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Terror in Greece: archive

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Javno: "Far-left group claims Greek bomb attack"

A Greek far-left group claimed responsibility on Monday for a bomb attack at a politician's home in Athens. In a statement posted on the Internet, the Conspiracy of Fire Cells said Dimitris Androulakis, a member of the socialist government, was a "lackey of the authorities" who was targeted for betraying the left.

The attack Friday caused minor damage to Androulakis' property and followed the pattern of earlier incidents, with the device hidden inside a pressure cooker and a warning telephoned to the authorities before the explosion. The group also said it wanted to give the authorities a show of its fighting power.

Five suspected members of the group have been arrested since September, most recently on Saturday, though the Conspiracy's Internet statement denied all links with the five. Last month the Conspiracy said it was behind a similar attack on the home of a conservative Euro MP, Marietta Giannakou. (...) >>>

Nov. 23, 2009

Greek Minister bombed for education reform. Latest: 5 extreme Leftists under investigation, many still at large ...

Deutsche Welle: "Greek politician targeted in bombing"

A bomb exploded early Friday in the center of Athens, outside the private residence of a Greek member of European Parliament (MEP). The blast caused damage but no injuries, according to reports.

The bomb was left in front of the entrance to the building where Marietta Giannakou, one of 22 Greek MEPs, lives. The bomb, which was inside a bag, damaged vehicles and the entrance of the building.

Giannakou, who was formerly the Greek minister of education and religious affairs, is a member of the center-right New Democracy Party, one of the two main political parties in Greece. (...) >>>

Nov. 1, 2009

ELA, the Revolutionary People's Struggle leaves calling card once again:

Reuters: "Gunmen kill Greek anti-terrorist policeman"

Leftist urban guerrillas shot dead a Greek anti-terrorism policeman in Athens on Wednesday in the worst attack since riots in December launched a wave of bombings and shootings in Greece.(...) "It was a cold-blooded murder ... they just drew their guns and murdered him," police spokesman Panagiotis Stathis told reporters at the scene. Leftist and anarchist groups have unleashed a series of attacks against police, political and business targets since a policeman shot dead a teenager in Athens in December, triggering Greece's worst riots in decades. (...) >>>

June 18, 2009

De Pers has more details than most:

De Pers: "Bomb Blasts Bank in Athens" (free interpretation)

A forceful blast ripped through a Eurobank branch office in an Athens suburb in Tuesday, causing widespread damage. No one was hurt in the attack. The police was tipped off 10 minutes before the blast. A police unit on surveillance happened upon the attackers shortly after. They stopped four men on motor cycles carrying machine guns, who yelled: "Move out of the way otherwise a bloodbath will take place here. The four attackers got away. No one has claimed responsibility for the assault as yet. >>>

May 12, 2009

Our correspondent, Ioannis Michaletos is commenting as follows: This IED is a rather complicated device and highly lethal if exploded. It resembles the same method of the IRA, ETA but also Islamic organizations. All experts in Greece agree about a definite connection with the Middle East with possible "executive organs" for the Balkan mercenary market.

I stand with the same conclusions I have made since early December. Moreover the bomb was about to explode the same day the Greek PM was about to meet with Obama's representatives. Therefore the ones planting the bombs were aiming at damaging Greek-American relations.
Lastly, according to a Greek daily, just a few days before the incident "an ex American diplomat was at the center of an illegal exchange with a Hezbollah agent in Athens, specifically in the house of the former in Plaka. A group of Greek and American agents stopped at the last moment a transaction between the two that most probably involved money and documents. No further data were released or an official report by the authorities".

In the Serbianna blog on the 9th of December I mentioned around "Renegade Western intelligence agents working with Islamic figures for financial gains. The situation is still in flux, but it is more than certain that it is related with developments in the Middle East ...

Stratfor Global Intelligence: "Greece: A Dud IED and Lessons Learned"

A nonfunctional improvised explosive device recovered outside a Citibank branch in Athens is likely a sign of an inexperienced bombmaker. Nevertheless, if this person is not identified and captured, future devices may prove to be more reliable.

In the early hours of Feb. 18, Greek police disabled an improvised explosive device (IED) left in a stolen vehicle parked outside a Citibank branch in a suburb of Athens. The device reportedly was constructed of five cooking-gas cylinders filled with an improvised explosive mixture and was designed to be activated by a mechanical clock.

According to police, a security guard noticed two men park the car in front of the bank at 4:30 a.m. and called police when the men did not return. The police responded, then called an explosive ordnance disposal unit, which rendered the device safe. Police said they received no warning call that the device had been planted (such calls are not uncommon in Europe, where some Marxist bombers try to limit civilian casualties), though the bombers’ planting of the device at 4:30 a.m. suggests that the strike was meant to be symbolic and not to cause mass casualties. Banks are among the foreign and commercial targets frequently selected for attacks by militant leftists.

