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Reverse morality in history: Dutch publication De Pers is reporting on a remarkable article posted by Russian military historian, Colonel Sergej Kovaljov on the website of the Russin DoD. In part:

De Pers: "Poland is to blame for World War II"

The article is part of the Russian wish to absolve Stalin, the Soviet Union and the Great Patriotic War". The famines that were willfully created by Stalin's polities aren't deemed genocide and the Russian Supreme Court has recently rejected an investigation into the massacre of Polish officers at Katyn.

Generally Poland is seen as the victim, not the agressor. German troops jackbooted into Poland in 1939, encouraged by the Socialist mutual appreciation treaty, the Molotov-Von Ribbentrop non-agression pact. In the article, entitled "Fictions and Falsifications in Evaluating the role of the Soviet Union on the brink of World War II", Kovaljov posits that Hitler demanded reunification with Danzig and a corridor from Germany to Kaliningrad. "Everyone knows that the war started when Poland refused to answer Germany's reasonable demands". (...) >>>

June 5, 2009

WSJ: "Medvedev Creates History Commission"

President Dmitry Medvedev has created a special commission to counter what he says are increasingly aggressive attempts to rewrite history to Russia's disadvantage. Supporters said the commission is needed to tackle anti-Russian propaganda in the former Soviet Union, an area Moscow regards as its backyard, but liberal historians called the initiative a return to Soviet-era controls.In a signal that the Kremlin is continuing its assertive foreign policy despite Russia's weakening economy, Mr. Medvedev, in a decree made public Tuesday, ordered the commission to investigate and counter falsified versions of history that damage Russia's "international prestige." (...) >>>

May 20, 2009

PJM: "The Blood Libels at National Geographic Magazine: The Planet-Friendly Purveyer of Anti-Christian, Anti-American, and Anti-Israeli Biases", by Phyllis Chesler

(...) What worries me more are the movies and plays that subtly and inexorably shift the civilian point of view, movies which glamorize Arab tyrants and terrorists and demonize Israeli soldiers, “settlers” and politicians. Gradually, almost imperceptibly, ordinary people have come to believe that the Muslim world is peaceful, friendly, safe; that its “rough edges” are due to it’s having formerly been oppressed by Europe; that Islamist terrorism has probably been caused by the United States’ invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan; that much of this is Israel’s fault—or rather, that much of this may now be solved if only America sacrifices Israel for the sake of world peace, including its own survival.Take the pre-eminent, planet-friendly magazine, National Geographic. It boasts a readership of nearly eight million people. (...)

Here’s what the article does: It essentially blames the Christian Crusaders, American Christians, and Israel (!) for the persecution and disappearance of Arab Christians from the Middle East. I could not make this up. The lies, omissions, biases, both subtle and overt are mind-boggling. For example, the article, written by Don Belt, does not explain why the Crusades ever took place—namely, to protect the Christian Arabs from being slaughtered and forcibly converted by Muslims. In any event, Belt writes that “ironically, it was during the Crusades (1095-1291) that Arab Christians, slaughtered along with Muslims by the crusaders and caught in the cross fire between Islam and the Christian West, began a long, steady retreat into the minority.”Just a minute. How has Belt managed to bypass the Arab Muslim conquest of the Christian and Jewish Middle East? For example (...) >>>

May 19, 2009

Republican Riot: " Falls Victim to Albanian Hoax; Gorin Response Published", by Julia Gorin

In case everyone on the planet missed my response to WND’s momentary lapse into suckerhood last week — and most likely you did miss it since it was buried in a Saturday commentary section — here is what I wrote: Another Look at ‘Muslims Save Jews’ Story. I’m normally a fan of Aaron Klein’s, so I was devastated to find that he had WND fall for the Albanian PR ploy regarding World War II that’s been making the rounds since 2005 ( “Forgotten history: Muslims who save Jews; Exhibition honors Albanians who risked lives during Holocaust” ). The Albanian Righteous of World War II are being used quite deliberately at this time to get American Jews to push Israel to recognize Kosovo. (...) >>>

