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Socialist Utopia Redux Take 20: archive

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World Challenges in the XXIst Century: "Iran courts Bolivia"

The government of Iran is following the lead of new ally Venezuela by taking its anti-American message to Bolivia, an impoverished but strategically positioned country in the heart of South America. A nemesis to U.S. interests in the Middle East for 30 years, Iran is now pouring millions of dollars of aid into Bolivia — including construction of a milk factory in Achacachi. Its real motive, however, is joining Bolivia and Venezuela to counter U.S. interests in Latin America, analysts said. ”Is Iran in Bolivia a nuisance to the United States? Of course it is,” said Abbas Milani, the co-director of the Iran Democracy Project at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. “Iran will try to shore up support for Bolivia’s president and help the anti-American message of its regime. And being in Bolivia will give Iran more pawns to play in its dealings with the Europeans and the United States.” (...) The timing is extremely important (...) >>>

Feb 10, 2009

Nonsensible Shoes: "The Impending Doom of Hugo Chavez"

For those of us who have been following it, the recent problems that Hugo Chavez has been having with the church come as no surprise. (...) Hugo Chavez has stepped it up a notch against the church in advance of the referendum, calling the church a tumor. (...) in Latin America it would seem the advantage goes to the church. Particularly true in Venezuela where the church does not lean as left as it does in some other South American nations. (...) Chavez has been busy trying to consolidate and prolong his power, at the expense of popular support. His support while not yet gone, is increasingly on shaky ground. It may just be a matter of time (...) then there's the matter oil prices falling helping the slide of Venezuela, and by extension Chavez specifically. Venezuela's nationalized oil industry has relied on increased oil revenue since 2003 prices beganskyrocketing. It has supported the national programs, and covered up national structural shortcomings. With that bubble now burst, socialist programs are in need of another source of support. Don't look for the United States banks to bail out the tinpot - the banks have their own worries (...) The last 12 months have been unkind to Mr. Chavez. His humanitarian aid to Hamas may have to be scaled back. His subsidized domestic gas prices may have to disappear. He may end up losing yet again on the referendum to change the Constitution next month. Things look not yet bad, but definitely worsening for the socialist dictator. (...) >>>

Jan 24, 2009

... as always, ready to erect Utopia on smoldering ashes ...

New Zeal: "Russian Communists Coming Back-Openly?"

Russia's Communists expect the global financial crisis will cause social unrest and help them challenge for power, the party's leader said on Saturday. Gennady Zyuganov told the party's annual congress the Communists should make maximum use of the growing public discontent caused by the economic downturn to try to restore their political strength. (...) >>>

Dec 2, 2008

... here's the outcome of preceding entry ...

WSJ: "Hugo Chávez's Bag Man -Guess who's on the Argentinian government's campaign donor list?"

A federal jury in Miami yesterday convicted Venezuelan Franklin Duran of acting illegally on behalf of his government inside the U.S. If there were any lingering doubts about the danger that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez presents to democracy in the Western Hemisphere, this verdict puts them to rest. (...) >>>

4th Nov 2008

CNN: "'Suitcase-gate' provides Latin American drama"

A trial in Miami involving a Venezuelan accused of being a secret agent is causing quite the stir in Argentina, with daily front-page stories and demands for a government investigation of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. (...)The Argentine media are calling it "suitcasegate," because the principal player was caught at a Buenos Aires airport in August last year with a bag containing $800,000 apparently meant for then-candidate Fernandez. Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson, a businessman with dual U.S.-Venezuelan citizenship, was delivering the money on behalf of leftist Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, U.S. officials say.

This week Antonini testified that a larger suitcase containing $4.2 million and carried by somebody else in his eight-person entourage safely made it through Argentine customs that day. (...) Antonini returned to his Key Biscayne, Florida, condo shortly after his detention in Argentina last year. Within days, the United States alleges, the government of Venezuela sent five agents to pressure Antonini to keep his mouth shut about where he got the money and whom it was intended for. (...) The U.S. government indictment against them details a caper filled with clandestine meetings, code names and evasive driving meant to throw off anyone trying to tail them. (...)

Opposition members of the government are demanding a probe of Fernandez, who was elected in October to take over the post her husband, Nestor, held for four years. She denies any wrongdoing. She and Venezuela's Chavez have blamed the United States, saying the charges are an attempt to destabilize relations. Antonini has said a Fernandez ally asked him to bring the money, which came from the government-owned Venezuelan oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela SA. (...)