CNN: "Greek PM condemns attack on TV station"

(...) Masked gunmen opened fire on the offices of Alter TV and tossed a makeshift explosive, but caused no injuries, national police said. The incident follows a spree of extremist attacks which have been rocking the Greek capital for weeks. Gunmen, mounted on two high-powered motorcycles, sped by the side entrance of the network shortly before the Alter TV prime-time newscast, stopping briefly to shoot at a fleet of cars parked within the station's compound, according to witnesses at Alter TV.

"We counted at least 13 shots," said Alter TV journalist George Stergiopoulos. "When they stopped, I looked out and saw them zipping away." (...) There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. (...) Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos swiftly condemned the incident, saying an attack against the media was "an attack against the freedom of speech and democracy." (...) At least two local terror groups, including the Revolutionary Struggle -- a band of far-left militants best known for firing a rocket-propelled grenade into the U.S. Embassy in 2007 -- have threatened to attack police, also targeting journalists and politicians. (...) >>>
Feb 20, 2009

The state is asserting itself - it's about time ...

Fox News: "Renewed Riots Break Out in Greece as Protesters Clash With Police"
Masked youths clashed with police in central Athens Friday in the first major test of the Greek government's vow to crack down on violent protesters after nationwide riots last month. A group of demonstrators broke away from a rally by thousands of students protesting government education reforms and hurled rocks and flares at riot police who responded with tear gas and flash grenades. At least six protesters were detained, an Associated Press reporter witnessed. The rally was the first demonstration since conservative Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis vowed tougher policing to counter the "catastrophic violence" of nationwide riots last month sparked by the police's fatal shooting of a teenager on Dec. 6. The new deputy interior minister, Christos Markoyiannakis, whose duties include overseeing the police, has promised a "zero tolerance" approach to crime. (...) >>>

Jan 9, 2009

Yahoo!News: "Greek policeman shot; gun tied to extremists"

Gunmen sprayed Athens riot police with automatic weapons fire early Monday, seriously wounding a policeman in an escalation of violence that broke out after the fatal police shooting of a teenager last month. (...) Authorities said more than 30 shots from a 9 mm weapon and an automatic rifle were fired early Monday at three riot policemen standing guard outside the Culture Ministry. (...) Stratos Mavroidakos, head of a police officers' association, said the riots last month had cultivated an atmosphere of hatred against police. >>>

Here's the confirmation of "Revolutionary Struggle" claiming responsibility ...

Yahoo!News: "Police: weapon previously used by extremist group"

Greek police say a weapon gunmen have fired at police in Athens was used last year in an attack claimed by a domestic extremist group that has previously targeted the U.S. Embassy. A policeman was critically wounded in Monday's pre-dawn attack. An automatic rifle and a 9mm caliber weapon were used.

Police said ballistics tests showed the 9mm caliber weapon matched one used in an April 30, 2007, attack on a police station in an Athens suburb. That attack caused no injuries but was claimed by the far-left Revolutionary Struggle group. The group had also claimed an attack in which a rocket-propelled grenade was fired into the front of the U.S. Embassy in Jan. 2007, causing damage but no injuries.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below. ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek police say a weapon gunmen have fired at police in Athens was used last year in an attack claimed by a domestic extremist group that has previously targeted the U.S. Embassy. (...) >>>
Facebook Group Prison for all who exploit the death of Alexis: "Murderous Attack on Police Officers with Kalashnikof"

Yesterday (04.01.2009) a assassination attempt was carried out by unknown entities against police officers in Athens. A 21 year old police officer was found in critical situation and is fighting for his life. To prison NOW with all who exploit the Democracy! If you have any information about the anarchists or the attacker please pass the info on! Is the 21 year old not a human? Perhaps murderers and filth do exist who try to cover their deplorable motives behind “ideologies”? Has the hour come to finish them?

Jan 5, 2009

This is the first media article that comes close to the truth ... highly recommended for those truly interested: The Greek Riots: Anomic Youths, Headless Government, by Cornelia Tsakiridou

This photo is illustrative of the media narrative - makes you think of British newspaper headline "Fog over Channel, continent cut off"; the caption of this one reads "student confronts police ...

The Raw Story: "Shots fired, police car toppled as 2,000 protest in Athens"

Shots were fired at an anti-riot van in Athens on Tuesday and youths damaged a police car as some 2,000 students marched in new protests that have rocked the capital since police killed a teenager. At the start of the march, roughly a dozen youths toppled a police vehicle, with the officers inside escaping unscathed. Earlier in the day, shots were fired at a riot police van in the Goudi district of Athens, missing the 23 officers on board but hitting the engine. One of the van's tyres also burst. A group calling itself "Popular Action" claimed responsibility for the strike on Tuesday evening in an anonymous phone call to, the news website said. Police said they found seven shells and two bullet remains from a 7.62 calibre rifle apparently fired from inside a park that forms part of the Athens university campus. (...) >>>

... and here's a tear jerker from a French source (here's the English autotranslation) ... all deontology, no personal responsibility or free will - it's all social conditioning that's at fault.