Mar 5, 2009

The Brussels Journal: "The West’s Cultural Continuity: Aristotle at Mont Saint-Michel" - Sylvain Gouguenheim’s "Aristote au Mont Saint-Michel: Les racines grecques de l’Europe Chrétienne" reviewed by Thomas F. Bertonneau

Long before the late Eduard Said invented “Orientalism” to exalt Arab culture and Islamic society at the expense of the West, bien-pensants like Voltaire inclined to express their rebellion against the dwindling vestiges of Christendom by representing Europeans as bigots or clowns and raising up exotic foreigners – Voltaire himself wrote about Turks and Persians of the Muslim fold – to be the fonts of wisdom and models of refined life in their tracts and stories. The sultan and dervish look with amused tolerance on the gaucheries of the European rubes. The rubes swing their elbows and knock over the pottery. It was the Eighteenth-Century philosophes and illuminati who coined the pejorative term Dark Ages to refer to the centuries immediately following the collapse of the Roman imperial administration in the West under pressure of the Gothic assertions of the Fifth Century. Liberal discourse often casually extends the same term to apply it to all of medieval European civilization up to the Renaissance. Specialist historians have, however, long since demonstrated that no such absolute discontinuity as the term Dark Agesinsinuates ever existed, which means that the Enlightenment version of history is at least partly wrong. And yet the usual story retains its currency, as an item in a kind of liberal folklore. (...)>>>

Jan 7, 2009

Politeia: "Revising "the Logic of Hegemony"

(...) "It might be considered irrelevant today that Bertelsmann massively collaborated with the Nazi regime during World War II. (For more on this, see “Bill Clinton’s German Paymasters.”) But it is surely not irrelevant that when German researcher Hersch Fischler first brought this fact to light, the family proposed to have the matter further investigated by one Dirk Bavendamm. Bavendamm is the family’s “in-house” historian, having written no fewer than three commissioned histories of the Mohn family and the Bertelsmann Corporation. As so happens, he is also an open revisionist, who calls World War II “Roosevelt’s War” and suggests (...) >>>

Nov 22, 2008

Elsevier: "Schoolbook: killer Fortuyn was unknown person" (free translation)

The Dutch Libertarian party is up in arms because a new schoolbook says Pim Fortuyn was murdered by an anonymous man. His identity, Volkert van der Graaff isn't mentioned at all. The book does state that Fortuyn was killed because of his criticism of the well-fare state and Islam. "Why doesn't it simply say that he was killed by a Left wing activist (ed. from the Ayers school of thought applied to environmental activivism)? The Party has earlier initiated a site which keeps tally of revisionism, Leftist propaganda in school books and in the curriculum. The chair of the association of history teachers doesn't think the sentence about the anonymous person is "false information: it is just insufficient." (...) >>>

24th Sep 2008

Facebook Group: "Europe's Renaissance came from Byzantium, not Islamic Andalusia!"

This group aims to dispell the absurd myth that all Europe needed in order to develop the renaissance came from the Islamic world. Because in reality the vast majority of pre-renaissance mathematics and science came into medieval western Europe either from Byzantine origins or from the Byzantine Empire directly. (...) >>>

Updated: 22nd Aug. 2008

... nakba, now improved...