Two days after Antonini's detention last year, Chavez arrived in Argentina to sign an oil deal with the government. The timing was not a coincidence, some say. "It's in Chavez's interest not only to keep the Kirchners in power but to keep them strongly tied to him," said Hakim of the Inter-American Dialogue. "Argentina is a very important country, and Chavez wants to keep Argentina as close as possible." >>>

VHeadline Venezuela News has more >>>

26th Sep 2008

... US Ambassador to Bolivia explains why he was thrown out by La Paz ... El Chavez in Venezuela acted his own irrational self and declared his US Ambassador persona non grata in an act of sheer solidarity ... and this is the latest on that country's human rights record

19th Sep 2008

Updated 20th Sep with the same Human Right Watch reporters being thrown out as well...


... the subjectivist world order ...

Press TV of Iran: "Iran, Latin America construct new world system" - FEATURE

Revolutionary Bolivian President Evo Morales said his September visit to Tehran was "a symbol of the unity and solidarity between Iran and Bolivia." The visit cemented a close relationship between the two nations, which has been growing since 2006 when Morales was swept to power by popular vote as the first indigenous president of Bolivia. "The two revolutionary nations and the governments of Iran and Bolivia are natural allies and will remain supportive of one another under any circumstance," affirmed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (...) The natural friendship between the two countries has grown out of their shared stance against imperialism and their rejection of interference by foreign powers. (...) Morales also rejected the intervention of the United Nations Security Council in Iran's nuclear program, saying it "lacks any legal or technical justification". (...) Iran has established strong relations with Latin American countries, including Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador and Nicaragua. (...) >>>

Updated: 8th Sep 2008

BBC: "Maoist leader becomes Nepalese PM"

Members of Nepal's parliament have overwhelmingly elected the Maoist leader Prachanda as the country's new prime minister. The 53-year-old won 80% of votes to defeat his only rival, the Congress Party candidate, Sher Bahadur Deuba. Maoists won a surprise victory in April elections, and two other key parties supported Prachanda in the vote. Last month, Nepal swore in a mainly ceremonial president, Ram Baran Yadav, after the monarchy was scrapped in May.It is only two years since Prachanda emerged from more than two decades underground as a militant communist leader. (...) >>>

Updated: 17th Aug. 2008

CNN: "Bolivians support Morales in recall, early results show"

A bold gamble by President Evo Morales to break a political deadlock and re-energize his leftist revolution paid off as Bolivia's voters resoundingly endorsed him in a recall referendum. (...) >>>

Updated: 11th Aug. 2008

BBC: "Venezuelans protest against ban "

Demonstrators have taken to the streets of the Venezuelan capital Caracas to oppose moves to bar nearly 300 politicians from standing for election. (...) Most of the candidates represent opposition parties. There are less than four months to go now until regional and local elections which could prove a key test for President Chavez and his socialist revolution, the BBC's James Ingham reports from Caracas. (...) >>>

Updated: 7th Aug. 2008

Front Page: "Comrades In Arms," by Stephen Brown

It had the atmosphere of the Cold War. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez’s trip to Russia this month brought back memories of the 40-year East-West confrontation when Fidel Castro was the Soviet Union’s favorite Latin American dictator. The warm greeting, the fact it was Chavez’s sixth visit to Russia (...) The anti-American Venezuelan leader, who once described himself as “very Maoist all of my life”, is always welcome in Moscow. In the past, the outspoken dictator has left behind billions of dollars in orders for the latest Russian weaponry (...) one analyst states they are meant to back up his ongoing quest to expand his influence in South America. Chavez’s end goal is the creation of an anti-American bloc with himself as leader(...) For its part, the Kremlin’s main emphasis during Chavez’s trip was not on the arms sales but rather the signing of energy exploration agreements. (...) Russia regards its support for Chavez as a countermove to the much disliked missile defence system the United States intends to set up (...) Moscow was also unhappy with the thousand American troops sent this month to Georgia, a country on its southern border, to conduct joint military exercises with Georgian forces. The Russian army immediately staged a counter exercise close by. And only last week Moscow announced as another countermeasure its intention to have long-range bombers refuel in Cuba, six years after it had closed its last base there. (...) But with this Russian “assistance” in the form of weapons, Chavez has only succeeded in fuelling a regional arms race. Chile is now spending colossal sums on arms, as are Brazil and Colombia. (...) These factors probably played a role in the decision to reactivate the U.S. Fourth Fleet last April after nearly 60 years. The fleet’s home port will be in Florida and it will patrol Caribbean and South American waters. Predictably, it was the three leftist, anti-American regimes in South America, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba, who were most vociferous in protesting the fleet’s return. (...) one Latin American newspaper reported that Mexican drug cartel criminals are being sent to Iran via Venezuela for advanced training in building car bombs. If one such terrorist vehicle should ever be detonated, with Venezuelan assistance, in the United States, then Chavez would suffer a worse fate than Castro ever did. The Fourth Fleet would see to that. (...) >>>

