Friday, December 4, 2009

#ClimateGate: Another Reputation Royally Crushed

Another shock! [/sarc] Elsevier Magazine is reporting that the Dutch weather service is also in the tank with ClimateGate.

Elsevier: "Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) is also implicated in the scam"

With the exception of the Libertarian Party (VVD) and Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) all politicians are keeping stum on the subject.

(We already went into the rebuttal delivered by the relevant Minister which went along the lines of Barbara Boxer: "Minister for Eco Hysteria Cramer has condescendingly commented on the Hadley hack by attacking the messenger (hackers are criminals!), also charging the emails were published "selectively" and - surprise! - "taken out of context".)

Elsevier's paper version has an indepth article on ClimateGate this week. They're also warning for the consequences for credibility of the field of science, which is indeed in serious peril.

The article by Science journalist Simon Rozendaal goes on to state that (free translation) ...

"I was alerted yesterday to the fact that Dutch climate researcher Rob van Dorland is also caught up in ClimateGate. My esteemed colleague, Science journalist Marcel Crok (a chemist like myself, an advantage when you're writing on the subject of CO2 in my opinion) published an outstanding article in the magazine Physics and Technology about the hockey stick manipulation."

"Marcel Crok showed how the trick was done and cited Rob van Dorland, the inhouse climate man at the Dutch Royal Meteorological Institute (KNMI). Van Dorland at first stated something was wrong, but later on claimed he was ... cited out of context."

"In one of the ClimateGate emails Phil Jones expresses his satisfaction to Michael Mann that Van Dorland was wrongly quoted in "that Dutch magazine". This suggests that Van Dorland - who is a regular IPCC contributor - something which is considered important in the Netherlands - was pressed upon by Jones to recant, so as not to endanger his ICPP status. "

"Enormous interests are caught up in climate research. Researchers are the recipients of great amounts of subsidies, power and reputation, may fly around from convention to convention - business class. Corporations and environmental organizations are making millions, based on their conclusions.

"In other words, it is quite conceivable that scientists, corporations, environmental organizations and sympathetic media are trying to cover up ClimateGate. That should not be happening. Also not in the Netherlands."

Simon Rozendaal

Read it in Dutch >>>


- NOS: "Geen marginalisering van sceptici? Kom nou!", by Hans Labohm
- De Pers: "Scepsis wordt bestreden met overheidsgeld"

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