Hidden Sinisterisms of the O Campaign" we reported (...) [that] Amir Tehari alleges that Obama on his recent fact-finding mission in Iraq a few months ago, against official policy ... "(...) has tried in private to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence. (...) During the same trip Obama also tried to persuade the US commanders, including Gen. David Petraeus, to suggest a "realistic withdrawal date." They declined. (...)

Fast forward to breaking news this morning by The Right Perspective, mentioning the comments made by an Iraqi MP in newspaper Aswat al Iraq. The article "Lawmakers call on Obama to pull out troops from Iraq" quotes legislature Mohammed al-Mehmedawi of al-Fadila bloc saying ...

“Obama advised Iraqi politicians not to sign the pact.” “He did so because he believed that if the pact would not be signed, it would be a landmark for republicans’ policy failure in Iraq,” he noted.
The keen observer may have noticed nothing was spared in the Obama campaign to win the Presidency. A number of efforts crossed the line of generally accepted standards of proper conduct. The above was clearly one of them. >>>

7th Nov 2008

... let the reign begin ...

Politeia: "President O: the Fall Out Begins"

- RedState: Obama Administration Survival Guide"
- The Age: "Russia's Medvedev hits out at US"
- The Right Perspective: "Taliban Calls On US Troop Withdrawal"
- CNBC: "Pros Say: Obama Win = Oil Up, Dollar Down"

5th Nov 2008


- "The Obama Civil Defense Force"
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