Dec 24, 2008

The lamestream media, anarchy's tool ...

Yahoo!News: "Youths attack French Institute in Athens"

Masked youths attacked the French Institute in Athens with firebombs Friday (...) Some windows of the French Institute, a cultural and educational center, were smashed but the interior was not seriously damaged in the attack by about 20 people (...) "Spark in Athens. Fire in Paris. Insurrection is coming," read one slogan spray-painted onto the building's walls in French. Another, written in Greek, read "France, Greece, uprising everywhere." (...) "Merry crisis and a happy new fear." >>>

Dec 19, 2008

Modern Conservative: "Progress Report and Analysis of the Greek Intifada"

While the Indymedia mediated Intifada continues unabated, there are sections of Greek society who are on to the transnational efforts to cause chaos and mayhem in their country.

Anarchism as a political or cultural phenomenon is nothing new in Greece. The Marxist Communist Party - standing out as just one among a number of Leftist dinosaurs - is still good for some 8% of the vote.

In Greece anarchists also go under the name of hoodbearers; elsewhere they may be known as squatters, anti-globalists, one-worlders, students, disenfranchised youths - whatever. The present revolt is a close copy of France's burning barricades, as is the narrative in the press.

The mainstream media as usual seem to be in on the conspiracy, pointing ludicrously at unemployment rates, neglect by the state, and now poor education. If some are to be believed Greece is either bordering a police state, or alternatively, is an almost failed state.

Here's the news on the latest activities towards toppling the democratically elected government of Center-Right PM Kostas Karamanlis (all from Yahoo!News):

- "Firebombs thrown at Greek police" (not a weekend passes by without at least one such assault)
- "Greek youths hang protest banners from Acropolis"
- "Greek youths take over TV, radio stations"

What no one mentions is that the Karamanlis Government in a drive for educational reform wants to put an end to the so-called “academic asylum,” which prohibits security forces from entering university campuses. It is a by-product of a spade of the hyper corrections that took place under previous Socialist Governments, symbolically outlawing the military junta's political persecution of Leftist students. (...) >>>

Dec 18, 2008

Ever wondered about the meaning of mob rule? This is it ...

Politeia: "The International Intifada of Greece (update)"

The spin the mainstream media is putting on this major story is of a similar nature, as was (is) the case in France's burning barricades (...) What no one mentions is that the Karamanlis Government wants to put an end to the anomaly of university campuses being legalized free houses from criminal prosecution (...) Anger over the fatal shooting of a Greek teenager by a policeman has spread across Europe with disturbances in a string of cities. (...) From Madrid to Moscow, Greeks living abroad, left-wing activists and other sympathisers took part in demonstrations in solidarity (...) The street battles are the worst Athens has ever experienced, although it is a city with rather frequent clashes with the police. Important characteristics include the rapid mobilization of the rioters. For example they were out in the streets destroying property in just 20-25 minutes after the death of the young person was announced. Over the coming days, the rioters that numbered between 1,500-2,000 people (30% of those immigrants-mostly Muslim), were able to move from one part of the city to another in a quick way using a variety of methods (...) a web of relations has been developed between Greek radicals and foreign ones. In that sense a provocation or the involvement of foreign intelligence apparatus it is not improbable judging by the recent European history. (...) > read it all >> Nourishing Obscurity get kudos for indepth historical research in documents attached to: "[greece] gateway to powerful forces". >>>

Dec 15, 2008

This picture comes to mind from the time of the riots in France (which are a permanent fixture now) ... "sustain your police" ...

Yahoo! News: "Renewed violence in Athens, 1 hurt"

(...) at least one man was hospitalized with injuries Thursday as groups of teenagers attacked the police stations with rocks and bottles.
The attacks follow five days of rioting across Greece that damaged or destroyed hundreds of stores and injured about 70 people. >>>

Dec 11, 2008

Politeia Exclusive: "Riots in Greece: What Is Not Reported", by Ioannis Michaletos

(...) The riots have been orchestrated since late summer 2008. There were reports within the Greek police that the riots would commence by the Christmas period at the latest; the location and the justification was not known, but any event could have caused them. This is a copycat case of what happened in France in October 2005. (...) >>>

Dec 10, 2008

From the Marxist/Leninist KKE (yes, the dinosaurs are still around) to the Social Democrat PASOK (shock!--major opportunists) appear to be supporting the anarchist rioters - the boy who was shot is getting younger by the hour - the latest reports say "the little one" was "murdered at 16" (now down to "15") (includes new footage)

... while we're all for limited government and certainly against the state taking lives, keep in mind this doesn't happen in a vacuum: these guys want no authority at all (NB Marx' ideal that the state would wither away after having become total), police cars and entire precincts are almost weekly under attack by anarchist groups, throwing molotov cocktails and worse if they can lay their hands on it ... updating throughout ...

