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Elsevier: " Libertarian Party Seething About Polygamy Tolerance" (free translation from Dutch)

The Libertarian party in the council of Amsterdam is demanding clarification about polygamy. The marriages are legal and entered into in Islamic countries of origin, and are being registered in the Amsterdam civic administration. (...) >>>

... a party representative remarks the illegal marriages should be prosecuted instead ... another article asserts the Justice Minister is a personal protector of the issue ...

Updated: 13th Aug. 2008

SIOE: "New road signs for Gellerupparken?"

Is this what we are to expect for Denmark? Perhaps with the dhimmis in charge who seem more concerned with innocent, peaceful Greenlanders “causing offence” to stone throwing muslims, the image below is more than likely to be the reality in store for Denmark
The signs say “Muslims only” for Gellerupparken and “Greenlanders this way” pointing away from the town (...) It wasn’t that long ago that Saudi Arabia sent a delegation to Denmark to complain about the infringement of human rights of muslims. A sick joke if ever there was one! >>>

Updated: 23rd July 2008

BBC: "Philippines Muslim area to expand"

The Philippine government and a separatist rebel group have agreed to expand an autonomous Muslim region in the south of the country. The agreement envisages the extension of the present region in Mindanao to include a further 712 villages. The proposed homeland will also be entitled to a large share of the resources in the area. But the deal - agreed in secret talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) - remains subject to approval. Formal talks began in 2003 after MILF, which is thought to have around 11,000 members, signed a fragile truce with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's government. It is the largest of several Muslim separatist groups battling the government in the predominantly Catholic country. (...) >>>

Updated: 18th July 2008

Atlas Shrugs: "Polygamy: "Islamization by Stealth" and Denying its Existence"

“If the laws of the country conflict with Islamic law, if one goes against the other, then I am going to follow Islamic law, simple as that,” Imam in Canada. Further bad news on the article I ran yesterday on the problem of Islamic polygamy and the West's dangerous cowardice in not dealing with it. Our neighbors to the north have got it going on in spades. Seems further along up there and it gives a glimpse into our future (our anti-future - seems more like a leap into seventh century). John Turley-Ewart states the obvious though little acknowledged, "By turning a blind eye to polygamy (...) >>>

Updated: 1st June 2008

Pajamas Media: "The Archbishop Keeps It All In the Family"

Britain’s own bitter experience with Sharia law and those of other countries seems not to have not dampened Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams enthusiasm for his idea of recognizing Sharia under British law when it comes to marriage and family issues. Richard Fernandez thinks the cleric may want to look at the record and reconsider. >>>

Updated: 11th Feb. 2008

oliteia: "A Bag of Postmodern Curses: Potentates, Narcissism and Hume's Law"

Part I: "(...) to Postmoderns patriotism (...) is always one hundred percent compatible with their Narcissistic sense of entitlement. They bash America because they love America - or, rather, they love their own personal and private image of what America should be." Haven't we seen this phenomenon - in which the political Left excel - time and again? It's the fallacy of Hume's Law: confusing is with ought.

The curse of the sociopathology of Narcissism, which Christian Democrats so love to foist on Libertarianism, is (...) getting more prominent as the Leftist nanny state assumed the debilitating, substitute parental role over its increasingly state-dependent subjects ... When will Europeans storm the hideous Berlaymont with pitchforks and illicit fire arms? >>>

Part II: "(...) a 'public discourse' is going on over M.P. Geert Wilders' plans to produce a film, explaining the somewhat fascist character of the Koran (...) The former leader of the Christian Democrat Labour Union (...) has taken a stand against the initiative and is amassing politically correct support against Wilders in a case of psychological projection. He does so in blind solidarity with fellow 'believers' in ways and words he himself would never use to defend Christianity. The 'discourse' goes entirely along Relativist lines: one personal opinion based on emotions is set against another - all monitored by various polls and surveys - as the establishment of the objective truth in the matter remains painfully beyond reach! (...)

Terpstra is still extending cartes blanches as he decided to ignore any wrongdoings on the part of the religion of peace, let alone that he will realise he isn't empowering the moderates, but on the contrary is leaving them in the lurch and at the mercy of radicals and fanatics! >>>

Part III: " (...) our two part file on the subject "The Unholy Alliance: (National) Socialism and Islam", Part 1 and Part 2, (are) filled to the brim with collations of Islam with Counter-Enlightenment ideologies. The second fallacy in Terpstra's subconscious inferring is rooted either in ignorance ... in the mind of Terpstra - Wilders is Evil, Wilders and His Ilk must be Stopped! Even if they are the ones that require 24/7 state sponsored protection (...)

"(...) the West's disgusting groveling during the Danish cartoon riots and on many subsequent occasions may have done nothing to attract the "moderates" in Islam. Those moderates would have been far better empowered if Western leaders had told the radical theocrats to shove their demands, lashes, cutting knives and fatwas where the sun don't shine."

(...) guts (...) takes moral courage - the old-fashioned ability to overcome fear - and the pursuit of reason (...) (to) truly empower moderate Muslims, don't excuse and protect blood thirsty radicals, who are their enemies too, by speaking, hearing and seeing no evil on their part! >>>

(Dated: 7th Dec. 2007)


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