Updated: 31st July 2008

BBC: "Cuba reforms turn to state land"

Cuba is to put more state-controlled farm land into private hands, in a move to increase the island's lagging food production. (...) President Castro, who took over from his ailing brother Fidel in February, considers reducing costly food imports as a matter of national security. President Castro, who took over from his ailing brother Fidel in February, considers reducing costly food imports as a matter of national security. (...) "For various reasons there is a considerable percentage of state land sitting vacant, so it must be handed over to individuals or groups as owners or users, in an effort to increase production of food and reduce imports (...) The decree also said that farmers would have to pay taxes on their production, but it did not say how much. (...) >>>

Updated: 19th July 2008
... while the revolutionaries are making the most of it, VHeadline in passing
shows us the best dictatorships have to offer: inexplicable, random, reasonless,
freak, laws and regulations ... switch off reason, switch off thought ...

VHeadline Venezuela News: "US Offical: Navy Plane May Have Entered Venezulan Airpace"

VHeadline Venezuela very much regrets that we cannot possibly give official explanations of the vagaries of Venezuela's newly-declared ban on all open-pit mining within the country. We suggest that you address all enquiries to the embassy or consulate nearest to your location. Please see listing at:

Updated: 19th May 2008

NN: "Exit polls: Bolivian state backs autonomy"

Thousands of people in Bolivia's largest state celebrated what they saw as the success of a referendum on autonomy Sunday night, but the country's president said the measure had failed. (...) The president said nearly 40 percent of eligible voters did not go to the polls -- and that their absence amounted to a rejection of autonomy effort, which pits an eastern state rich in oil and natural gas with a central government led by a leftist president. About 20 people were injured in clashes between the two sides Sunday, officials said. Pro-government peasant groups were blamed for burning dozens of ballot boxes in Santa Cruz, but the state's Provincial Governor Ruben Costas described the violence as isolated incidents. (...) >>>

Updated: 5th May 2008
... closely following the template ...
CNN: "Colombia to accuse Chavez before international court"

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe said Tuesday that he will seek Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's denunciation in court for financing a terrorist group. Camilo Ospina, Colombia's ambassador to the United Nations, will go before the International Criminal Court to accuse Chavez of "supporting and financing genocides," Uribe told reporters. The Colombian leader alleged Monday that correspondence taken from computers seized in last weekend's military raid into Ecuador showed Chavez had given $300 million to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. (...) >>>

Updated: 4th March 2008

OMMAG: "Another Leftist Leader Comes In"

According to the way our home grown socialists talk ..... this should mean that ALL the problems of Central America should go away now!

".....GUATEMALA CITY - Alvaro Colom was sworn on Monday in as Guatemala's first leftist president in more than 50 years, promising to fight poverty in a country where half the people live on less than $1 a day. Colom took office along with his vice-president, former Houston Methodist Hospital heart surgeon Rafael Espada, in a ceremony attend by at least 10 world leaders, including Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez..........."
No word if Shaun Penn was there for a hug fest with his buddy Hugo....

Updated: 14th Jan. 2008

BBC: "Mugabe looks to prolong his rule"

President Robert Mugabe has seen off his rivals within Zanu-PF and secured the party's nomination for the presidential elections scheduled for next March. (...) "There is a rude awakening that Mugabe will not step down voluntarily, and there is nothing that can be done, using party procedures, to deal with his succession." >>>

Updated: 14th December 2007

Dr Sanity: "Bankrupt philosophy exposed, but malignant leader soldiers on"

The totally bankrupt ideology espoused by Hugo Chavez (and admired by his Hollywood fan club) was, sooner (...)

Updated: 10th Dec. 2007

Bloomberg: "Venezuelans Reset Clocks With Chavez's New Time Zone"

Venezuelans began their work week at a new hour after >>>

... classical in every sense ...

Updated: 10th Dec. 2007

BBC: "Chavez defeated over reform vote"

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has narrowly lost a referendum on controversial constitutional changes (...) >>>

Dated: 3rd Dec. 2007

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