- Spiegel Online: "Demonstrators Occupy Greek Consulate in Berlin"
- Sky News: "Flag-Burning Gang Storm Embassy" - Upto 100 clash with police in London

A number of buildings are ablaze in the center of Athens - notably the National Library - but it is not possible at this moment to get a confirmation. Things are getting fluid. For the most part witnesses feel the situation is getting out of control. Feel the object is toppling the Center Right Government. But there's no beating the popular conspiracy theory which is rampant, that the Government encourages the rioting because it would keep the people's minds off the other problems!

Dec 8, 2008

... inciting violence actually ending in ... well, violence--shock!--Parapolitiki have pictures of the warzone here (Athens Politechnic) and here (central Athens shopping district) - the blog reports that dozens of civilians and police have been injured, many went to hospital with respiratory problems - this vid shows what a tiny group this involves (500-600) - as by miracle witnesses crawl out of the wood-works swearing the 17 year old who was shot, was just an innocent bystander caught up in a war zone -- he has no relations whatsover with known anarchist groups ...

Yahoo!News: "Riots sweep Greece after teen shot"
Riots have broken out in several Greek cities after police shot dead a teenage boy in the capital Athens, in the Mediterranean nation's worst civil disturbances in years. The rioting began in Athens on Saturday soon after the shooting in the central Exarchia district, where youths threw petrol bombs at police, burned dozens of cars and smashed shop windows. (...) >>>
Dec 7, 2008

... sources inform us that 3,700 rounds of ammunition is equivalent to 26,000 bullets, all imported from Albania ... for those unfamiliar with anarchists, this can best be described as originally pre-revolutionary agitators bent on the realization of the Marxist ideal of the withering away of the state, but without the assistance of the intermediate stage of the total state ...

Kathimerini: "Kidnappers’ anarchist link probed"
Captured fugitive Vassilis Palaiocostas and three suspected accomplices yesterday were charged with the kidnapping of a high-profile businessman in June, as police probed the connections of two of the accomplices to the Thessaloniki anarchist scene (... they) face charges of creating a criminal organization, abduction, extortion and illegal weapons possession (...) members of a little-known Thessaloniki-based anarchist group that has claimed a series of car showroom bombings and robberies in the northern city (... another ) is alleged to have committed a string of supermarket robberies in Thessaloniki that helped finance certain anarchist attacks (...)

A search of the hideout (...) unearthed heavy weaponry, including an anti-missile grenade launcher, five Kalashnikov assault rifles, five pistols, three homemade bombs and 3,700 rounds of ammunition. Police were originally unsettled by the grenade launcher, worrying that it might suggest links with a terrorist group but they said yesterday that this was unlikely. The hideout is where Palaiocostas and his accomplices are alleged to have detained Mylonas for two weeks in June. The businessman was released after his family reportedly provided kidnappers with a ransom of roughly 12 million euros. >>>

Updated: 25th Aug. 2008

Phantis: "Clashes between extreme rightists, leftists in Athens injure 3 people"

At least three people were injured and taken to hospital during clashes that occurred in central Athens on Saturday between police, protestors and supporters of extreme right (Chrysi Avgi) and Leftist groups that had organised rallies in the city centre. Tear gas was used to disperse warring far-right supporters and Leftist youths that came to blows on Stadiou Street. (...) >>>

Updated: 7th Feb. 2008

Phantis: "Anarchists Attack Police in Athens"

A series of attacks by anarchist groups in Greece continued over the weekend as police were targeted on Saturday and Sunday. Around 20 hooded attackers overnight Sunday hurled Molotov cocktails at police guarding the offices of the opposition Socialist Party (Pasok).
Nobody was injured, and the perpetrators disappeared in the narrow streets of Athens city centre. (...) >>>

Updated: 6th Feb. 2008

The Canadian Press: "Attacks in Athens, Greece" - Hat Tip Phantis

Three car dealerships and five banks were damaged in arson attacks across Athens early today. Police say the attacks appeared to have been coordinated, occurring within 15 minutes in several central and northern parts of the capital. (...) Arson attacks are common in Greece's two largest cities, and are often claimed by anarchist groups who target banks, diplomatic vehicles and the offices of government departments and international companies. >>>

Updated: 21st Jan. 2008


- "The Wild Fires of Pyro Terrorism"

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