Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wilders: The Enemy of State

Here follows a free translation of an article published in the Volkskrant newspaper this morning:

"De Volkskrant: "Geert Wilders undermines democracy"

Geert Wilders' Freedom Party is an extreme Rightist party that mobilizes Islamophobia and "hatred of the system". It therefore undermines democracy and social cohesion in the country. This is the opinion of three scientists in an investigation that was carried out at the behest of the Home Office per Parliament request.

Sources say that on account of "political sensitivities" the Home Office wants the conclusions tempered. The scientists however - radicalization researcher Hans Moors, lecturer (counter) terrorism Bob de Graaff and extreme Right expert Jaap van Donselaar  - are holding on to their conclusions.

A Home Office spokesperson said that "discussions over the report are ongoing", but "vehemently excludes discord". Researcher Moors doesn't let on, but confirms that parts, like the qualification of extreme Rightist, are 'sensitive'. "The Minister will choose position on the basis of our paper. She can say we are mad as hatters [sic]. But we stand by our conclusions".

Danger to the state's security
Explosive is the scientists' conclusion that Wilders undermines democracy and social cohesion. Meaning: he is a danger to the state's security. This is the general opinion bureaucrats do not dare vent publicly. They fear Wilders might benefit in retorting that the authorities try to silence him.

Fed up with Wilders
Various public authorities and departments are "fed up with Wilders",  confirms terrorism reseacher Edwin Bakker at the Clingendael Institute for International Relations. "He creates a threat. Not just abroad with his (anti Islam) film Fitna, but he also mobilizes fear at home. Wilders is a danger to state security".

The experts speak of a remarkable paradox. The authorities are much better prepared for a terrorist attack than five years ago whenTheo van Gogh was murdered by Mohammed Boyeri. Society on the other hand is much more vulnerable because of the presence of the Freedom Party. An attack could lead to social unrest. Wilders was not available for comment. >>>

Who are these researchers?

- Radicalization specialist Hans Moors is senior researcher and "an expert" at finding out what moved Van Gogh's killer Boyeri and others like him; since experts do not stop telling us this is all our own fault, it's a safe assumption Moors agrees. If he doesn't I'd like to know about it. His political affiliation can't be gleaned from the information available.

- The most serious of the threesome, sociologist Prof. Dr. Bob de Graaff of Leiden University specializes in (counter)terrorism and has worked on projects in the former Yugoslavia (subjects: the UN Muslim 'safe haven' enclave of Srebrenica, nationalism and state sponsored mass murder). He has published works on investigations into foreign intelligence service, and a report "Terrorism as a art form". Available online is "The American Warriors of the Apocalyps" on Rambo style vigilante movements like the Posse Comitate. He started out with investigations into the far Leftist cause célèbre, a Gladio like outfit in the Netherlands. Affiliation: postmodern Leftist to the hilt.

- Expert on everything deemed Extreme Right, Jaap van Donselaar is well known in those circles as some kind of a snake-oil salesman turned scientist. He's the most politically motivated of the triad. He's turned the Anne Frank Foundation into a headquarters of the witchfinder general of racism and extremism. His liberal or possibly postmodern extreme Leftist credentials are above suspicion.

- Edwin Bakker of the Clingendael Institute of International Relations is safe to say, is a tranzie. He's on the editorial board of the Dutch journal for peace and security and a member of the executive committee of the Netherlands Helsinki Committee. A statist with unknown political affiliation.

Sunday, October 18, 2009