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JM: "What Ever Happened to ‘Sticks and Stones?’" by Frank Furedi

The other day I received a helpful guide to the words that I should not use by a publisher who was interested in my work. As expected, the guide warned me about using the word “retard” to refer to retarded people. But I was surprised to discover that the term “mentally ill” was now deemed so offensive that I was instructed to use the term “mental health service user.” (...) But what struck me was how out of touch I had become with the sensibility of contemporary censorship. I was genuinely taken aback when I discovered that the term (...) “civilized,” ought not be used by a culturally sensitive author because of its alleged racist implications. (...) Words are frequently depicted as weapons that can traumatize and psychologically damage its targets. Consequently, the right to free speech often competes with the right not to be offended. From this perspective, censorship is not perceived as a form of authoritarian intrusion but as an enlightened measure designed to protect the vulnerable from pain. (...) underwritten by powerful cultural forces. (...) there is only a feeble cultural affirmation for free speech. Indeed, (...) academics and public figures are more interested in criticizing the ideal of free speech than in upholding this right. (...) Perversely, the exercise of free speech is associated with elite privilege. It is represented as affirming the status of the powerful and the negation of the oppressed and the vulnerable. (...) >>>

... and then there are the Dialectics i.e. redistribution of speech rights, flowing from 'the power structure' to underprivileged minorities ...

Updated: 14th Sep 2008

... the Islamic race ... eh ... insult Islam - race relations? This collation is being peddled also internationally (i.e. in UN forums) because - like race - Muslims are born (get that, Barack Hussein?). It's a fallacy nevertheless; but this also shows why Islam is not like any other religion ... the ummah is a collective - still struggling? refer to works on Asian Agrarianism, Communism or National Socialism, or alternatively (more fun) google 'star trek borgs' ...

BBC: "Malaysia blogger held for dissent"

A prominent anti-government internet campaigner has been arrested in Malaysia, amid a crackdown on dissent. Raja Petra Kamarudin was held under the majority Muslim country's controversial Internal Security Act, which allows indefinite detention without trial. He was accused of posting an article that insulted Islam. His arrest comes a day after the country's army chief warned people not to make remarks that could damage race relations. (...) >>>

Updated: 13th Sep 2008

Free Europe: "EU complains, cannot control "anti-establishment" bloggers, but a solution on its way..."

The Commission's office in Dublin last week issued a briefing to journalists blaming the "British media" for the Irish no vote, and complaining that it could not control "anti-establishment" bloggers. In a separate report this week the European Parliament called for EU regulation of blogs (see the Open Europe blog for more details). Free Europe comments: YOU should not complain. Tell instead your friends to vote for Free Europe - free from EU subsidies and supranationalistic control freaks. >>>

Open Europe Blog: "The EP will vote on it end of September, according to the Swedish blogger HAX. Commissioners Reading and Wallstrom are said to be working on something similar. Leaving aside whether it is even possible to do any of these things (hopefully not) the fact that MEPs are prepared to propose it in the first place is terrifying. The report was initiated by Estonian Socialist MEP Marianne Mikko. As Swedish MEP Christopher Fjellner has pointed out, Marianne Mikkos view of journalism makes one think of George Orwell’s book 1984. Which sort of makes sense, given that Mikko does have a degree in journalism from the Soviet Union - from 1984. Enough said >>>

Updated: 4th Sep 2008

Politeia:"The Postmodern Weimar Republic"

The publishers of a Dutch satirical Internet site have been summoned to appear at a local police station for questioning. While Nekschot had his privacy invaded by a entire squad and was unceremoniously thrown in jail, the blokes of 'Geen Stijl' are the recipients of a 'summons.' (...) No one outside the official field is at this stage aware of the legal status of this relatively new instrument to censor and control.