Atlas Shrugs: "The Lies of Islam to Advance Islam: Nakba"

The Arabs who became refugees in 1948 were not expelled by Israel but left on their own to facilitate the destruction of Israel" -- so we have pointed out here many times, and yet the received mainstream media version of history, as we have seen again in stories marking Israel's 60th, is that the refugees were expelled by Israel. Now, however, here is a collection of statements from Palestinians, admitting that that isn't true. (...) >>>

Updated: 1st June 2008
“We have had the crusades and now they are still trying to humiliate us.” ... that's rich as far as victimhood goes! Do Turks actually believe their own ' improved version of history', one wonders? The answer is probably yes. Here's the time-line ... and here's the Wiki ... Seljuks - Turkic peoples ... who also keep forgetting that it was Mohamed who did the conquesting, not the Norman Crusaders or the Byzantine Greeks! Give me strength ....! Update: "Celebrating the Conquest of Byzantium"

The Brussels Journal: "Police Protection for “Mohammed Pulpit”"

Belgian police is protecting a 17th century pulpit in the Flemish town of Dendermonde. (...) Two years ago, on April 16, 2006, during the height of the Danish cartoon affair, this website published a photo of the pulpit to show that there is a long tradition of depicting Mohammed in European iconography. Last Friday the Turkish newspaper Yeniçag reprinted our picture on its front page with the caption “Stop this hideous insult.” Yeniçag demands that Belgium remove the pulpit. The paper writes that “We have had the crusades and now they are still trying to humiliate us. This is as bad as the Danish cartoons and Geert Wilders’s Fitna movie in the Netherlands. Even Pope Benedict does nothing to stop these humiliations.” Since Friday, we have received threats (...) >>>

Updated: 14th May 2008

Politeia: "Dutch now Officially Certifiable!"

Who thought that World War II was won by the Allies and that Europe was liberated by Americans, Canadians, Brits, Australians, Kiwis, Free French, Free Dutch and Free Poles, had better think again. Because this is the old historical version which stems from a time when Western hegemonism allowed such false, ethnocentric lies to flourish. But the blessings of postmodernism have lifted the imperialist fog from our blurred historical vision and now we see the light! The course of world historical events will be adjusted accordingly. (...) >>>

Updated: 10th May 2008

Politeia: "Israel: Celebrating 60 Years!"

(...) The first is that, like so much journalism about Israel, this programme failed to acknowledge the true perfidy of the British in reneging on the terms of the Mandate they were given to (re-)establish a Jewish National Home in Palestine.(...) The other point is that Bowen’s view that the creation of Israel was (...) >>>

Updated: 8th May 2008

Atlas Shrugs: "Atlas Exclusive Book Review: Fjordman Reviews Warraq"

I am so pleased that the most excellent Fjordman has written a brilliant review for Atlas readers of Ibn Warraq's groundbreaking tome, Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said's Orientalism. The poisonous fruit of Said's mendacious ideas yielded a pervasive reevaluation of the West's perceptions of Eastern cultures. Fjordman's well researched, seminal essay on Said's enormously destructive influence on Western culture, art, music goes a step further and reaches further back in history to provide empirical evidence of Islam's ruinous destruction of myriad cultures and peoples. (...) >>>

Updated: 10th Apr 2008

Atlas Shrugs: "CAIR Rewrites American History: WWII"

On Veteran’s Day (November 11th), American Muslim service members will lay a wreath at the National WWII Memorial to honor Muslims and all those who served in that conflict. Additionally, three surviving American Muslim WWII veterans will be honored, including Army Sgt. Nazeem Abdul Hakeem who fought at Normandy.

"I am as close to an expert on the invasion of Normandy as you can get, my father and his 3 brothers were at the invasion of Normandy, my Father (Robert Warner) parachuted into St. Mere Eglise France at 2:30am on 6/06/1944, D-Day, with the 82nd Airborne, there were no Muslim parachuter's on 6/06/1944."

For CAIR to make such a out right lie and link WW II Muslims who worked for Hitler to Veterans Day is the most appalling, disgusting out right lie that I have ever heard in my whole life, if you want to file another Defamation/Injunction law suit against me (CAIR), bring it on!

There are NO Muslim heroes at D-Day the invasion of Normandy on 6/06/1944, you (CAIR) are not going to re-write history ! UPDATE: Bill has more >>>

4th Nov. 2007

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