Pending a 'summons' let's take note that the youngest generations have grown up after the collapse of the major Western totalitarianisms. They know little of thought police, censors and dissidents. As for the older ones, they've never dreamt in their vilest nightmares that a neo-fascist dictatorship could develop from the laid-back postmodern version of the decadent Weimar Republic. On the philosophical level all ingredients are in place - an unexpected spark is enough to ignite the blazes.. (...) >>>

Updated: 26th June 2008

Atlas Shrugs: "Silencing the Blogs: Pistachio Gone"

(...) Douglas Gibb over at Political Pistachio, a terrific blog, has gone dark. He hosted an electric BlogTalkRadio radio show that I had the pleasure of appearing on. Shut down as well. Douglas Gibb is a great American. His smart, optimistic , distinct voice will be sorely missed. (...) >>>

Updated: 20th June 2008

Pajamas: "The Fight for Free Speech: Will We Be the Greatest Generation?" by Steve Boriss

In many ways, there was more free speech before the printing press was invented than at any time since. Yes, we have more rights today to criticize government, but strangely, until recently technology has reduced each individual’s ability to effectively do it. The Internet offers the promise to advance free speech to unprecedented levels — but it won’t happen unless some of us shut up and the rest of us speak up. (...)

And of course, the U.N. and its many dictatorships is no fan of free speech on the Internet. Last November, the United Nations’ Internet Governance Forum (IGF) held its second annual meeting with a not-so-hidden agenda for a U.N. takeover of the U.S.’ private sector control of core Internet systems.

It is a sad commentary that the loudest voice against Internet regulation so far seems to be a group called Hands Off the Internet. The group is made-up of special interests — whose special interests happen to coincide with what we should all be fighting for. (...) >>>

Updated: 9th June 2008

Pajamas Media: "Russia vs. Blogging"

Arresting bloggers can be added to the long list of the Kremlin’s encroachments on human rights, writes Kim Zigfeld. So much for free speech in Russia. It looks like the beginning of the end for Russia’s celebrated blogosphere. (...) >>>

Updated: 20th Mar 2008

Athens News: "Blog it or leave it"

With the justice ministry hammering out an amendment to tackle libellous content written on websites, internet users are crying out foul (...) It is outrageous to treat blogs like newspapers and television stations. Should this bill go through, it will signal an era of fear for bloggers and more blog spots with anonymous allegations and comments, like press-gr, will appear (...) Greek bloggers are planning a demonstration at the parliament on March 9 to protest the proposed amendment >>>

Updated: 9th March 2008

ere just informed by 1389 that counter jihadist blog Foehammer's Anvil is off line, as some fiend has been tampering with the goods.

Updated: 12th Jan. 2008

1389: "Censorship! Is THIS what we want?"

Censorware in Australia - Australia joins China in censoring the Internet
The Australian Government has announced that they will be joining China as one of the few countries (...) >>>

Updated: 8th Jan. 2008

Foehammer's Anvil: "Helping The Religion of Peace.Com in Order to Help Ourselves"

The Religion of Peace Needs Our Help! No, not that ‘Religion of Peace.’ This one (TROP) (...)

Updated: 23rd Nov. 2008


1389: "WebSense(less) plays censorship games on the enemy team"

Having just posted yesterday’s article about censorware vendor WebSense blocking access to Gates of Vienna, I emailed GoV (...) >>>

Jawa Report: "Al Qaeda's "Jihadi Battalions to Attack the Internet" Declaration"

Here is a translation, sent to me by jveritas, of the message posted on a well known ... >>>

Updated: 1st November 2007

1389 Blog: "Blogger Persecution Hall of Shame: Governments silence bloggers with imprisonment, torture"

Tyrants fear the blogosphere, and they strike back with savagery:

Iran Official Policy: “Torture the Blogger” (for opposing the regime)
Chinese blogger sentenced to three years in prison (for insulting socialism)
Hong Kong: Blogger faces 12 months or $HK400K for linking (to nude art as a protest)
Kazakh blogger sentenced for insulting president (accusing him of involvement in murder)
Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem Nabil sentenced (to four years in prison for insulting Islam; see what you can do to help!)
More Evidence Emerges on Yahoo!’s Role in Chinese Internet Cases (blogger sentenced to ten years in prison)
Jerry Yang, Yahoo, summoned to DC (to be questioned by House Foreign Affairs Committee)
Cubans go to unusual lengths to post blogs (to get around government censorship)

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